USC Morning Buzz: Three Defensive Starters Joined In Spring?

USC coach Lincoln Riley wanted to beef up the defense after spring practice.

Here’s who is coming in since spring drills ended:

  • DL Sinjun Astani
  • DL Solomon Byrd
  • CB Jacobe Covington
  • LB Eric Gentry
  • S Bryson Shaw
  • LB Carson Tabaracci

Gentry is expected by some of the coaches to start immediately. Byrd might start and Shaw could easily start. That shows how big some holes were during the spring.

  • Tabaracci, a three-star linebacker who originally signed with Utah and participated in spring practice, is transferring to USC. He is the 20th transfer of the offseason.
  • The first day of the inaugural Pac-12 baseball tournament ended at 1:30 a.m. with Cal defeating UCLA, 4-1. Luckily for USC, it doesn’t have to deal with such issues.

29 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Three Defensive Starters Joined In Spring?

      1. That is my point. Scott took the number off some random site and reported as fact. #hack


    1. Come on, Uncle Rico!! You of all people should already know the answer to that question!!

      “I’d be making millions of dollars and living in a big ol’ mansion somewhere, soaking it up in a hot tub with my soul mate.”


      1. Don’t over hype all the portal transfers , because most of them are here for lack of playing time. It’s seems like USC fanboys are treating them as if they’re all Americans who just arrived on campus. 😂


      2. It looks as if you’re talking out of your ass….as usual.

        No business posting that in reply to me, cuz I’ve posted more than once that I am taking a “wait & see” approach. I never get overly optimistic nor pessimistic. I wait to see the results on the field.

        Heck, that’s why half my posts are on politics, movies/TV, philosophy, spirituality, etc. After the season starts is when I’ll be talking smack or licking my wounds.


  1. Seems like SC is loading up on undersized defensive lineman or edge rushers. Byrd would fit into that category along with Romello Height and Korey Foreman. We need some 300 pound interior defensive lineman. Pili is not enough. Several teams last season including UCLA, Notre Dame and Oregon State were successful running between the tackles.

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      1. Exactly LJ. If we could just get one guy like Butkus to fill up the middle and stop the run. Shane Lee should help but I am skeptical. Gentry is projected at both inside and outside linebacker. Looks like a great prospect but how does someone who is 6’6″ and weighs 200 pounds protect the middle against power runners. Undersized interior lineman and linebackers are going to be a problem.

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  2. It’s sort of hypocritical the way LR gets criticized for cheating. Everything that Nick Saban is saying about Jimbo Fisher is true. He is buying players. But everything that Fisher said, in response, about Saban is also true. He’s been buying players for years. In fact, the SEC has been a play for pay conference for years and everybody has known it. It’s the worst kept secret around. Why did they get away with it? Because the SEC commissioner is also the head of the rules committee for the NCAA…..the committee that decides who they are going to come down on with sanctions. For all of these coaches and football writers to come down on LR without any proof when they never said a thing about what was going on in the SEC for years is the height of hypocrisy. There is a reason why the SEC has won 12 out of the last 16 NCAA championships. 


  3. To accept Abbott’s explanation that what happened in Uvalde was about mental health and not guns, you have to believe that the entire rest of the world doesn’t have mental health challenges.


    1. Of course it was about mental health. That is the root cause/motivation to kill. That is the issue that ultimately needs to be addressed. Guns are just the mechanism. In Wisconsin, and in Oklahoma several years ago, and on a few occasions in Europe, a truck was the killing mechanism. Why does a young man want to kill innocent children in Texas or Black people shopping at a grocery store in Buffalo. I am not sure but it is clear that evil has entered into their souls. There is no empathy or appreciation for the value and dignity of human life. I suspect this loss of empathy has something to do with the destruction of the nuclear family, the loss of God and a religious life, the loss of purpose, and isolation exacerbated by technology. Taking away guns does not address these issues. Ask the people attending the parade in Wisconsin who were run over by a truck.


      1. Well stated.

        Not to mention the fact that a good segment of our population actually thought it would be a good idea to appoint a frail, weak old man with dementia not only as the leader of our country, but of the free world! So yeah, we’ve obviously got a LOT more mental health problems than most countries. Not a joke!


      2. Did you personally evaluate this 18-year-old kid? So, claiming it was a mental health issue is based on what? Stereotyping and deflecting from the facts to fit your narrative is pathetic.

        The first step to solving these problems is to eliminate the means that cause this carnage. BAN ALL ASSAULT WEAPONS. A ban has proven to be successful in numerous countries(do some homework).

        You can’t cure a defective brain or mental disorder, but you sure can eliminate the weapons that cause these massacres


      3. Plow Horse, part of the moral decay which you accurately stated as a big factor in this, is people not being able to take responsibility for their actions.

        Just look at the way Biden voters can’t take responsibility for all of his failures. Hell, even Dementia Joe blames everyone else for his mistakes.


  4. NO WAY SOLOMON BYRD (Wyoming transferSTARTS ON THE DEFENSIVE LINE. He did not even start at a program like Wyoming so if he starts we are in trouble.

    Brandon Pili, and Earl Parquet the transfer from TCU, and Tuli will be the featured players on the defensive line. Colin Mobley, might develop into a good one also.


