Lincoln Riley Keeps Plugging Offensive Line

Lincoln Riley said USC has had only 60 healthy scholarship players during spring drills.

“We haven’t adapted one bit; in fact, we’ve probably pushed a little bit harder,” Riley said.

Riley continued to be optimistic about the offensive line:

“I see not one reason on this planet why we cannot have a great offensive line here very, very quickly.”

Of course he still intends to hit the transer portal for lineman after spring.

Meanwhile, former Oklahoma tight end Austin Stogner offered this viewpoint to ESPN on Riley’s departure.

32 thoughts on “Lincoln Riley Keeps Plugging Offensive Line

    1. “Lincoln Riley said USC has had only 60 healthy scholarship players during spring drills.”

      Maybe ‘Ol Mule Shoe needs to hire a better pedicurist to take better care of his Ladies of Troy’s toe nails, that way they don’t keep spraining them.

      Year in and year out I’ve never seen a program that puts an emphasis on limited contact and no tackling in practice, having so many injured players.



      1. I can’t fathom how these players would do if they had Spring practices like I had from 1967-1969. It was a full month of FULL contact!! Monday thru Saturday.. and every Saturday was a taped, game simulated scrimmage. We had a full contact game in the Coliseum to end the Spring workouts. It was brutal, to say the least. Spring Practices was where you made the Starting Line up and/or earned your position. As a Linebacker, we usually had 20 players for that position and they took only four to travel. Big Competition..
        When I was a Freshman in the Spring of 1967 and coming off our undefeated season, the competition was non stop. OJ just transferred in from San Francisco CC, and in the first Saturday scrimmage, I made a great open field tackle on him on swing pass for a loss.. I remembered while on the ground, that I said to myself “I just made the linebacker spot on the varsity”.. Great Memories… We were National Champions that year, beating Indiana in the 1968 Rose Bowl..

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  1. ‘Ol Mule Shoe is trying to make excuses as to why his Ladies of Troy aren’t holding real practices like other teams, you know…with tackling.

    ‘But, but, but…they’ll learn how to tackle in fall practice”





  2. Derrick Hunter out of TAM entered the portal. He was recruited by coach Henson at TAM who is now O line coach here at USC. Perhaps he may have a shot at him.

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  3. Let’s bring in some pure bred all American strength and run the trenches the right way. No more lazy Polynesian trash or spoiled entitled thugs getting bullied by defenders with proper heart and technique!

    Helton let our trenches rot with his shell of a corpse but now it’s time to revive the unit and bring us back to glory the right way. Bring in the right kind of guys watch coach Henson teach them the game and we will see immediate results!


  4. All I know is, Lent is over and I’m enjoying some Old Overholt rye on the rocks, with UFC on ESPN about to start.

    What better way to celebrate Easter than watching two people beat the hell out of one another!

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      1. Tri tip tomorrow. Pork cutlet sandwich this evening.

        Thanks to Biden voters, highest inflation in 40 years. That tri tip wasn’t cheap!

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      2. Who knows why they are dumb enough to try and claim he’s doing well? He’s so scared of Putin, yet tried to talk all tough about standing up to him, during his campaign. The stupidest among us fell for it.

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      3. …add millions of “no chain of custody” ballots and millions more harvested ballots and the USA ends up with its first 100% brain dead prez….

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      4. Yeah, remember going to be that night, considering it a done deal that Trump would be getting second term? Then magically, box after box came in with 80-100% Biden votes. They pulled it off.

        The media’s cover-up of the Hunter managed slush fund helped a lot. 17% say they would have gone the other way, had they known about it. That is where the REAL fraud took place. Our state run media is no worse than China or Russia’s.

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    1. You were right BOTH times, So Cal: No better…and no worse. American media is exactly as biased and corrupt as the media in the countries they point to and say “even if things are bad here at least we’re not like THEM…”

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  5. I think that they have the quality athletes to have a very good O-Line right now but it won’t hurt to bring one more solid O-Lineman from the portal.

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      1. Yep –especially at center and left tackle —but Riley knows what he needs to do and he’ll get it done…


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