USC Winners And Losers Of The Week


Velus Jones

Leaves USC and becomes a third-round draft pick. I’m sure it was a coincidence.

Drake London

First wide receiver off the board and already odds-on favorite to win offensive rookie of the year.

Jordan Addison

Schools have 48 hours to put players in the transfer portal following Sunday’s deadline. The Pitt wide receiver is expected to officially enter the portal today or tomorrow.

USC track and field

Swept dual meet vs. UCLA in first year under Coach Quincy Watts.

USC beach volleyball

Defeated UCLA, 3-0, to win the Pac-12 championship.


USC secondary

Five-star recruits Chris Steele and Isaac Taylor-Stuart went undrafted last weekend. I guess Donte Williams won’t be saying much about that.

USC women’s basketball

Where are the recruits?

USC baseball

Still in last place in the Pac-12.

USC cornerback Greg Johnson

He shared his frustrations with not getting an NFL tryout.

61 thoughts on “USC Winners And Losers Of The Week

  1. First –Greg Johnson deserved better. He came outta high school with a terrific skillset and didn’t develop cuz he got stuck with the worst bunch of d-back coaches in college football. He’s not alone, though —Mike Bohn allowed this to happen to umpteen high potential players by not doing his fucking job….

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  2. Hope USC’s Legal Department doesn’t lose it’s nerve on the Jordan Addison deal. Presently none of the NIL rules have been authoritatively construed by the NCAA or anybody else —the field is wide open. Take while the taking is good. Plenty of time to deal with restrictions once they’ve been clarified.

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  3. Clay Helton probably recruited lots of players who should’ve been drafted, but never developed under his supervision. So I understand Greg Johnson, and a few others frustration. But this should be a lesson to high school recruits, select a coaching staff not a University. Helton was a con man, and a lousy coach, but he used the USC platform as his bait.

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    1. Actually, football players should all have a backup plan and a great University education is the best backup plan. Take it seriously. Only a small percentage of the guys in college football end up in the NFL. And if you are on a team where the practices are pretty easy and you are loafing, then you will never end up in the NFL.

      USC now has the best of both worlds.


      1. ugh,lookin for my frend ol’peenus breth but onley gotta spend som time with his muthur,geuss that sorta maiks me a dubble looser,smdh

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    1. You are surrounded by friends, Ed….

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  4. What a sad letter from Greg Johnson, but it underscores how a mere 1% of college footballers will ever see one-cent of NFL money.

    At least now some of them can rake in some NIL money while in school, but most of them will see nothing or next to nothing.

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    1. Exactly why to me, as an alumnus, graduation rates, are #2…behind instilling character, integrity and a strong work ethic. Those will set them on the path to success whether or not they’re playing on Sundays.

      If we get some championships after fulfilling those two goals, GREAT!

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    2. LJ,

      Realistically, he should have looked at it with some skepticism about being drafted. There are 330 schools with 85 players. At 25% that is 7,000 that want to play in the nfl. 25% represents the four classes. He sjhould have looked at this way, I didn’t accure a $250k tution bill for 4 years and I got my degree. I am scott free from debt. Getting drafted is a cherry on top.

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      1. Exactly! They’ll be able to say, “I’m not like the millions of losers out there, crying for taxpayers to cancel my student debt!”

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  5. Scott;USC did not sweep the bruins in the track meet. the women loss I am sorry to say. Happy for the men.


    1. Richard,

      After 25 mintues after the meet was over, SC was declared the women’s winner due to a typo on the women’s discus. They marked ugly at 55 feet, but it was actually 52 feet. SC got points from that.

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    1. I was going to chime in, but the mistake was corrected, and what a finish by the SC lady. That is 8 in a row for the women and I guess 4 out of the last 8 for the men.

      I recall not so long ago that sucla would clean SC’s clock in track and field because there were not enough Trojans to compete, but I guess times have changed.

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  6. Not everyone makes it in the pros(actually few make it) but he’s a good player. If I was him I would try some of the other leagues below the NFL or even the Canadian Football league. Do that for 5 years and if you haven’t got lucky by that time then it is time to move on in your life. You’ll have to do that eventually anyhow. At max, most people only play football until they are 35 or so.

