NBA Finals Forum

Who’s watching the NBA Finals?

It’s the pivotal Game 5.

Are Lakers fans automatically rooting against the Celtics? Or do you dislike the Warriors too?

The Celtics and Lakers each have 17 NBA titles, if you are keeping score at home.

39 thoughts on “NBA Finals Forum

    1. yeah, good thing biden defeated the virus with the vaccine, huh, ed?

      well, that’s the claim being made by one fool. lmao!


      1. “good thing biden defeated the virus with the vaccine”

        I will let the President know you appreciate the “good” he has done in defeating the virus trump ran from.

        5K people a day were dying from covid, and the orange cheeto would parade his fat ass out to the podium and pat himself on the back, day after day.

        Can you even remember that far back?

        trump for prison 2023. Billy Barr gave him a massive crotch kick, epic!


      2. Gabby,
        May I make a suggestion (out of concern and respect)? Back away from Biden –it’s widely reported his own people are discussing when he should step down. Get ahead of the curve. Start thinking about another candidate to apologize for & defend.


      3. MG, did you see Karine’s reaction yesterday when even Don Lemon asked about his physical and mental abilities allowing him to even consider running in 2024? Her reaction was hilarious and as childish as your buddy’s posts.

        Dims are distancing themselves like rats on a sinking ship. Only a year and a half in!! LMAO

        We all knew it would go this way. You had to be pretty dumb not to have known it in 2020. So sad, to put your own feelings about a candidate ahead of the suffering the alternative would cause.


    1. So true, so just follow along until April and then get into watching.
      The defense really picks up in the playoffs and the stars–esp Curry–
      get to show their talent.

      Tatum really showed last night how great a star he is becoming.
      Still, my Dubs came up big at home.

      Now that I’m older, I’m not gonna waste my precious moments watching baseball–until the playoffs!


  1. I don’t care. I used to be a fanatic Laker fan until they started putting BLM on their jerseys and pushing other left wing politics. I haven’t watched an NBA game in over 2 years now.

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    1. parcelman007,

      I agree with what you said. However, i have not watched an nba game for over 5-7 years. Got tired of the cheating by the refs and political crapness. Someone told me what he nba stand for and it is: Nothing But As##oles.


  2. Biden is one of the worst presidents–ever. He has not a clue what he is doing. He has done tremendous damage in just a few years.
    Gabby does not live in the present, he lives in some fantasy past. Wake up, Gabby! It is not too late to come to your senses! You need to get a grip on reality. Other than that, you seem like a decent bloke.


    1. A few years?! He’s done all this damage in less than a year and a half!! We still have more than TWO AND HALF YEARS TO GO under this bumbling fool.

      How dumb did you have to be to think he was fit to be President?!


      1. Please, give me precise details on what he did or didn’t do to cause the so-called “damage”? OR STFU! You’re a senile old man, caged up in your single-wide, marinating in a soiled Depend.

        I’m sure your relatives hide from you, I would.


      2. Uh uh, sure I’m the one who’s senile.

        Gabriela has used the same lame ass relative joke at least 3-4 times. Like Dementia Joe, she’s going to repeat it over & over again hoping that one of these days it might be funny. That is the definition of senility.

        And completely oblivious to what damage this administration has caused! LMAO

        What a dumbass.


      3. Dude, Biden and I share space in your hollow cranium…tooooo funnnny!

        Eat, sleep, shit, and Biden (rinse and repeat)

        (Autism is some nasty stuff)

        PS…. nice outhouse!


      4. ONCE AGAIN!. You can’t debate yourself out of a paper bag, but you call me a “dumbass”….. KNOCK KNOCK, IS ANYONE HOME

        “I know you are, but what I’m I”……Pee Wee Herman


      5. LOL! Using the same lame stupid jokes over & over again that aren’t funny. But to someone with diminished capacity, I guess they are.

        Make fun of my supposed “single wide”, when it’s obvious she lives under a rock. I’ll take a trailer over a rock anytime.

        You would have to be living under a rock to look at what’s going on in the country and other parts of the world and ask, “What damage? What suffering?”



      6. You fucking limp-dick troll. You pout about me mocking and calling you names because I’m a perceived bully. The mark of a true coward, one who dishes it out but can’t take it.

        You’re my little bitch, and I will continue to slap you around like a pinata, enjoy it!

        For the 10th time, please state your perception of the damage Biden is causing, because it might not match the reality I live in.

        You really look like a mental midget. Plus, old, broke, and lonely!


