USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of Week


A lean, mean machine

USC’s roster lacks depth in some spots but the lean-and-mean approach keeps everyone on their toes for spring practice, especially with a new coaching staff giving fresh starts for most everyone.

Max Agbonkpolo and Ethan Anderson

Might be worth transferring just to see what happens if they get coached up.


Imagine how happy some players in the transfer portal must be right now hearing that Lincoln Riley wants to add at least 10 more players.

Willow Bay

She got another five-year term as dean of the Annenberg School of Communication. Max Nikias is probably happy because he personally hired her.

Sally Field

She plays the mother of Jerry Buss in the HBO Lakers series, “Winning Time.” Good time to remember she dated Mike Hull, a USC fullback who played from 1965-67. One time, USC was on its way to the Beef Bowl before playing in the Rose Bowl, and the team buses passed a billboard for the TV show, “The Flying Nun,” which starred Field. Hull never heard the end of it from his teammates in the bus.

Tabloid newspapers


The Pac-12

No teams get past the Sweet 16. A year ago, three teams made the Elite Eight. This year, USC was overrated and UCLA underachieved.

Colin Cowherd

He tweeted USC’s first spring practice was the “greatest ever ever on a college campus” BEFORE the practice took place. Yes, it was an attempt at humor but his slobbering act with USC football is embarrassing.

The media

It was a bad week when a story gets written that a USC fan went to every game for the past 30 years, when they did not.

USC Rossier School of Education

Withdrew from U.S. News Education rankings after determining it supplied inaccurate information the past five years. Nothing like another scandal.

USC baseball

Trojans were up 6-1 after 6 innings and lost 7-6 to Oregon as the Ducks won the rubber game of the three-game series.

The Oscars

How do you eliminate showing eight awards and still go more than three hours? Next time warn us when there will be an altercation. We might watch.

63 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of Week

    1. I thought the jokes Rock made were in poor taste BUT. That was no excuse to resort to violence. They are saying on tv that social media is mixed about equally. I have to say that in my opinion you just can’t resort to violence and especially in that setting. That was a really hard slap that in real time looked like a punch. Apparently the two have had bad blood since 2016. It was a disgusting exhibition pure and simple.

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    2. Some think the slap was staged. Rock appears to turn his head as he’s getting slapped. Doesn’t move or seem surprised as Smith comes onstage. Not upset and continues his monologue afterwards. With their declining ratings, wouldn’t put it past the Academy to stage this publicity stunt.

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      1. Charles –THAT is a mentally healthy person’s explanation/rationalization of what happened. It’s hard for a mentally healthy person such as yourself to admit that Will Smith went bat shit crazy over a joke —but he did.
        I guess Disney is gonna have to re-think their announced plans to bring Will back as the loveable Genie in Aladdin 2……

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      2. I’m convinced it was staged. Natural reaction for Rock would be to raise his hands or duck out of the way and he did neither. And Smith’s not going to go batshit over that joke. And would think the wife would’ve admonished Smith when he sat back down which I don’t think she did.

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    3. Charles,

      I thought Rock had said that he would see Smith’s wife after the Oscar’s, pdrtaining to their open marriage. But to slap him just because he said GI Jane 2 was way out of line. I guess he can dish it out but not take it.

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  1. RE OUR ROSTER. LINCOLN. R E T O O L E D. does ANYBODY get it ?? MG?? Lj?? 67 ?? So Cal ?? Pasadena ?? Charles ?? Tim ?? ANYONE ?? Please remember old dogs get a little WOOFY.

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    1. I think Scott is secretly proud of Lincoln for, first, ALMOST replacing Clay Helton’s entire team before Spring Practice….. and, then, announcing he plans to ENTIRELY replace Clay’s team before Fall Practice…

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  2. I think Scott was a little too hard on Colin. I dunno how anyone else feels but Colin gives us a lot of publicity and it’s usually good publicity

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  3. So the fresh prince didn’t like a fresh remark? I haven’t watched the Oscars since they stopped being about acting and started acting about being. I don’t give a petrified horse apple about some overpriced Shakespeare tell me their ideas of how to save humanity. Maybe Scott could be a presenter, he could do his Peter Lorie act without make up.

