If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

The USC-UCLA rivalry has featured many crazy moments.

But one of the wilder incidents occurred this week and few noticed. Or maybe even cared. They should have because it was a ridiculous scenario.

USC and UCLA faced off in the dual track meet at Cromwell Field. When the meet ended, UCLA’s women had won and did a customary victory lap. But about 30-45 minutes after that, when most of the fans had already left the stadium, the USC women were declared the winners.

What happened?

A USC discus thrower had a winning throw of 53 meters. But her second-best throw of 50 meters was scored, which placed her third instead of first. It was an innocent error because some numbers got transposed, which created the controversy.

But . . . it is the responsibility of the USC coaching staff to make sure the meet was scored correctly. The error was only discovered belatedly by the discus thrower. Didn’t the USC throws coach know his athlete won the event? Or care to check the official results?

This happened in 2022! When computers and electronic devices are better than ever!

The wrong team running a victory lap sounds like something out of the 1950’s. But track meets actually mattered in those days.

Fans spent four hours at the meet last Sunday and went home thinking the wrong team won. If some of the track fan nuts from the 50’s and 60’s were still alive, they might have rioted. USC needs to do better.


Tiny Naylor’s, Sunset and La Brea, 1949

Tiny Naylor’s in 1980

At one time, Tiny Naylor’s had more than 40 locations in Los Angeles and Orange County. Among those who ate at the Hollywood location was Humphrey Bogart. The restaurant claimed to be the birthplace of the patty melt. By 1999, there was a lone location in Long Beach.

  • And now for some history:

Let’s look at 1960-61, a year that definitely had star power.

Here’s a photo of USC coming down the Coliseum tunnel in 1960, the first season for John McKay.

Since USC is wearing its white uniforms, this would be the Georgia game. Georgia was led by quarterback Fran Tarkenton, who threw four interceptions. The Trojans won, 10-3.

  • In 1960, the USC campus hosted Richard Nixon and John Kennedy during the presidential campaign. Kennedy visited the university twice during the campaign.
  • The guest conductor for Songfest in 1961 was Henry Mancini, whose works include Peter Gunn, the Pink Panther and “Moon River” from Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
Henry Mancini at USC in 1961
  • If you didn’t want a beer at Stubby’s, a simpler campus fixture in 1960-61 was Anna the ice cream lady.
  • In 1960, Cecily Thomson was named Helen of Troy, the first winner who was married. Thomson was also president of the Mortar Board, a national honor society.
Here’s linebacker Clay Matthews in 1976 vs. Iowa
  • Richard Wood was the first three-time All-American in USC history. He could have been a four-time All-American but freshmen were ineligible.

Wood was a star player at Thomas Jefferson High School in Elizabeth, N.J.

In 1970, a USC assistant coach flew to New York and was picked up at the airport by legendary Thomas Jefferson coach Frank Cicarell, who was wearing a fedora and driving a huge Lincoln-Continental. When they got to the high school, Cicarell parked in front of the school in a red zone.

“Don’t worry,” Cicarell said, “The police station is across the street. They know me.”

When they got out of the Lincoln, Cicarell had about 10 players lined up to meet the assistant coach, including Wood and Gil Chapman, who Parade magazine called the “No. 1 player in America” and went to Michigan.

The school also had future Notre Dame basketball player John Shumate.

  • Remember, a couple weeks ago I wrote about the San Fernando stars from 1975 and this great photo from Prep magazine.
  • But here’s another impressive factoid: In 1979, USC had six players from San Fernando High School!

Tailback Anthony Gibson (24), fullback Bob McClanahan (31), wide receiver Malcolm Moore (22), defensive back Kenney Moore (not pictured), wide receiver Kevin Williams (8) and tailback Charles White (12).

  • If there is a player I think deserves more appreciation, it’s Kevin Williams. Imagine if he played in today’s pass-happy era? I think he would start at USC this season. And I know no one would be tougher.

From 1977-80, Williams caught 71 passes for 1,358 yards with 25 touchdowns during his career, which was still a USC record when he passed away in 1996.

  • One reason this was a good week was a new picture of Cliff Robinson.

As Ronnie Flores of Cal Hi Sports noted, Robinson was named Mr. Basketball by the publication even though he was only 16 years old his entire senior year at Castlemont High School in Oakland.

He led the Pac-8 in scoring as a freshman when he was only 17, averaging 18.4 points and 9.6 rebounds. He averaged 18.8 points and 11.6 rebounds as a sophomore.

Robinson scored 45 points on March 9, 1980, the most scored by a teen-ager in the NBA because he was still only 19.

  • I’ve been fascinated by old-time Lakers history recently so I wanted to publish this 1947 photo: Lakers center George Mikan was so popular that when the Lakers played the Knicks at Madison Square Garden, the marquee read “Geo Mikan vs. Knicks”

Mikan won five NBA titles with the Lakers. He was also the first ABA commissioner and the iconic red, white and blue basketball was his brianchild. He reportedly did it because he had poor eyesight and couldn’t see a regular basketball from the stands.

  • I will never tire of running photos of Jerry West either.

This photo below is from 1968.

