USC Pro Day Solves A Mystery

Isaiah Pola-Mao is working out at USC Pro Day today.

This answers the question regarding Pola-Mao’s future because it had not officially been announced he turned pro. In fact, Pro Football Focus did not list the safety among its draft-eligible players.

Where will he go? If he gets drafted, it’s expected to be around the 6th-7th round after a disappointing season at USC.

  • Defensive end Drake Jackson did not run the 40 today and also did not run it at the NFL Combine. He did participate in other drills today. Drake London is at Pro Day but will hold his own day on April 5.

17 thoughts on “USC Pro Day Solves A Mystery

  1. “Isaiah Pola-Mao is working out at USC Pro Day today.”

    She’ll probably get hurt in the locker room and have to sit it out.



    1. “Defensive end Drake Jackson did not run the 40 today…”

      She didn’t see Clay’s ice cream truck and said, “Why bother?”


  2. You have heard the line “If you got it, flaunt it,” usually used with very pretty women.

    Well, in the Class of 2021 SC football, they don’t got it, so better just
    to hide it (i.e. I don’t run no stinkin’ windsprints for nobody)

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      1. Ha! No one gets murdered here, John….

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  3. Scooter,

    You haven’t mentioned that SC won in baseball last night by beatingh Fullerton 11-10. SC scored three runs in the seventh and 2 more in the eighth. SC is 13-6 in baseball as of now. they play the Whores of oregon up at whore country.

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    1. “whore country” the man calls it. If you have ever been to
      Eugene in the Fall for a game at Autzen Stadium, you might
      soften your characterization to ‘mistress country.’

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      1. Let’s compromise. How does “paid mistress without self respect or redeeming qualities country” sound to you?

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