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    1. Ghost is on to something here. Because so many millions of Americans go stupidly gaga over these Hollywood types, these “stars” believe their opinions are ordained from God– lecture me about acting, not who is the latest buffoon in the White House.

      And I hope this Will Smith-Chris Rock experience exposes the truth. The truth is these are actors, and what you see in the movies or on stage has nothing to do with who they are in real life. We don’t know these people, and I have never wanted to know these people.

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  4. Why does Scott care so much about USC Psycho? He’s been to every game that could be attended for the last 30 years. Let’s not pretend Scottie is a stickler for details.

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  5. There were a few good lines, such as “The Academy hired as presenters
    3 women because it was cheaper than hiring 1 man.”

    And come on, Hollywood, you are only celluloid artists. Real artists paint a Mona Lisa or write War and Peace.

    And who writes these overpaid clowns their acceptance speeches? When they got to thanking their deceased parents and God, I thought next in line was their pet dog and cat.

    The best speech I heard was from Dustin Hoffman, and the one I would give is this: “I would like to thank the clappers.” Good night and good luck.

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    1. John –I’d thank God and my parents too….and I’d give serious consideration to thanking my pets….

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      1. Not so sure about that, MG. If they ever made a movie about
        silly-nilly-willy clowns I think you and I should go in for an audition.

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  6. The academy should ask for their award back. But they can’t or they’ll be accused of being racist.

    Sally Field is a loser. Always thought she was decent. But the remarks she recently made about Burt were uncalled for. Burt may not have been the “love of her life”, but she can’t deny his right to say she was his.

    Many of us have a lot of regrets at the end of our journeys. He seemed to realize how much he messed up, not being a better partner to her.

    A shame so many of these classless women talk crap after the guy is dead & buried, unable to respond, especially those Playboy hoes. When they were enjoying the high life, they were more than willing to go along with it. They knew what they were getting into.

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    1. We can cherry pick examples all day long in order to make our arguments, but the fact is, from my point-of-view, that most women know a lot more about true love than most men. It may have something to do with how they are the givers of life whereas we are merely observers.

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      1. [Not marrying Field] seemingly haunted Burt Reynolds for a long, long time. He shared in an interview that he held deep regrets for not marrying Field. He describes her as “the love of my life.”

        “I miss her terribly,” Reynolds said nearing the end of his life. “Even now, it’s hard on me. I don’t know why I was so stupid. Men are like that, you know. You find the perfect person, and then you do everything you can to screw it up.”

        She said she was not the love of his life. Of course, she could say he didn’t treat her as if she was, but it would seem he admitted that!

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      2. Marlee Matlin exhibited more grace, in talking about Hurt’s passing. He was known to have mistreated her.

        “Hollywood lost a great actor,” is all she said.

        She didn’t feel the need to disparage him or contradict anything he said while he was alive. A classy lady, indeed!

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      3. Thanks, So Cal. I agree — doubly unnecessary for Field to be taking shots at a guy who is not around to defend himself and who said he wished he’d been better to her cuz he realized belatedly he loved her…

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  7. There was a ruckus at the Oscars?

    Will Smith gets his panties in a bunch when a comedian makes a ha-ha about his wife?

    I wonder what he’ll do if his wife gets pregnant by another guy?

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    1. Tell me about it, Ed.

      This country has a gun for every citizen (over 300 million), is a leader in homicides and mass killings of innocent citizens, and then has some people standing up for Will Smith’s right to assault and batter another human being because of a tasteless joke

      “Is this a great country or what?”

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  8. –Just saw the unedited scene from Japanese television:

    After the blow:

    Rock: “Will Smith just knocked the shit out of me”

    Smith: “Keep my wife’s name out of your f—king mouth”

    (the audience is obviously stunned and goes “aaaaaah’)

    Rock responds: “Wow dude, it was a G.I. Jane joke”

    Smith repeats, but even more emphatically: “Keep my wife’s name out of your F—KING MOUTH!!”

