Ethan Anderson Appears To Be Transferring

Point guard Ethan Anderson sent out a message today implying he would transfer.

“I want to thank USC from the bottom of my heart for the amazing ride being on 3 tournament teams and doing things people thought I could never do. I’ve had nothing but fun and I’m so thankful to have played in front of the city that molded me. USC will forever be in my heart.”

The move probably makes sense. Anderson is unlikely to start at USC next season, especially when the coaches are expected to try and add players through the transfer portal.

A bigger issue would be if Boogie Ellis departed, which is being rumored. Ellis would have to sit out a season if he went to another school.

The USC roster — especially if Drew Peterson — needs an overhaul. I’m not sure any of the freshmen this season look like big impact players outside of some flashes from Kobe Johnson.

25 thoughts on “Ethan Anderson Appears To Be Transferring

  1. ugh,beter hope that the policy dont find out abuot the things he did that he didnt think he cuold do,cuz the pilow ladeys like that dum boys heers mom probaly maik him pay xtra to do thos things,smdh

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    1. I hope he’s not referring to that kind of “fun”, Ed.
      I hope he’s referring to all the “fun” he had in the last tournament….


  2. I always liked Anderson, and he had some big moments this past season,
    but SC probably needs an upgrade (translation: more speed) at the guard position.

    Older brother Mobley was no Evan, but was serviceable; however, SC need a more formidable rebounder at that position.

    Drew Peterson had his moments, the sucla game being his crowning achievement, although he almost outdid that performance against Miami if his 3-point heave from halfcourt had not bounced so hard off the backboard.

    Boogie was too up-and-down for my taste, so his replacement could be an improvement.

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      1. Quiet on the set.
        “Once Upon a Time At USC”
        Sequence 8, Scene 11
        Scott: “Andy! This time you’ve gone too far! You’ve hurt George Tirebiter’s feelings”
        [In Scene 12 Scott throws Andy into parked car the way Cliff throws Bruce Lee into parked car in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. Carol comes out of office and tells Scott he’s fired ….but Scott informs her she can’t fire him, only Andy. Carol fires Andy]…


    1. Right back at ya, George!

      This is the closest thing I do to social media and was a social distancing champion LONG before the pandemic. I look forward to shooting the breeze with y’all.

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  4. Football and basketball and all coaches now have to re-recruit their players at the end of the season. If players think the program is losing momentum, they’re going to bail if they have better options. Good for USC that football has some positive momentum.

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      1. Michael Guarino
        MARCH 23, 2022 AT 4:49 AM
        I kinda think Cal and Stanford won’t even get close this season…


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      2. Besides football and men’s basketball, I think the student-athletes are at USC for their scholarship and the academics. President Flo is there for the equity ✌️

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      3. #PresidentFlo just loves the takes from #GloriaVanderbilt’s son #AndersonCooper. To Stomy Daniels (who Trump just successfully sued for $300K): “Did Trump wear a condom?”


  5. Good luck to Ethan Anderson! Seemed to help the team with ball movement, team play and toughness every time he played. His minutes were inconsistent and that was weird because every other starter appeared to be playing for themselves. USC was really exposed when they played ranked teams. At some point people will start to see Enfield for who he really is; a fraud.

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  6. Let’s not be too negative on the USC basketball program. Reece Dixon Waters will be the new star of the team, and an impact player if given more minutes. Ethan Anderson, was a high character guy, but limited in ability. Boogie Ellis……….was not the player we all thought he was going to be so let him try the NBA or San Diego St. his future is in the NBA -D League. Issiah Mobley, is a good college player but just not talented enough to play in the NBA for longer than 1-2 years, and then off to Europe.

    Enfield needs to rebuild first at the guard positions he has some very good bigs coming in.

    If you all think SC losses some players UCLA will have a ton of players transfer, or make the move to the NBA- Jaquez, Bernard, and Juzang will be gone, and maybe the kid they call Tiger. Arizon will also lose at least 3 to the NBA.

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  7. Uh, I’d say Dixon-Waters coming on strong down the stretch (and especially his play vs Miami) is pretty encouraging for a freshman.

    And i think USC’s incoming class is ranked Top 10 in the nation, so … pretty good start to this “overhaul” Scott claims we need.


  8. Poor Ethan has no offense at all. Same with Max so don’t know where they end up. Reese will start and I hope Hornery unless he also transfers. Don’t know why he didn’t play much. Blame Enfield. He doesn’t play the young guys. How can they show what they have? They don’t get a chance. Don’t like him anyway.


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