USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week


The transfer portal

USC remained busy this weekend with several visitors looking to transfer: Utah linebacker Carson Tabaricci, Oklahoma wide receiver Cody Jackson, Butler Community College offensive lineman Cooper Lovelace and Washington cornerback Jacobe Covington.

Jordan Addison

The longer the Pitt WR waits, the better his NIL deal will end up at USC . . . or Alabama.

USC beach volleyball

Won its second straight NCAA title with victory over Florida State.

Bru McCoy

Former USC wide receiver transferred to Tennessee. Will he finally live up to the hype?


USC track scorekeepers

An error caused the UCLA women’s track team to be declared winner of the dual track meet with USC. About 45 minutes later, it was corrected after a USC athlete noticed the error. Where were the coaches? Even worse, USC celebrated the error on social media.

USC women’s water polo

Lost in NCAA title game to Stanford. Coach Marko Pintaric is 1-2 in NCAA title games since taking over for Jovan Vavic.

Jason Gill

USC baseball took 2 of 3 vs. Arizona but the Trojans remain in last place in the Pac-12 in Year 3 of the Gill era.

Arizona State

Five wide receivers have transferred since last season. The meltdown continues.

29 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week

    1. All Los Angeles criminals: At 10% bail is easier than ever! Commit crime …please…it’s on us!

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    2. I get that this is not a winner but a loser?

      USC women’s water polo
      Lost in NCAA title game to Stanford. Coach Marko Pintaric is 1-2 in NCAA title games since taking over for Jovan Vavic.

      UCLA would put up a statue of a coach with this type of record.


    1. Wonder if the Arizona State players will get “sad” after they lose their opener 62-33—like our guys did by the time the Cal game came around…

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  1. USC track scoring – it was all a designated cruel joke on the bruins.

    Losers – Clay Felton – the Village Idiot lost Georgia Southern’s 3-star QB to the portal.

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    1. Everybody in the know at Georgia Southern was trying to shield their 3 star QB from a face to face with Helton —unfortunately he met Helton last week —directly afterward he went home, through himself on his bed and began weeping…. his Georgia Southern grad parents told him it was okay if he opted out of Georgia Southern football…..and took the whole team with him….

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  2. I think it is complete bull$h!t that USC screwed up that track score. How pathetic that UGLY got to parade around our track as the false winners. If they can single out who is at fault they should be fired or at minimum heavily reprimanded. There really is no excuse for this on our home turf.

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    1. Well, at the end of the day, it is only a track meet.

      I mean, it’s not as if the wrong guy was declared the President due to a manipulation of the results! 😉

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      1. It is too funny that she went, but they won’t allow weak, cowardly Dementia Man to go! Maybe there’s no way to visit Ukraine without having to walk up stairs. LMAO

        How dumb do you have to be, to have thought he would be a good leader?!

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    2. Apparently, it is getting harder and harder to find effective workers who can keep score. There might be an opening for Ed G. to become a track scorekeeper.

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  3. Cooper Lovelace is an average offensive linemen at best, so there’s no need in tying up a scholarship on a player who’s going to be insignificant. And Bru McCoy has mental health issues, so don’t expect anything special out of him, he’s USFL material.


    1. Luckily, Riley’s scheme only needs average competent linemen to work, as long as you have above average skill players. As for Bru, hopefully some counselling and ongoing support will help him along.

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  4. This winners and losers thing is just a not so subtle way for Scott to take a dig at USC. Even when we win, we lose. It’s worse than penny slots in Vegas (or San Manuel take you pick) You are all “WhooHoo I won $.10 BUT I bet $1.80 Doh!!”

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  5. ASU brought in a couple of transfers including Florida QB. Herm trying to replace USC on the schedule with Georgia Southern.

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    1. …too late, Herm….. Georgia Southern is belatedly petitioning the NCAA for a reduced 2 game schedule…

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  6. About a year ago, Pat Narduzzi accused Brian Kelley of ND of tampering, trying to get his QB Kenny Pickett to enter the portal and come to ND. I wonder if any of you ever heard about that. Probably not! That’s because it was ND involved and the news media doesn’t cover ND scandals. Narduzzi accusses LR(from USC) and the news media goes beserko. Also, they have made a big deal about LR leaving Oklahoma to come to SC. When they mention it, they don’t ever get real specific as to what was wrong with that. They did the same thing when Lane Kiffin left Tennessee. Speaking of Kelley, he left ND rather suddenly to come to LSU…..not hardly a word about it in the news. Why the difference? Kiffin and LR were leaving to come to the hated USC whereas Kelley was just going to LSU.

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