USC Has Sights On Another Linebacker

Not that Lincoln Riley needed another reason to realize life at USC is good but let’s look at the fire sale Arizona State has become.

Ricky Pearsall, the Sun Devils’ top receiver, and linebacker Eric Gentry, a consensus Freshman All-American, entered the transfer portal today.

USC is a front-runner for Gentry along with Miami. A visit is already being discussed. Why not?

Arizona State looks like a comfortable win for Riley.

On, and let’s not forget Donte Williams lost to Arizona State last season.

17 thoughts on “USC Has Sights On Another Linebacker

    1. USC should put ‘Ol Mule Shoe on the scrap heap already, that clown has no clue what he’s doing.

      He’s either delusional or retarded, probably both. Is he even attending his own so called practices? Does he even know what an offensive line is?

      This ‘Ol Mule Shoe clown must have gotten kicked in the head by a mule and now he’s stuck on stupid.

      RB’S, WR’s, DB’s and LB’s…that’s all that clown knows.


  1. How is Wiley such a great coach when he doesn’t see how SC is lacking in defensive and offensive linemen?

    Oh, he’s aware you say. OK


  2. Both of those guys are good players although I’m not sure that we need another receiver. We could use another LB. He could also be an edge rusher.


    1. F**king tragic. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got game if you don’t have a plan B for the rest of your life. RIP Mr. Freeman.


      1. Freeman scored 81 in a game … granted it was Portland State. He was in the NBA for a few years. There was some others that came out of Manual Arts HS.

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  3. hello football fans, well drake selected by atl. there qb ? though what marcus toyota his pass range is 7 yards !!!! well the drake will have to break alot of tackles for yardage ? would carroll have drafted drake ???? well football gods denied carroll that option ? pete went for a fat lineman from the south ??? Regards , E


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