Checking In On Jaxson Dart

Jaxson Dart is splitting first-team reps at Mississippi spring practice with Luke Altmyer.

He’s been making a lot of aggressive throws in practices. We’ll see if Lane Kifffin curbs that.

Dart said today he chose Mississippi for stablilty.

“I thought going to SC it was going to be a lot more stable with the coaching staff,” Dart said. “I don’t have just one year, so I’ve got to make the decision based on what was best for me for possibly the next three years.

“I was trying to find a stable place and I’d be able to surround myself with people who’d help me grow and develop as a player and a person. So, because of that it took a little bit more time just because I had to dive into deeper things and try to get as much information as I can.”

He also wanted to play in the SEC.

“I knew that when I was going into the portal I wanted to go to the SEC,” Dart said. “It gets you developed for the NFL. I feel like if you can be successful in the SEC then it’s an easier transition to the NFL. You play a lot better competition week-in-week-out.”

40 thoughts on “Checking In On Jaxson Dart

  1. Wish him nothing but the very best! I’m sure he’ll do well and we’ll be watching their games, same way we did to see Corral.

    Fight On, Jaxson!!

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  2. gee,intresting that the banksters wunt u to pay so-called “intrest” wen u borow the munney,aint bad enuff that u gotta pay back what thay givv u but then thay wunt u to pay moar on top of that,seams sneeky that thay can do this,but i geuss no buddy watchin out fir the lidle gye so thay keap geting all the munneys,thay shuold hafta givv all the munneys a way to the pores so moar poeples can be rich,geuss im the onley one that think of the good solushuns to the problims,or may be evry one shuold get a milion dolars so we is all milionyares,except the womin cuz thay wuold jussed bye dum things with it,smdh

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    1. Funny that Ed writes that last sentence on the same day President Folt submits her budget request for $4,500,000 “to help make all 2 USC transgender students happier.”

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  3. Name one QB Lane Kiffin developed that has gone onto have a successful career in the NFL?

    The answer is not a one.


    1. Matt Barkley at SC & Corral at Ol’Miss, were successful college q/b’s which was his job to develop them at the time…if NFL wants to draft and develop them,that is their job… how many have you developed?

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  4. Jaxson Dart must’ve been asleep during the college recruiting process, because he actually thought USC’s coaching staff was stable… Really? He obviously did no research at all, or Clay Helton was a helleva con artist.


      1. I remember all the Bruin dumbshits getting so excited when they hired him. One of the stupidest on Topix was Bruin Rob, Bruin Ghost….he got banned so many times for talking shit he had to keep changing his name. Yes, he was THAT stupid.

        I’ll never forget him saying, “If Chip was able to do so well with 3 &4 star athletes at Oregon, I can’t wait to see how great he’ll do with 4 & 5 star athletes at UCLA!”

        Yes, he was moronic enough to claim SUCLA gets droves of 5 star players!! LMAO

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      2. 18-25 in his 4 years and I believe it’s 2-22 against teams with winning records and the idiot “should have” acted as if Chip’s hiring was going to translate into instant national championships?!!!

        This must be the same fool…Rob Carillo.


      3. It’s the same shit different coach with BruinRob. Remember when Jim Mora, Jr. was hired? He and his “mean and nasty” defense was going to own LA Football. Never won a Pac-12 title despite having two elite level QBs in Hundley and Rosen. Yeah, he took SC to the woodshed when Ogeron and Sark were running the program, but he somehow managed to get his teeth kicked in by Clay Helton his last two years. Imagine putting that on your resume? But Mora’s crown jewel was spitting the bit against Stanford at home 31-6 with the Pac-12 South on the line.
        One more thing BruinRob, if you clowns manage to go to another half-ass bowl game next season, are you going to pull the Covid Card and bail out the day of the game?


  5. 1967. I’m sorry. If it were anybody else but you I would continue the charade. I would say willie wonka chocolate factory. The truth is just that I saw your post to Michael where you took a stab at guessing my identity and I just leaped on it. I’m truly sorry bro. I’m like Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde. Robin is my bad side. She just comes out and I can’t control myself

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      1. You need Quentin….and Joanne Woodward (3 Faces of Eve)…


  6. I’m so ashamed. I need psychiatric help. Now Jersey Joe is gonna slap me. I deserve it. And maybe I should just kill Robin off. If I can. And maybe myself too. That would do it.

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      1. Well. Hyde always dies in all ten remakes I’ve seen so far. But never by suicide. Ps 1967 is sleeping. Please direct him here bro. But. What if he doesn’t believe the confession and still thinks it’s ol Charlie ?? And what if I really am ol Charlie ?? Hah. No. I don’t want to go there anymore. But. It maybe beyond my control now. Hah. Things get out of control so easily these days. What is the world coming to. ??????

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      2. Those are the words Bohn spoke to Clay after the Stanford game….


      1. Jill Biden’s VP selection process: “She was a joke as San Francisco D. A., she was a big joke as California Attorney General, she was an bigger joke as U. S. Senator —yeah, go with her…she’ll take the heat off you, Joe.”

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