      7. Another kool-aid drinker!…. part of the mental midget clan!

        83% of Americans feel that health and safety, especially for children, are more important than the price of gas, a carton of eggs, or the price of tea in china. So, it’s just a coincidence that mitch, and the obstructionist in the Senate, are all of a sudden in a hurry to pass gun law reform. Your message is totally wrong. Get educated, I can’t do it for you

        Mitch knows the lack of gun reform will take an ass whipping at the ballot box in November. Why do you think trump lost by the largest landslide in presidential history? Americans were more concerned with their health and safety than his narcissism

        How bad did trump fail with covid, let’s see? We have 4% of the total world population, and during trumps control, we had 25% of all total worldwide deaths from covid. the next country had 5%.

        Here’s the salt to the wound, we have the best scientist, doctors, and medical facilities in the world




    2. Trump is the worst president–ever. He had not a clue what he was doing. He has done tremendous damage in his last few years, while still in office.
      Siggy does not live in the present, he lives in some fantasy reality. Wake up, Siggy! It is not too late to come to your senses! You need to get a grip on reality. Other than that, you seem like a decent bloke.

      FIGHT ON!


      1. Looks as if Trump is the one living in her head rent free!! LMAO

        He’s not the President anymore, Dumbass! She feels the need to bring him up every time she’s reminded of what a horrible choice Dementia Joe was. It shows in all the numbers, including the polls.

        Worst President ever?! Only a year and a half into his term and his own party and his own networks are turning on Dementia Joe!

        So clueless. Poor Gabriela.


      2. You senile sack of shit! My reply to Siggy was a parody in response to the comment he/she directed at me. Seems, you lack the cognitive skills to process what had taken place.

        (BAMMMM!!. ANOTHER CROTCH KICK, I truly think he enjoys it”)

        So clueless, poor so cal



      3. Posts about crotches in every other post.

        She must be so excited about Pride Month. Hope her obession with crotches is fulfilled.

        You go, Girl!


      4. Since you’re hung like a pimple, the crotch kick may not be effective. Thanks for the info.

        he(trump) is detached from reality!……. Bill Barr



      5. Still trying to deflect from the failure Dementia Joe is by bringing up Trump.

        Pathetic attempt. Nothing could deflect from this dumpster fire of an administration. Only a fool would even try to deny it. That’s why she keep doing it over & over & over again.

        Approval numbers in the shitter, Dims turning on him, MSM turning on him, his own VOTERS turning on him less than 18 months into his term!

        Too bad she’s too stupid to take MG’s advice and giving it up while she’s behind.


      6. Glad to see I touched a nerve. Operation Gabby a success. I bet you get a lot invitations to poker games.


      7. Did SoCal ever answer the question of what “damage” Biden has done in the last year and half? I see a lot of comments but no actual discussion points. Just curious.


      8. He will not give me a logical response to any of the questions I have asked him. And deflects from any type of discussion or debate. The guy lacks the mental capacity to support any of his grievances. I have labeled him a mental midget.

        If he’s the best the GOP has to offer, they are in trouble.

        (thanks for asking)


      9. Oaktown, I have on one or two occasions. But she always tries to deny he’s responsible.

        Besides, if someone is too dumb to see what damage having him in office is causing, they aren’t worth the trouble. You can’t fix stupid.

        Watch the news sometime, even MSM. They cover it all virtually every night, downplaying who’s responsible of course. As Parcel said in another post, he doesn’t feel sorry for anyone who’s suffering if they voted for Biden. They got what they asked for.

        Unlike you & Gabriela, Parcel gets it. He doesn’t need it explained. Neither do most on this blog.


      10. Since I’m clueless, stupid, dimwit, and hiding under a rock. Please, educate me on the “damage” Biden has caused. One of your partners, claims he has his magic dial where he can turn up the damage at-will, please explain?

        The only people barking about inflation are the people that have no coin, your bark is constant.

        While we are on the subject of damage. Are you aware that the orange cheeto is the only prez in history to leave the office with fewer jobs, 11 million lost? Added 10 trillion to the national debt, and ruined the lives of the family members of the 400k(5k a day at peak) people who died because of his incompetence in dealing with covid.

        How do you add 400k new jobs last month, if things are as bad as you claim? Once again, you lack the mental capacity to give me a coherent answer.

        Focus on your goats. More in your wheel-house


  3. Scooter,

    I am hoping that they play one more game in the bay area and the earth just opens up and swallows both teams. Got hate the celtics because of the lakers and gotta hate golden state for their political crapness support.


    1. Heck, even I would tune in to see that and I haven’t watched an NBA game in years.

      The only game I used to watch, if I happened to catch it, was Clippers-Lakers. Rooting for the Clippers, of course.


      1. According to a source, you just had “Let’s go Brandon” painted on the side of your outhouse. I love how you positioned it on the front porch, so the wheelchair patrol could read it.

        PS….. diaper don needs you to double down on the donations. He claims, “lawyers are expensive”



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