92 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

  1. LenDale White is Ricky Bell’s understudy…and when he finally converts in 4th & 1, then he can be listed on the pantheon of the greatest Trojans running backs in history.

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    1. Tough to convert when the play is telegraphed and the D knows what is coming. The big shortcoming of Kiff and Sark is that you can count on them to call the obvious when it really matters.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Not to mention that in 4th & 1 situations you always always always have your best player on the field.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. owns seems to have missed that day in school that defined “explanation”, and the differences between that and “excuses”.

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  2. Funny how the virtue-signaling media narrative has shifted from “greedy schools taking advantage of student athletes by not paying them” to “student athletes who transfer for NIL $$$ are being disloyal and greedy.”

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Face it there has to be a reason a kid like Jordan Addison enters a bidding war such as the Transfer Portal. Certainly USC has some glitter being sprinkled about, but not as if they have done anything yet.
      It is interesting to note, that the Bilenikoff award was all but handed to a USC receiver, before he broke his ankle. If this were really about transferring to USC he would have done it by now. The latest news is that he has been seen with Bryce Young. If I were a serious believer in conspiracy I’d say his entrance into portal immortal was to throw shade on USC and Riley. However it’s more than likely just greed in his case- he’s just a stupid kid who couldn’t play soccer because he wants to catch the ball.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Narduzzi is not acting like a guy who thinks Addison is out to throw shade on Riley…..

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  3. Kevin Williams caught 71 passes…and scored 25 Touchdowns?!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I doubt it, MG, but of course those were the days when it would be a surprise if the quarterback threw the ball instead of handing it off.

      McKay had great quarterbacks in Nelson and Beathard in the 1962 National Championship campaign, but he always said, “There are 3 things that can occur when you throw the ball (completion, incompletion or interception), and 2 of them are bad”

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      1. That was McKay? Somehow I thought it was Woody Hayes who said that. But the sense of humor is much more McKay than Hayes.

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      2. LJ, the 3 things quote is always attributed to Woody Hayes- not McKay.

        Hayes’ offense FB mantra was 3 yds and a cloud of dust. McKay had no problem embracing the forward pass as a game weapon.

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      3. Best quote ever on pounding the ball goes to Leroy Hoard:

        “Coach, if you need one yard, I’ll get you three yards. If you need five yards, I’ll get you three yards.”

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      4. McKay said 2 outta the 3 things that could happen on a pass were bad —-Hayes said 4 outta the 3 things were bad…..

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      5. So Cal –If Hoard said that to Helton, he’d get sent in on every 3rd and 5 till the end of time…

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      6. Beathard and Nelson were great only in the sense that they were good leaders, ran the plays well and didn’t make mistakes that messed up the continuity of the offense. Other than that, those were the days of Running Back U. Quarterback U started with Pete Carroll.

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    2. Kevin Williams scored the first Trojan Touchdown I ever saw in person. 1980 at Minnesota, a beautiful corner route with the ball in the air before his break.

      Liked by 2 people

    3. The bug. What a tough cover, not just his straight-line speed, but his change of direction and acceleration. Mario Williams reminds me of him, looking forward to the fall.

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      1. Hey Michael
        You said “First TD I saw was scored by the great Jon Arnett”. Maybe we should start calling you “OLD Michael Guarino”……..just kidding….actually, I remember Jon Arnett
        well….I used to listen to SC games on the radio in the 50’s.


  4. P.S. By the way, Michael, did you see where your “buddy” Owns went off on me for good-naturedly calling him the human pinada for enjoying being ragged on?– I didn’t realize the dude was so sensitive, so I will lay off him from now on.

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    1. LJ, owns is easily triggered. As in every time ucla f’s up, which means he is pretty much always in a touchy mood. He needs to come up with something other than “succs, bozos, clownu, ding ding”, ad-hominem attacks. Most ignore him. He comes here because he got banned from all the bruin sites.

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      1. 67 — Like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day I pray for peace —-not world peace, though —peace between us and Owns…

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    2. Ah LJ, what a load of Traveler’s road apples. I’m pretty sure I ignored the piñata reference.

      FYI LJ, piñatas are smacked not slammed.


    3. Owns is my bruin buddy —like every other bruin buddy I have he’s smart and mostly tough…. but he has a rich vein of bruin poetic tenderness which makes him vulnerable to Noble Trojan Savagery….. which is why I’m worried about him come November 19th….

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      1. Poor JOwns, he keeps getting smacked (not slammed!) down. By evening time he is a blubbering mess. But he takes solace in listening to his favorite song “Girls just want to have fun” and munching on chocolate bonbons.

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      2. MG, Bruins don’t need their SUCC nannies to tie their shoelaces or buckle their belts. We’ll show up 11.19.2022 and win or lose, there will be no excuses.

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      3. He is a bruin in his soul….

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    4. I think I’ll come out with my new name,

      Oklahoma Joe

      So I can rag just on rents and he’ll have no retort from his wannabe school.

      34-0 2nd qtr rents


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      1. Damn ’86 auld stick, Kal’s Pyrite Bears were 42 – 14 losers year at the RB. Same auld, same auld uh?

