If You Dread USC On Pac-12 Network . . .

If you think it’s bad USC opens the season on the Pac-12 Network, UCLA’s first three games are on the Pac-12 Network. And two kickoffs are before 12 p.m.

But that’s what happens when you play Bowling Green, South Alabama and Alabama State.

Sept. 3 vs. Bowling Green at 11:30 a.m. on Pac-12 Network

Sept. 10 vs. Alabama State at 2 p.m. on Pac-12 Network

Sept. 17 vs. South Alabama at 11 a.m. on Pac-12 Network

21 thoughts on “If You Dread USC On Pac-12 Network . . .

  1. I watch Pac12 football and bsktbl if the time isn’t 10pm e/t…but with all the games I usually turn the sound off ’cause like with espn, most announcers stink.

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  2. Chip Kelly very pussified schedule. I’m sure you’ve been consulting your hug-buddy Clay Helton. I love it that UCLA fans can experience the same torment that USC fans have the last six years.

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    1. Charles,

      Unjfortunatley, SC doesnt open up with a top opponent. Rice is not the best. The scheduling for the next few years is not that great regarding out of conference games. That is due to Swann. Bohn needs to get that changed.

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  3. I remember watching Kenny Easley and UCLA beat Ohio State nationally-televised in 1980. That had to be UCLA’s high-point. Nobody’s going to remember UCLA’s meat squad schedule 10 years from now, let alone 40.

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      1. Spectrum too –too bad Dish and Spectrum suck so bad in ALL other respects…..


      1. My guess is, deep down, my friend Owns is a USC fan and a UCLA hater….


  4. I try to never miss an SC game. Obviously, national network coverage is best. I remember being in the hospital and their system didn’t carry the PAC 12 channel. I hope that they can increase the distribution of the PAC 12 channel and until then I am going to try real hard to stay out of the hospital

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    1. When I lived in Oakland, the Big Game televised was Cal/Stanford —so I had to drive to Half Moon Bay and rent a hotel room to watch USC/UCLA —


    1. Wow! Some day the Pac 12 Network can claim “dozens & dozens of devoted viewers!”


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