USC Notes: Forget Numbers, You Can Either Play Or Can’t Play

Korey Foreman is listed at being 20 pounds lighter (265 to 245) and is now a “rush end.”

I don’t really care about such details. I just want to know if he can play. Last year, he was a disappointment.

We all heard Drake Jackson lost weight while he was at USC and did it help him play better? No.

You either make plays or you don’t. Let’s see what happens with Foreman now that he has a new coaching staff.

  • Former USC wide receiver Bru McCoy is scheduled to visit Tennessee this weekend.
  • One Clay Helton tradition has continued. USC currently has three No. 13’s on its roster (QB Caleb Williams, WR Michael Jackson, DB Adonis Otey). You can bet Jackson will get a new number before the season.

39 thoughts on “USC Notes: Forget Numbers, You Can Either Play Or Can’t Play

    1. I have this uncomfortable feeling that what we saw of Foreman last year is what we get.

      I believe all these college footballers try as hard as they can, otherwise they can get hurt on the field, but some just cannot cut it, no matter the degree of effort.

      So instead of calling guys a bust it might be more accurate to say that they were over-rated.

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  1. hi john,u is so rite,i nevr plaid the fotbal ether and thay beter purform up to my standurds,any thing les then purrficked wil up set me to,smdh

    Ed. G #1 Class of 1969

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  2. Caleb W should go out-of-the-box Doug Flutie and wear #22. Not a traditional QB number … paint yourself as this trendy nonconformist. NIL ching-ching✌️

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    1. I say it’s time to go WAY out of the box –Caleb needs to wear a Letter instead of a Number….

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      1. Guys should be able to place a small NIL logo on their jerseys. It’ll be good to see some of the local porn shops get in on NIL.

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    2. Korey Foreman is a bust, he looks like Tarzan but plays like Jane, as did lots of players under Clay Helton. He didn’t even show glimpses of greatness, so you can’t go from that to being a good player. If the guy was as good as his press clippings, do you really think Helton could have signed him ? 😂😂

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      1. The gray sands of time are running out bro—-but you and the rest of the Trojans on the board will carry on the torch—— thanx for all the kind words today and in the past. Nothing terminal but I can barely see to post. Fight on !!

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      2. GT — Weird that we were talking about the movie Nashville just a while ago –there’s a great song in that film titled “Keep A-Going” —it’s all about staying positive NO MATTER WHAT. It’s practically an anthem to Mind over Matter. Google the lyrics, okay?

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    1. George, the way you talk about death one feels you might be chronically ill and are just hanging on day-by-day. I hope that is not the case, but–

      You ain’t dead yet
      And I bet
      If you avoid and don’t let
      Some things we don’t wish to get
      You’ll see this SC coach who you’ve not met
      Will prove to be not wet
      And as sure as good as is your pet
      The sun for your Trojans will never set

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      1. Well GT, I hope you get to see at least one more season.

        In the meantime, pull up a couple of tunes on YouTube that are among my favorites about the hereafter:

        When I Get Where I’m Going – Brad Paisley
        Well Done – The Afters

        Sooner or later we all check out, but in God’s time not ours.

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  3. Saban and Swinney and every other power 5 coach saw Foreman as a potential star. But last year’s defense just has to be forgotten. Foreman rarely saw the field and when he did, he got doubled a lot. Start with a clean slate, gone is Orlando and the fact that the D was confused and dysfunctional the whole year.

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    1. I like to daydream about luring Coach Venables from Oklahoma to handle our defense —in my dream 100% of Sooner fans perform a Jim Jones ritual in Gaylord Family Memorial Stadium….

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  5. #FCH and I suppose recruiting sites would inflate measurables on players; making them seem like better prospects than what they were and inflating USC’s recruiting rankings. To Foreman, don’t believe the hype that’s been written about you. Go out and prove yourself this spring ✌️

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  6. #FCH #FPF (President Flo and her bullshit equity agenda) #FBH (Bohn-head who couldn’t find his ass with two cold hands (Riley notwithstanding who called him)). Sorry Rick Caruso, no dice. Karen Bass is going to mow your ass down in a hail of gender and racial equity. She’ll bring in in the big guns Obama and #Brandon to campaign for her.

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    1. MG really the people of Los Angeles County (the folks on this board notwithstanding who I think mostly live elsewhere) are stupid. Go ahead and defund the police and go along with George Gascon not prosecuting crimes.

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      1. I remember when Bobby Kennedy (who I truly respected except for his opinions about Los Angeles) said to Mayor Sam Yorty, “Los Angles is a problem city” and old Mayor Sam replied “that’s not true –Los Angeles is a great City!”


      1. Hey, MG, L.A. is still, and always will be, a great city.

        Why?– Because of a great city park, Elysian Park, annexed to Dodgers Stadium.
        And the beaches.
        And the San Gabriel/Santa Monica mountains
        And a chance to be anything you want, from a plumber to a movie star
        And if you like diversity, LA is the melting pot of the world, more Iranians outside of Tehran etc etc
        Oh yeah, and SC football just down the street

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