Spring Notes: USC Might Add Quarterback

USC coach Lincoln Riley said after today’s practice he might take another quarterback with the Trojans down to two scholarship players at the position.

“It’s not ideal,” Riley said.

Riley was eager for his first USC practice.

“Hottest first spring practice of my life, but it was amazing,” Riley said. “It really was.”

“I’ve been waiting for this for 100 days. If I could I’d run it back all over again”

22 thoughts on “Spring Notes: USC Might Add Quarterback

  1. ‘Ol Mule Shoe refuses to recruit interior linemen, especially on offense, knowing he only has a few QB’s on the roster…that hick ain’t too bright is he?

    Lincoln Riley = Clay Helton 2.0


    1. And didn’t I tell all you clowns that Kourtney Foreman was going to be a bust? Yes I did!

      I even provided video links of that girl getting handled and tossed all over the field like a rag doll at those Nike camps.

      Kourtney Foreman is slow, weak, no stamina…just another waste of a scholarship.


      1. About the only positive I see coming from ‘Ol Mule Shoe is that he seems to be not interested in that polynesian pipeline that USC was wasting it’s time and scholarships on for fsr too many years.

        Those polynesian grass skirt wearing girls are going to have to look elsewhere for free meals.

        None of those girls could make it through a spring practice, much less a season, without getting hurt and riding the pine.


      2. Yeah, Kourtney Foreman is so good and that’s why she’s impressed no one at the collegiate level.



        AHA HA HA HA HA HA!


      1. Speaking of…
        Have you seen the clip of Biden telling a grammar school kid that the sun is the biggest planet in our solar system?

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  2. Riley wants to prove himself. Not as the caretaker of a program that Bob Stoops started 18 years before. But as the resurrector of a blue blood that took a dump many a year ago.

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      1. MG

        Did you forget Stanford, Cal and Oregon?

        Didn’t SC get whooped by all 3+ uclol and ND?

        All those five schools play defense and frankly SC is one injured QB from a 6-6 season.
        Again. SC trenches look pretty slim Pickens to me.

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      2. I kinda think Cal and Stanford won’t even get close this season…

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  3. Lots of interviews with players after today’s practice. The one with Brett Neilon (center) is telling:

    Q “What are the biggest differences with Coach Riley and his staff”

    A “Coach is a great guy who commands respect from everyone. A big difference in culture. It is all about winning now. He demands perfection and energy. No letup. The O-line coach is a great tactician who is working with us on all the details of being an o-lineman. We haven’t had that before. We are going to learn a ton from him.”

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