USC Morning Buzz: The Sounds Of Spring Practice

This was the best quote of spring practice Tuesday and it came from running backs coach Kiel McDonald.

“No matter what everybody has done prior to being here, they’ve done nothing for the Trojans, myself included,” McDonald said. “We have to adhere to the standards.”

This is true. And the fact McDonald is telling the truth on Day 1 is a good sign. Some players have done nothing for USC and they’ve been here awhile.

  • And here’s a good quote from quarterback Miller Moss on Lincoln Riley that sounds damning of Clay Helton/Graham Harrell:

“He has a formula that we as players can believe in because it’s worked. We’re not just throwing stuff on the walls and hoping it sticks,” Moss said.

  • Well, it looks like defensive end Korey Foreman is “limited” according to Riley.

“We expect that to change here as spring goes on,” Riley said.

Offensive lineman Bobby Haskins, a transfer from Virginia, is also limited.

“We certainly expect them to participate in a full manner before the spring is over,” Riley said.

  • Here’s new offensive line coach Josh Henson on if you can teach the line to be more physical?

“I think physicality can be taught because I think you can inspire guys to play more physical. I think you can challenge guys to play more physical.”

  • Riley on the transfer portal after spring practice: “There are going to be double-digit additions. There’s no question about it.”

33 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: The Sounds Of Spring Practice

    1. “USC Morning Buzz: The Sounds Of Spring Practice”

      Since when do pillows hitting each other make a sound?

      Kourtney Foreman and portal transfers start off already “limited” in practice.


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      1. OK, OK tebow–

        I begrudgingly, but admittedly, think you may be on to something here–
        An every-year underperforming trend

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      2. .

        Special Ed.G declaring war on his whore mother.

        From what I gather the two of them are fighting over who is going to give ‘Ol Mule Shoe and the team their after pillow fight practice rub downs.

        Special Ed.G’s whore mother purportedly has a bad back, arthritis and tennis elbow and can’t really stand too long on her feet, but her mouth still works.

        Special Ed.G claims he has the stamina to perform crotch messages on the team even with the clubbing he has going on with his hands.


      3. ..[and]…so this is what it looks like when tebow declares war on Ed….


      4. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Clay got his cushy posterior kicked to the curb. He took his pillows with him. Now across town there’s a D cup coach with ample pillows you might wanna visit if you’re not too busy laughing you pillows off.


      5. Tobama still has trouble sitting down after his “vacation” in Folsom. Needs all the pillows he can get.


      1. Given what he’s saying about practically picking a whole new team by Game One of the 2022 season I bet Donte Williams’ days are numbered. Riley has seen what Clay and Donte put together and he wants to go a very different direction —he wants players who enjoy working hard.

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    1. Age difference yes, but did Hernandez estimate the weight difference between Helton and Riley!? “Son fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life!”


  1. I wasn’t at practice, but I like what I’m hearing, but is Caleb Williams the real deal, because everyone is crowning him a #1 draft pick after five starts last season?

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  2. intresting that john aint menshun no scorr,geuss couch dessided it dont matur end evry one a winur,geuss theese is the wirld ol’ed livvs in know wen evry one get a trophey,smdh

    Ed. G. #1 Class of 1969

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      1. You know, Michael, I once tried to get a basketball game going without keeping track of the score, and none of the players would have anything to do with it.

        LJ Class of Jan 1968/ #334 out of 334

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  3. And so, after the first practice, Wiley is apparently in continuous shock with what Ton-o-Hel left him because he announced he will have to bring in another 10 to 20 transfers (Just to have a decent team)

    And what is it with one of the Offensive linemen pronouncing that they will be learning a “ton” (there is that word again) about how to be a lineman?– Is this calculus or something?

    And where are the defensive and offensive ‘Big-Uglies’ that are so badly needed?

    –Not sure I like how this is all going down– seems a bit similar to recent years past.

    Gad! I am becoming Scott Wolf, or at least his point-of-view

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    1. Agreed, John. This is no knock on Riley –who I think is a terrific coach —but I’m so sick of our players telling reporters every fricking spring that this is the first year they were told to get in shape and play hard. “This year is different —we were told that we have to beat the opposing d-line by standing up to them and holding are blocks —no one ever told us that before —I couldn’t believe my ears!”

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  4. Regarding the offense, Brett Neilon said in his interview “the offense is much more detailed, much more intricate, but you can see how powerful it is.”

    In other words, no more “Drake, run 15 yards down the field, and jump as high as you can.”

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    1. It made me sick to see that —after London got hurt — there was NO MORE offense. Our receivers didn’t know how to run routes —they couldn’t get open.

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      1. P.S.
        When we got behind the gameplan changed —it became, “Drake –run downfield 25 yards and jump for the highball”…..

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    2. Love that description of last year! It reminds me of Charles De Mar’s astute skiing advice:

      “Go that way really fast. If something gets in your way, turn.”

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      1. In boxing it’s your lazy trainer telling you “you’re behind –you need a knockout to win…”

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    1. …and something about the way they played most [not all but most] of last year tells me we don’t presently have that kind of linemen. [For people who say our o-line looked “improved” last year check out McKay’s o-line in the 1974 game against Notre Dame]…..


  5. Interesting thought, can Lincoln cobble together a working line from transfers and leftovers? Or maybe he’s just letting the current players know they’re not his first choice just yet.

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    1. Coach Riley your mission, should you accept it, is: get 2 absolutely first rate tackles before game one….


  6. Good report. Thank you. It would be even better if you forget about Helton. That punching bag is gone. Let’s not look too much in the rearview mirror. There is so much to see out the front windshield.


  7. It’s obvious if you learn coach Riley’s offense that the answers are there for any defense. What made OU struggle was a breakdown in assignments. Defensively, coach Gibbs must prove he can get 3rd down stops and turnovers. And who is running special teams? But I can see why Jerry Jones wanted to offer Riley the HC job because he runs a pro style offense.


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