  5. Let’s focus on the real winners in the portal

    OL Lovelace
    S Shaw
    LB Tabaracci

    These are good strong clean young men who will represent our program with integrity pride and honor. Something you can’t say about the thugs Helton flooded our program with. Complete total morons many will end up in jail like the pathetic thugs Gascon and Garcetti flooded our streets with over their deranged liberal reign of terror. USC under Helton was emblematic of the liberal dysfunction and disarray destroying the Los Angeles steeets as the city crumbled and burns under “equal opportunity” delusional diversity programs

    It’s time for honorable leaders like Caruso and Riley to clean up the mess left behind by the radical liberal scumbags before them


  6. Hey So cal,

    You need to STFU! you heart-less sack of shit. Blaming Biden for everything helps you feel better about the massive ass-whipping diaper don took at the ballot box.

    One of your loved ones could be the next to get gunned down. Relax, you get triggered way too easy. “going postal”




      2. No. But they hide from Liberal pussies who like to use “triggered” just because someone tells them where to stick their lies, excuses & deflection.


  7. A dumbass who supported the loss of lives here and in Europe calls anyone else heartless. Oh yeah, those dumbshits are in denial about being responsible. None of it is Dementia Joe’s fault, therefore not their fault! LMAO!!

    Yeah, right!


    1. Why would Americans living in the states, be responsible for the action of the man you praise, Putin. Once again, do you put any thought into the garbage you post? You dumb yourself do with every comment. I’m actually embarrassed for you.


  8. Those of us with a brain, knew that installing a weak, frail old man with dementia would result in our adversaries doing as they pleased. We didn’t want that, so supported a guy with whom other world leaders wouldn’t dare pull this stuff.

    Would also love to see the idiot cut & paste something where “I’ve praised Putin”. But he can’t because he’s a dumbass who just posts bs.


  9. Well said brother So Cal

    These delusional libtards love to make excuses and blame everyone else before looking in the mirror. What they will see when they look is pathetic. Gabby is probably one of these woke losers that supports the current crime wave destroying our city and wants to ban guns to make it easier for criminals and thugs to do what they please!

    The libtards are always looking for someone to blame and then expecting the government to save them. Are you really surprised the dementia ridden old man Sleepy Joe has no idea what the hell is going on and let’s other countries walk over him while our economy crumbles? Or are you just expecting another handout from Uncle Sam. Unfortunately your liberal filth and minority scum ran the fed dry with Covid loan scams. Now inflation is here to correct the markets and send you idiots back to poverty where you belong!


    1. Well, his inability to connect the rather simple dots between electing a cowardly, frail old man and the bullies of the world doing as they pleased, shows how incredibly dumb he is. I’m sure he rode the short bus to school.

      We don’t enjoy seeing people suffer as a result of Dementia Joe’s failures. If we were heartless as the moron claims, we would merely sit back and take glee in it.

      He makes excuses about all of his failures. One of the biggest is completely ignoring our southern border. Not only is the administration cruel to tempt them with that very dangerous journey, but the amount of drugs flowing freely to mostly younger Americans is resulting in thousands of deaths. That is entirely on Joe and those who voted for him. But the fool is in denial.

      Have a good weekend! I’m going to recommend a couple of movies in case you haven’t seen them: “Gran Torino”, “American History X”.

      At the end of the day, each of us is just trying to get by and provide for our families. But when people make horrible decisions that result in death & suffering, it’s hard to remain quiet. They only claim to care about lives when it suits their agenda.


    2. Love how the dumbass hasn’t cut & pasted anything where I’ve “praised Putin”. He loves to lie, make excuses and deny responsibility. It’s the Liberal way.

      Also love how he ignored what I posted about Biden’s messed up execution of the Afghanistan exit, actually trying to blame that on Trump. What a fool.


  10. Couldn’t have said it better myself SoCal. Finally a brother around here with common sense and solid beliefs. I thought this board was overrun with delusional liberal filth! Glad to see a few of us still holding the line!

    Great point about Sleepys southern open border policy flooding our country with drugs and gangbangers. Similar to Gascon and Garcettis radical liberal policies flooding our city with thugs criminal scum and a crime surge the city has never seen before. The delusional libtards actually enjoy seeing the city burn. God forbid we prosecute the rapists murderers and gangbangers – we must let them back on the streets immediately and defund the police! Who are they going to call when it’s them getting raped, robbed or stabbed by one of these black or Latino thugs? Defunding the police was a genius idea

    Their leader Sleepy Joe also crashed the economy by giving out free stimulus checks to every scammer in the book. The fed is crushed with inflation to cover the scumbags. The good part Is a massive market correction is coming. A recession that will rival the Great Depression. Most of the delusional liberal scum will be liquidated immediately and begging Sleepy to save them from poverty – taking no responsibility for their own failures and bad choices! The liberal cycle continues …

    Also btw great suggestions of Gran Torino and American History X. I’d like to also recommend Planet of the Apes and Birth of a Nation. On this Memorial Day weekend, it’s important to remember what can happen to our country when overrun by the wrong people


    1. Well, I don’t know that our definitions would be in line in terms of the wrong people. I generally try to base that on what is going on inside of a person, not the outside. But I’m guilty of bias sometimes, I must admit. Stereotypes arise FOR A REASON. Just need to remind ourselves there are exceptions to every rule.

      “Yellowstone” is so popular because of what John Dutton is trying to instill in his kids and his ranch hands: hard work, loyalty, respect, accountability. Qualities that are becoming increasingly rare.


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