Former USC Player Transers To Hawaii

Former USC safety-linebacker Kaulana Makaula has transferred to Hawaii.

“I’m going to take what I’ve learned from USC and bring it over to Hawaii but also with the mindset that Hawaii has a lot for me to learn,” Makaula told TV station KHON.

He probably has a lot to learn — even from Hawaii — since he played for Clancy Pendergast and Todd Orlando.

23 thoughts on “Former USC Player Transers To Hawaii

  1. I’ll meet him at the airport –unfortunately the airport Chick- Fil-A isn’t quite done with construction yet ….it’ll be done by the time the “big bet” with T Bruin comes up, though…

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      1. SouthOC Trojan,

        With due respect, how do you know he is as dumb as rocks? Just because he is transferring doesn’t mean he is dumb. it might mean he is smart because he sees the writing on the wall and he might not even see the field with the new coaching staff. I didn’t think it was nice. Thank you for understanding.


      1. There are literally no basements on Maui [lava rock is too solid or something like that]. [Last time we stayed at the Ritz Hotel I asked if they had basement cuz I was thinking we’d check in anytime there was a storm warning —the desk clerk said “no, but you should come here anyway.” I asked why and she said “so we could all hold hands and pray together.” It was such a Hawaiian response. I really love the people here].

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  2. Lana Makaula who? Never heard of him.

    No doubt she probably sprained her toe nail in spring practice and was limited to the buffet line all last season.


      1. Obama was joking with Joe at the White House last week about making a huge gender mistake on the day of his wedding…

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      2. Ol peenus breath….non-binary, gender-nonspecific human life form PARTICIPATION TROPHY.


  3. There are worse places to transfer to other than the University of Hawaii

    The best summer I ever had was in 1967 in Waikiki where I seldom got off my surfboard, paid $160 for a rental apartment, but I could not get the owner to reduce the rent, and had one meal a day at Perry’s All-you-can-Eat smorgasbord for 1.04 where I would pack away about 5-pounds of food and be embarrassed to walk out of there with a fat belly spilling over my bathing suit.

    “Those were the days my friend, we thought they’d never end…”

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    1. the missus and me wur watchin some travul show about italee. Culdnt believe those ituly fellas and thur missus have no smorbasborgs. No wunder they all come to the US of A.

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      1. In central Sicily they have little family hut/cafes where you can order all you want for practically nothing —one teeny problem: roosters are roaming the hut [and probably inside your meatballs]…..

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  4. Michael: Stay away from the Ritz Hotel on Maui near Kapalua. It is my understanding they dug up an old Hawaiian cemetery when they built that place which is a no…no.

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  5. hello fans of all sorts, with the nfl draft looming lets see who is dumb enough to draft the qbs, from pitt and auburn via liberty these are stiffs with hype !!!! this should be hilarious ? regards , E


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