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    1. Yeah, NFLers maximum age is about 34 unless their name is Tom Brady. And the running backs have a career expectancy of less than 5 years because they take such a pounding.

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  7. Just Rent,

    I was at the USC vs ugly track meet yesterday. You should have gone but that means you would have to leave at 5:30 A.M. to take the bus to get there on time at the start of an 11:30 A.M. schedule.

    Just Rent,

    You will be happy to know that the ruins showed their true colors and that is, classless crap and junk. See after SC beat ugly in the track meet, some ugly hooligan who lost in the 4 x 400 meter run, and who happened to be the last runner, lost to SC. But in true ruin fashion and history of ruin trash, he goes over to the SC’s football team and starts showing gang bang signs. What a maroon (Bugs Bunny), not only do the ugly men’s team get stomped on but he loses the race and then goes and shows gang bang signs. Not too smart.

    Then the skanks of ugly, women, while the SC band is playing TUSK, starts their ugly eat my shorts chant close to the band. Very rude and classless. They thought they won, but knowing that U Clowns Lose Again, the jaws of defeat showed up and made USC the women’s winner. So ugly got smoked and swept by USC. Then don’t forget USC women’s beach volley ball beating the ruins yesterday. Good day to be a Trojan.

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  8. I’m going to play for Southern Cal I’m blessed to receive the offer from the Trojans and the $$$ from George and Michael. It’s a great day to be a Trojan.

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  9. Greg Johnson was a medium 4-star recruit so my inclination is to blame Clay Helton and the previous staff for lack of development. Greg should try the USFL. Keep pursuing your NFL dream. If it eventually doesn’t work out, consider going into coaching.

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    1. Marajuana… problem……he’s at Alabama…..they’ll handle it internally……which means they’ll do nothing…..Roll Tide

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  10. I’d like to know why Scott is calling the USC baseball team “losers” just because they have [by far] the worst record in the Pac 12…

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    1. I like that– when a team loses a game it makes the opposing team happy. Ton-o-Hel made a lot of opposing teams happy, so he wasn’t all bad (Unless you are an SC fan)

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    1. If this is true Cowherd needs to get his left hand up fast (to block a right) if he sees Narduzzi —- cuz I just saw Narduzzi on YouTube and he has that Will Smith look in his eyes…


      1. P. S.
        What a punk Narduzzi is….


      2. I know this isn’t going to go over well but I can understand Narduzzi’s anger. I wouldn’t like it either if I had one of the best players in the country and had spent time developing that player only to have another richer school come along and buy his services. But that is the way the rules are today. LR is just playing by the new rules. If you don’t like the rules then change them and I do believe the rules need to be, at least, tweaked.


    2. I heard on sports talk radio, which is more authoritative than even the Bible,
      that this Addison kid has turned his ability to catch-and-run into a
      $3 million L.A. home “signing bonus.”

      Kids chosen in the second round of the NFL draft are not doing that well

      Perhaps the new motto will become, “Stay in college 4-years and then retire!”

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      1. Ha! Why chance getting hurt in the pros?

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      2. LJ. I think we’re gonna have a super league. Maybe 10-12 teams. The other schools can play minor league football. They’ll be priced out of the top players. Ucla will abandon the sport and add tiddlywinks!!!

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    1. As my [very lame] 1st year trial supervisor used to [very lamely] say, “yes…or I’ll know the reason why!”


      1. Some of our wide receivers can transfer out if Addison comes. They can’t all see the field. It’s like we have a zillion already. BUT. I really want Addison. I can’t sleep until he comes. NO JOKE INTENDED.

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      1. You are the SECOND person to call me that today –my family is extending beyond my wildest dreams…..

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  12. Here is hoping Greg Johnson gets a chance somewhere down the line. For someone who seems to have always done the right thing, would be nice if someone gave him a chance. Seems like they’d be getting a hard-workern with his head on straight.

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