    (this time there is no audience reaction)

    Rock: “I’m going to”
    (he pauses) “That was the greatest night in the history of television”
    (audience muted laughter)

    Rock then tries to collect himself but clumsily says: “We are here to give a documentary out– to give an oscar out”

    Later, in the dressing room, there is a minute and a half video showing Rock going berserk, wanting a piece of Smith, with his handlers trying in vain to settle Rock down.

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    1. Kinda doesn’t seem “staged”, does it? Kinda seems like more helpings of childish, bad shit crazy from the Hollywood types who never stop lecturing us on the subject of how to run our country….

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  9. For the first time in more a decade’s worth of spring practices, I am fired up about having a good team in the fall. Won’t be perfect, the D is going to need a lot of work, but this is going to be a good journey to getting USC football back to where it should be.

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      1. The village idiot truly laid waste to the program, but the way I look at it, the EPA cleanup crew has finished its job (previous coaching staff gone, many players who didn’t work out, gone), and now the town is in rebuilding mode. Fingers crossed.

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      2. Yep. You’ll see an entirely different team in 2022, 67. (Ha! Almost literally —but I didn’t mean it that way —I meant in terms of discipline and heart)…

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  10. To your suggestion, MG–

    Guarino, Wolcott, and Biden– 2022s version of the 3-stooges
    Dumb, Dumber, and Dumbest

    We of course would have to give top billing to Joe.

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      1. Michael,

        I saw Don Rickles in concert. He did his usual schtick at people’s expense. However, atfer he raggged on someone, he would send a bottle of champagne saying thank you for allowing him to have fun. He was a class act.

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      2. If I had known that, P. T,. I would have tried for front row seats when I saw him back in ’87….


    1. Wolcott
      I read it. Cause Cal doesn’t have anything like this place. If you rip Wilcox they bam you. Wilcox can’t recruit money players and your new saviour seems to be having a hard time getting the D guys. Together they could beat Saban.


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      1. There’s only decent Cal blog and only one poster on it that knows his ass from a hole in the ground. He used to play line and rugby at Cal. Otherwise, the authors take turns and turn the place into an x/o clinic(they think). Geez, I don’t come here( or there) to listen to flag FB’ers pontificate about scheme. Just give me sarcasm and humour and I’m satisfied.

        My point was if you criticize ANY FUCKING thing on a Cal blog, you must be a 🖕troll.

        Well Wilcox can’t recruit like Tedford could. We need money offensive skill positions. Bless your new saviour, he seems to be able to land them.

        And I see youz guyz have turned on Dante Williams. What have you done for me lately Donte? Fair weather fans, much?

        I’m on my way to Yuma MCAS. Not much from me for this next week but I’ll find time to excoriate you Engrish majors. Be afraid, very afraid.

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      2. What did Donte do for us lately? What did Donte do for us ever? I guess it was telling the corners, “at the end of the game don’t worry about the receivers getting behind you —just play the ball.”
        He’s a nice guy—actually a very nice guy—but his unit regressed by the game. They were totally lost.
        Have fun this week. And drop by –I plan on more than the standard # of typos.


  11. Scooter, Michael, and Lawyer John,

    My quesiton is, where was the Oscar secuirty when Will Smith allgedgly slapped Chris Rock? You would think that is an ordinary fan were to walk on stage, they would stop them, how about Will Smith? He should have been stopped by them. From the Oscars offecenado and two attornies, let us discuss.

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    1. Well, PT, he was (and still is) Will Smith. And we’re not.

      Besides, many thought he would win the best actor award, so it would have been awkward to haul his sorry ass out of there, which he deserved.

      Also, after his 30-second outburst and Rock’s removal from the podium, Smith did not appear to be a further threat.

      When he rambled on for nearly 6-minutes I turned to my wife and said, “I wonder if he is on something.” Now, in retrospect, I think the guy has some serious mental problems that need treatment.

      The tragedy is that he played in to the stereotype of the
      ‘angry black man’ which will not help the cause.

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      1. Angry black man? Angry Black Woman Syndrome has been a thing for decades, so it’s not just the men.

        Heck, look at Corey Benjamin’s daughter! How many kids do you know who would have been told BY THEIR MOTHER to take out another player?!

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