Morning Buzz: Will USC Be Stronger This Year?

With spring practice starting Tuesday, I’m hearing positive comments from players regarding the new strength coaches.

Now I’m always skeptical of praise for USC strength coaches because it tends to rely on athletic dept. spin.

But so far the comments from players are more positive compared to the past few years when new strength coaches took over and were lavishly praised by adminstrators and social media accounts.

The players I’ve talked to like the new strength coaches and say the workouts are better.

Of course, you never really know until the season starts.

Remember last year how new coach Robert Stiner and staff (nicknamed the Proud Boys by players) were pumped up by USC and then the Trojans got pushed all over the field by teams?

For the record, I wasn’t hearing a lot of praise a year ago at this time from the players.

10 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: Will USC Be Stronger This Year?

  1. Whatever Lincoln Riley did in Oklahoma I’m sure he’ll do her at USC, so I’m sure the Trojans will be a much stronger team. Clay Helton’s tenure was a perfect example of what would happen if you hired a fan to run the program. He had no coaching connections, and had no idea what he was doing, which is why the strength program failed the players for years.

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  2. thay shuold stop fiteing in ucrane cuz it maiking pootin mad,and let him have ucrane cuz he reely wunt it,it like wen poeple teese me and play keap a way with ol’ed and not giv me the lassed peese of chawklit caik and I get up set,giv me the caik i yel but thay laff at me and i get up set,then i get angrey and dumanned thay giv it to me,fineully thay go and stop laffing at me,thats what ucrane poeple doeing to pootin

    Ed. G #1 Class of 1969

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  3. New guys coming in with different work ethics should have a positive influence on the outcome of the strength program. There will still be a few who loved Clay and will not change, but they probably won’t get to play much so they don’t matter. This hype about the s/c program is repeated every year, so now we are are at the just show me stage. Time for LR to show us what he’s got.

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  4. Scooter,

    SC got pushed around like a red headed step child last year. Even ugly beat them up. That is a horrible thing to say. I will wait to see how the teams does in terms of yards gained and given up on the ground. If SC gains a yard per average on running plays and decreases a yard on defense, then it will be due to schematics, conditioning, will to play, pride, and physicality. We will see.

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  5. The definition of Strong includes: : having an offensive or intense odor or flavor : RANK. This is the 14th definition on the list of 16 possible definitions. So Helton was convinced they were strong by definition because he stunk as a coach. He was a #14 strong recruiter, a #14 Strong tactician, a #14 Strong decision maker, a #14 Strong in game manager and a #14 Strong in game adjuster. I might also suggest a #14 Strong speaker and # 14 Strong personality.
    Hopefully the new strength and conditioning staff is aiming a lot higher on the list.

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  6. Happy St Patricks day everyone ——-this is the day St Patrick drove the bruins out of Ireland, drove them into the ocean and turned them all into the shit that they remain today—— piss on all bruins especially today. Trojans wear Cardinal and Gold and Green today while bruins wear the dirty slime that covers them from ear to ear—including those cowardly bruins that dare to come here on our board. Screw them !!


  7. >>nicknamed the Proud Boys by players<<

    That could mean a lot of things – and some of them aren't good.


  8. I’m really curious whether Josh Henson might even be an upgrade from Bill Bedenbough. I know that Bedenbough is often credited with being among the best, but I wonder if this is really true. It seems like his offensive lines have not had the best statistics. And with a mobile QB like Caleb Williams, you would think that gives the offensive line a big advantage.

    I’m hoping Josh is a good as I think he is. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes with different background can see things that make an existing system work better.


  9. hi sports fans, well heres the thing with basketball unit, ran out of gas at seasons end lack bench depth,ellis was a bad addition a southern player who was over rated stinks !!! enfield screwed up at seasons end lousey player rotation caused tiredlegs at saesons end !? Regards , E


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