USC Saturday Buzz: Lincoln Riley Issues Warning

I talked in Friday’s column how USC players would earn the Trojan helmet logo during spring practices.

Lincoln Riley calls getting the logo being “gold-plated.”

“Guys that aren’t gold-plated, you probably won’t have to worry about seeing on the sidelines,” Riley said Saturday.

Riley said the number of players who earned their helmet decal is in the low double-digits.

Riley was asked about high-school recruiting rankings, specifically defensive end Korey Foreman, who was a five-star.

“That means nothing once you get to college,” Riley said.

On the Trojans’ position groups, Riley said, “nobody’s been perfect, but nobody’s been horrible.”

Riley on his relationship with UCLA coach Chip Kelly.

“We’ve been on several Pac-12 calls together and coach and I have known each other for many years. He’s always been someone I’ve looked up to in the business.”

24 thoughts on “USC Saturday Buzz: Lincoln Riley Issues Warning

      1. That know nothing idiot Donte Williams is in charge of DB’s…that should tell you all you need to know.

        Donte Williams is a fucking joke!


  1. nobody horrible is good news…I think with good effort and the good coaching most will develop into really good starters and good back ups,and playing like a team will make for a really good year,great year if they beat ucla and n/d…and win Pac12.

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    1. Lincoln Riley is speaking directly to fans disappointed in Helton’s 2021 roster [we won’t refer to them as a “team”]: “You won’t have to WORRY about seeing them on the sidelines.”
      I’ve never heard a coach talk that way about players he’s inherited from the last coach. Obviously Riley is identifying [& plans to eliminate] people that are nothing but sources of “worry.”

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  2. ‘Ol Mule Shoe doesn’t think much if Kourtney Foreman.

    I tried telling you clowns that girl Kourtney Foreman was a bust


  3. Teebama,

    I hate to say this, but I agree with you about Donte Williams. I think he needs to be coached up and needs to become a disciplianarian. McKay did not have players as friends, neither should Williams. He needs to distance himself from the players.

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    1. Donte is a recruiter who’s allowed by USC to pretend he’s a coach….

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      1. it does seem that way,but he could blossom under this new regime…under hellton nobody learned anything,could do anything, and he suffocated the program with his total ignorance and lying 24×7.


  4. Scooter,

    This is a cleaning out year. Riley is preparing the foundation for the 2023 season. It will take a year to get where he wants. They need to move Donte Williams out of the coaching position and into full time recruiting. I don’t think he is cut out. Now, on the other hand, He could have not been as good as we thought he could be due to having to be the interm head coach and being the db coach. I will give him a year. See what he can do.

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  5. Let me see if I read Wiley correctly–

    If you are not gold-plated you will not be on the sidelines
    After halfway thru Spring ball there are only maybe 15 gold-plates
    So what about the other 60 guys he needs to fill out a team?

    And the sucla coach, you know, the one who looks like a beach ball with appendages. Wiley says he looks up to him, but I am more interested in whether Wiley can see around him.

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      1. You SUCCster’s use laugh as Chip unloaded his team’s deadweight players. Now you praise LR for doing the exact same thing. WTF, I thought bozo FB didn’t recruit losers.

        #62 – 33


      1. Hard to believe.

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  6. The indicator to me on Corey Forman was that Alabama didn’t sign him which tells me he’s going to be a bust

    I hope I’m wrong


  7. So much for your beloved recruiting rankings. I’m been telling you this forever and I don’t even live in a $17m mansion back up on the hill.


  8. Grown men engaged in high school banter about young men who can’t compete with America’s best. The whole west coast is a joke, it’s going to get worse. Riley came west to steal players from Alabama and Georgia.


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