And Now For A Tradition That No Longer Exists

I’ve been pretty complimentary of Lincoln Riley the past few days, so now something I don’t like.

USC now wears its gold game pants for practices. The Trojans used to wear white pants for practices since . . . forever.

I don’t like this for two reasons:

  • It used to be special to wear the gold pants because they were only used for games. That feeling is gone now.
  • And it makes the quarterbacks look ridiculous.

20 thoughts on “And Now For A Tradition That No Longer Exists

    1. The way ‘Ol Mule Shoe is holding practices he may as well have them wear pink tutu’s.

      No wonder he doesn’t want anyone watching his practices.

      I doubt any of the players have been tackled yet.


      1. I hear they caught Cal75 hippie trying to sneak into the locker room wearing his cheerleading outfit.

        His beer belly gave him away.



    2. Seasons change! Scotty there’s more things to complain about than practice uniforms. Come on now! The game unis haven’t changed so that’s the tradition that matters the most. I wouldn’t mind going back to the 70s 80s 90s Jerseys with stripes on the sleeves not the shoulder pads like they are now. Put the names on the back also would work. That’s the only thing I would change in mho.


  1. Scottie, is this the best criticism of Riley? Gold pants at practice? You really think Caleb Williams “looks ridiculous” in that photo? Not a chance, that kid is a winner no matter what he wears.

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  2. Scott- you have not seen anything yet- Riley plans to use Cardinal pants and Cardinal jerseys for games, and will use black on black at times also. The helmets will remain the same. I think the all black look with gold numbers, and cardinal trim would actually look really good for a game or two during the season.

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    1. Second the black idea. Sometimes you have to mix things up a bit. I worry that the village idiot tainted cardinal and gold for quite some time.

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      1. Can’t believe you posted something with which I agree. Black is lame if it’s not one of your school colors.

        It’s bad enough when the basketball team wears them. But football?! Hell no!!

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    2. Is that true Tommy d or you just trolling Scotty? Because if you are I’m with Scotty on this one. Keep the tradition with the game uniforms. This isn’t Oregon or OU this is USC 11 time national champs trying to build a power again. None of this gimmick crap with the uniforms.

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  3. ugh,ol’peenus breth all reddy maid like fore coments on this heer rticull,like he dont got frends or his own missus ed so he rite his dum things heer,smdh


  4. What no complaints about shoes and socks? Mr. Wolf you are slipping. The marching band in high school is the only place where everyone wore the same shoes and socks.

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  5. Shoes and socks come with them endorsement deals now so you can have change there. The unis don’t mess with.


  6. When I was playing for USC (1966-1970), we all wore white pants, and the defense wore white tops with the offense wearing red tops for practices… Very bland and cotton like… Then on game day, we had the special home or away uniforms to put on. It was the real stuff with a sense of tradition and pride !! All pressed and cleaned, new jocks and socks, helmets painted and shoes shined!!

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