USC Wins NCAA Beach Volleyball Title

USC defeated Florida State, 3-1, to win its fifth national title in beach volleyball. The Trojans finished 37-1 and won 36 straight matches.

The news was not as good for the women’s water polo team, which lost to Stanford, 10-7, in the NCAA championship today.

33 thoughts on “USC Wins NCAA Beach Volleyball Title

  1. Whoopie….we won beach volleyball. That’s what the football powers want. Keep on building championship programs in Beach Volleyball and badmitton and checkers and marbles but make sure you stay mediocre in football.

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  2. Parcelman007 stole my thunder.

    I can just hear Alabama, Ohio St and Georgia saying to themselves, “How come we don’t have a girls’ national champion volleyball team. I guess we are stuck with just our silly football team.”

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    1. Ed probably took his mother to a fancy French restaurant and was speaking fluid French to everyone … and not that Quebec shit✌️

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      1. Hi Sir Charles. . Ed is one of the smartest guys on the board. Have you noticed how often his comments are SO on the $$$$$$$$$ ??? Maybe he is a lawyer like Michael or John

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  3. Big election in the Philippines today. It’s easy money. Put all your money on Ferdinan Marcos. Known as BONG BONG. TAKE IT FROM THE OLD BITER. OR AS MICHAEL OR JOHN WOULD SAY. ITS PRO FORMA !!!!!

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  4. Chalk another one for Stanford’s “Intellectual Brutality”. Football-wise Shaw, it’s more like “Intellectual Masturbation”. Dave, I’m going to trademark that last one.🫃

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  5. Congrats to the USC Beach Volleyball team on winning the National Title.
    Now that Helton is finally gone two more coaches need to be terminated.
    Bad hires period!

    1) Jason Gill- USC Baseball Coach. Last place in the current Pac 12 Baseball Standing is unacceptable for a program with such a rich history as USC Baseball.

    2) Lindsay Gottlieb-USC Women’s Basketball. Recruiting is a disaster, many players have transferred, and I think she is using USC to land a job in the WNBA. Highly overpaid based on the resume, but I think we will be stuck with her for another season during her maternity leave. Bohn, stated she would build USC Women’s Basketball into a national power, and fans would fill the Galen Center which will never happen in fact things are at rock bottom now, and sinking further.

    Obviously USC rushed into hiring both coaches without doing the necessary homework. Lots of higher quality college baseball, and women’s college basketball coaches are available for the type of salaries USC is paying lately.

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    1. tommyd,

      I have been to over 10 SC baseball games this year. They are inconsistent at pitching and hitting. When they are on with both, they are very good and when they aren’t on their game, they are not. I was there yesterday watching them play Arizona. Arizona went ahead 2-0 abut SC caugth up the past them, it happened again. At the top of the 8th, SC is leading 8-5 and AZ has bases loaded with two out. SC brings in a reliver and the batter hits a shot to the short stop for the 3rd out. SC wins 8-5 and takes 2 out of 3 from AZ. The coach said he needs 3 years to rebuld. he needs pitching. Players love him. He has made progress with the team. Covid hurt him in recruiting and allowing the kids to play. I would give him a couple of more years.

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  6. I saw that yesterday Scott ran a Wiley/Football segment that garnered 80 hits and then followed that up with a volleyball note that gathered only 22 hits.

    I know it is a long way to August training camp, but somehow Scott had better keep the football articles rolling if he wants those hits to keep coming

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    1. Sometimes Scott will run a non football article …and us assholes will get into fights and turn it into a 100 hits —one more reason why I love Us…we sure know how to entertain ourselves…

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      1. Exactly! We post stuff unrelated to football (and even sports) all the time.

        But post something the whiny bitches don’t like and it’s, “Waaaah! This is a sports blog! Waaaaahhh!!”

        They hate being reminded of how stupid they are. One failure after another that those of us with any sense knew it would be. But they didn’t. They were too concerned with getting rid of the mean guy. No thought about how putting a compromised weakling in charge would invite the bullies of the world to do as they pleased.

        Thousands dead thanks to them.

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      2. Crap. This is too good to pass up, So Cal. Even though I promised myself I wouldn’t get involved in this….. here’s my new rule: I won’t comment, I’ll just “Like.”


      3. I’m trying to cut down myself. But every time we see them piling up more bodies, or hear about struggling families, it’s so hard.

        Barack himself said, “Never underestimate Joe’s ability to f*** things up.”

        But they ignored all the red flags and we’re all left to suffer. Those in Ukraine suffering the most. Very sad.


    2. I enjoy women’s indoor volleyball, LJ.

      But ever since we hired former SUCLA assistant, Keller, they are really sucking.


    3. If any of Scott’s followers don’t realize how hard these women and all USC women’s teams train and practice, shut your computer’s off. You obviously have never played sports at any level. Winning a division 1 Natty is a huge accomplishment. Congratulations to the Women’s Beach team.

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      1. I didn’t discount their championship, but I didn’t congratulate them either.

        You are 100% correct. They are to be commended!


      2. Good to hear that. A good way to really appreciate them would be by attending one of their matches next season.

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  7. Pasadena- Unacceptable for USC baseball to be in last place. The pitching is horrible not Pac 12 quality. Gill, did nothing at Loyola there are much better coaches out there. Yes, I like some of the young hitters we have, but how can Utah, Arizona, Arizona St, UCLA, Oregon, Oregon St, Washington, Washington St., and even Cal with a very small budget for baseball have better programs in the last 10 years. Covid is not an excuse all the programs had to deal with that in recruiting.

    I might give Gill another year, but it won’t matter the other programs in the Pac 12 are better, and it is frankly embarrassing for a program with USC’s baseball history to have such a bad baseball program in the last 10 or more years since Mike Gillespie was left go. Gill was at Loyola for 10 years, and did little so don’t expect much of a turn around at USC while he is in charge of the baseball program.

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