        But Kal still remains relevant in intramural rugby; but who cares.

        #Take another hit of toad ’86
        #protal on


      2. In that very game, owns predicted the brubabies would win something like 24-16. ucla never got to 24 pts. And oklahoma had 16 points before ucla had a first down.


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      3. To be fair, Owns wasn’t talking about points –he was talking about yards gained…

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      4. rent you discussing globule of puss

        The mighty bears had 2 days to prepare for the game. Uclol had 2 weeks.

        You are pinãta rents. Nothing but cardboard pinãta boy.
        Washing machine or the refrigerator penthouse cardboard. Stay classy peenus breadthth2.


  5. Given the changing Landscape of College Sports, maybe we should take it a step further. USC and UCLA should merge their Athletic Programs, call it USCLA. Not sure what Owns would do with himself after that.

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    1. I’d write nasty letters to the bozo BOT condemning their incredible SUCC up to Max Nikias with a lifetime bozo BOT membership.

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      1. JustOwns’ nasty letter “ooh, you guys, are soooooo mean. Stop being soooooo mean, you guys…you big strong strapping guys….So take that you meanies!”

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  6. Got to be very, very careful what you write on this blog Yessireee, you are correct that Woody Hayes FIRST said 2 of 3 is bad when you try to throw the football.

    But McKay apparently took that strategy to heart because with that 1962 National Championship team Pete Beathard was 54 for 107 attempts and 948 yards. And that was over 11-games! True, he had back-up Nelson throwing as well, but the stats are remarkably miniscule.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. To John McKay football was about field position, the clock and playing the odds —

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  7. After being called out for flubbing the Woody Hayes quote, I did a little research into McKay’s quotes, and here are a few that ol’
    Ton-o-Hel missed out on:

    “We will be back. Maybe not this century, but we will be back”

    “Every time I look up, it seems we’re punting”

    “You do a lot of praying, but most of the time the answer is ‘no'”

    “God’s busy so you’ll have to make do with me”

    “3 or 4 plane crashes and we’re in the playoffs”

    Liked by 2 people

    1. My favorite McKay quote –reported by John Robinson —was the halftime remark he made with USC trailing Notre Dame 24-7 at the coliseum, “when we get back on the grass we’re gonna score and score and score…”

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    2. About the Woody Haze quote, don’t worry McKay owned Woody, so he had the rights to any good material Woody used. (except punching a player on national TV- That was all Woody)

      Liked by 2 people

      1. That Clemson guy had it coming by running so close to the sideline Woody was standing on….

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      1. Joe and his family really fed off the public trough. Yep, they really care about the poor. Just like Hunter has millions because of hard, honest work.


    1. Two things about the poor and it’s expanding percentage of our population.

      1 they reproduce above 2.3 so they add more

      2 they don’t have good habits to teach their offspring

      The meek shall inherit the earth. We’re effed.

      Hear that rents, you’re not alone.


      1. All green bird has to do is link her Instagram acct and then we can take a vote. I haven’t drooled since pi beta phi in 1975. I forgot how to do it when I was firing attractive women for using too much of their ‘charm’ and getting the firm stern warning letters.

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      2. Cal75–
        Something tells me Greenbird isn’t of the feminine persuasion…. well, not in the way we defined pre 2020, anyway….


    2. How does Greenbird find the time to post with so many men drooling over her?

      Seriously, the middle-class is shrinking and the poor class is increasing. I don’t see any way of stopping this. Both the Demos and the Repubs have had cracks at this problem, and both have fumbled badly. It is Darwin’s Theory in operation, unfortunately

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well LJ, according to Ricky Caruso’s Mayor campaign BS, he will solve the LA homeless problem. You know, like he solved the Max Nikias problem.

        Clown U should get ready for a wino/homeless faction serving on the BoT.


  8. As I’ve said before it’s a shame Wolf doesn’t just stick to historical SC stuff. For some reason he’s able to do old stuff without being the petty, vengeful idiot he is with modern stuff.


  9. WHY WE HAVE A COMMITTMENT FROM OWNS TO ATTEND A UCLA FOOTBALL GAME ON 11/19/2022. WILL UCLA once again this year give away free tickets to the games to make it look like their fans are interested. OWNS will be 1 of 500 Bruin fans who show up for a football game. I certainly hope UCLA is not evicted from the Rose Bowl before the game due to past due rent payments on the stadium. I give OWNS credit most Bruin fans don’t care about football due to the lack of long term success of the program. Walter Mitty U= UCLA, and Cheers for Cheeseburger Chip Kelly.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Fan to Chip Kelly — “What do think your chances are this year?”


  10. CHIP KELLY- ARE CHANCES ARE GOOD THIS YEAR TO FINISH 6-5 as long as we have plenty of donuts at practices, and if we can cancel the game vs. USC due to the rising spike in Covid-19.

    My goal here at UCLA is to just win enough games so the fans will continue to refuse to attend the games at the Rose Bowl.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah –4.6. Over 3 dozen jelly donuts gone forever.
      #TheSprintToNearbyMen’sRoomAfterward? OneMinute,14Seconds…


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