More Bad News For USC Baseball

Did USC wait too long to fire Jason Gill?

USC’s top pitcher, Carson Lambert, has transferred to Texas A&M. Lambert was 6-3 with a 3.46 ERA. Lambert led USC in innings pitched, ERA, wins, strikeouts and opponent batting average (.229).

USC catcher Tyler Lozano, who led the team with 12 home runs, is also in the transfer portal.


8 thoughts on “More Bad News For USC Baseball

  1. Question of the Day: Why is Oklahoma’s Softball Team so Good?
    Answer: Because USC doesn’t have a Softball Team they can all Transfer to.

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    1. Ede,

      u du nos who da govenur is fur the state of california? hes a democrap frum SF whos dosnt do ass he sais. he li’s all da time. why duse want a democrap in governur’s positchun? he jst razed gax tax anoder 3%. gas whent up anotder 5 sense frm yestrda. no guuuuuuuud.


    2. Lambert tried to warn Bohn about the state going repub if he didn’t fire Gill faster….but Bohn laughed in his face…


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