USC Sunday Buzz: A Slimmer Program Ahead

Lincoln Riley still wants to bring in 10-15 transfers but he is also going to have slimmer program than last year.

I’m told Riley wants 115 players this season in the program. Last year, USC had a whopping 129 on its roster. And that didn’t include the imposter.

Remember him? It’s the one-year anniversay of him showing at spring practice and fielding punts. And using the jacuzzi at the McKay Center.

  • Former USC point guard Ethan Anderson tells Jon Rothstein he is considering the following schools: Nevada, TCU, Wyoming, UNLV, Boise State, Temple, BYU, UC Santa Barbara, Cal, Washington State and Oregon State.

The irony if Anderson went to UNLV is he committed there originally before he switched to USC.

  • After Kansas got routed by USC last year in the NCAA Tournament, Jayhawks coach Bill Self said the team needed to become more athletic.

“I think we are more athletic [than last year] and it’s the same guys,” Self said Sunday. “They deserve all the credit.”

47 thoughts on “USC Sunday Buzz: A Slimmer Program Ahead

  1. You of course have heard of Caleb Williams of SC, but there is another Caleb who plays for North Carolina. And this Caleb Love guy, all 6’2″ of him, beat sucla with two 3s in the closing seconds, and now just beat Duke with 28 points and a finishing 3-pointer in the final seconds.

    It was a remarkable game, and the loser was going to be in the dumps, but most of the Duke players did not partake in the traditional end-of-game handshake, which entrenches Duke as one of the low-class college teams in the nation.

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      1. Fortunately they don’t require footballers to shake hands after a game, Michael.– Probably a good thing because after being mauled for 3-hours by an opposing 300 pound brute, I would probably rather give him a knuckle sandwich than a handshake.

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      2. …or you could try shaking hands Josh Rosen after the game like Sam tried to …and watch him run away…..

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  2. The “rising star” (LOL) of the Trojans secondary is this anemic looking 180 lbs. soaking wet DB Calen Bullock.

    That kid ain’t going to cut it, she won’t last a half season…too small, too weak.

    Hey ‘Ol Mule Shoe, slim down the roster and get those Ladies of Troy to pick up a ham sandwich or two, that’s if you can pry ’em from the pineapple pipeline players hands as they sit on the sidelines eating while nursing their skinned knees.


      1. I’m tired of seeing and hearing about these Ladies of Troy being built up with all this hype and then turning out to be busts.

        Are you telling me this kid Bullock didn’t know that he should have been trying to put on weight even before he got to a D1 program? She’s 180 lbs., so they say…looks more like 165-170 to me.

        To me that spells laziness.

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      2. “…pick up a ham sandwich or two…” are neutral words, MG, but unfortunately T-Bone had to “sandwich” them between nasty references.

        T-Bone deserves a knuckle sandwich, or as recent parlance has changed the expression to ‘Will Smith the stupid dude.’

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      3. Here is an interview with Calen Bullock, who is 188 lbs, working to get to 195.

        He is asked, what is new here?

        “We are here to win. Riley is all about winning.”

        Asked about the new D: “We are playing faster and more aggressively.”

        Asked whether Dante is coaching differently: “Oh, yes!”

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      4. Nice…but we’ll see where we really are come the Stanford game…. are we more aggressive? are we faster?

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    1. The same Carol Folt who had to go to Santa Barbara City College before being admitted to UCSB.

      Well, at least she wasn’t as pathetic as Cal75 hippie who flunked out of Pasadena City College and now pretends to have attended Berkeley.


      1. btw,
        We should applaud Carol for working hard, raising her community college GPA to a 2.1 and barely making it into the consensus worst school in the U. C. system….

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      2. Why is Cal hippie your hero, because he survived assll those years working the Castro District?


      3. TboneMePleaseObummer
        I’m at the Yuma gun show. You’re boring me.

        Buddy, anytime, anyway, Anywhere. Make sure your health insurance is paid up to date pal.

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      4. Hey hippie, shut the hell up…you’re a clown! “gun show”?

        Why would you reference a gun show, is that supposed to frighten me?



      5. Gavin Newsom F’d his Chief of Staff’s wife (as SF Mayor). His politics are bad enough, but what a POS as a human being.

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      6. Pasadena City College had a lot of good football players & a lot of Jr.College RoseBowls,back many yrs ago…and I think he should get credit for choosing a school with a good football history and sending players to SC,and former SC all american Tay Brown sent most of them…something positive for a change

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    2. Thanks for the sandwich compliment, MG, that was not a bunch of baloney.

      By the way, you might like this too– did you hear the one about the Knight and the dog?

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  3. ‘Ol Mule Shoe needs to slim down on players from that pineapple pipeline, better yet…shut it down altogether like the Keystone pipeline.


      1. By the way, Michael, did you pick up the typo by T-Bone where he disparagingly wrote of our very own Cal75 that he survived the
        ASSll (emphasis added; should have read “all”) those years in the
        [gay] Castro District.

        Best jokes are the unintended ones.

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      2. That’s what Cal hippie was doing all those years, selling his ass.

        Assll, kind of like y’all without the apostrophe…get it?

        Ir ain’t rocket science, but I’m sure you get my meaning.



      3. There are 70 operating oil and gas pipelines regulated by the CER that cross the Canada-US border: 31 oil and 39 natural gas. 



  4. The purge continues! Riley will make us great again by cleaning our streets of the thugs scumbags and losers. Replace them with pure bred strength. Get the goons away from our beautiful campus and bring in some proud white young men to restore glory

    Similar to Rick Caruso wiping the liberal filth off LA streets, Riley has begun a great purge of South Central into USC. Make us proud coach!


    1. The polynesians are the worst, tbey’re only looking for a free meal ticket. They’re always hurt, just a waste of a scholarship.

      I’m not being prejudice, simply stating facts.

      The last polynesians worth a damn, Rey Mauluga, Stanley Havili and maybe Oscar Lua.


      1. The Polynesians are a bunch of scum. Riley needs to clean up the filth off our streets

        Get rid of the Homies and Hombres too while we are at it. Riley knows the only way to rebuild is thru pure bred strength not street scum


      2. Good call, SouthOC. That’s exactly the way Lincoln looks at it. ..which must be why he waited all through the holidays to get Caleb…..

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    2. “Pure bred,” “Proud white young men,” “Liberal filth,” and “Street scum”

      Words of wisdom from one SouthOC Trojan, with the “OC” apparently standing for ‘Only Caucasians’.

      And are not these some of the same ideas and words that Adolph Hitler espoused about regarding the Aryan and Israelite races?

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      1. Orwell speaking of Hitler’s Germany: “Here it is — the fast aircraft, steel ships, high rise concrete buildings that H. G. Welles dreamed of —all in the service of ideas that belong in the stone age.”


  5. Carol Folt did attend UC Santa Barbara- the same school where radical students in Isla Vista burned down one of the great institutions in America called the Bank of America. Sadly, she became the President of USC, and tried but failed to burned down one of the great institutions in America called USC Trojan football thus far. I guess Carol could be classified as anti-society or a hippy still today.

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    1. Carol actually doesn’t realize that she’s not only not on the cutting edge —she’s taking the school back to her crybaby college days….


  6. The “experts” expect a Kansas victory, but those 2 swift guards for North Carolina, Davis and Love, will have the Jayhawks wishing Kansas was a vulture and not some silly mythical bird.


  7. Hope there is not a Bank of America near the USC campus. Carol Folt, came from UCSB where they burn down banks near college campuses.


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