USC Basketball To Play Colorado State

USC will play Colorado State on Dec. 21 in Phoenix.

The Rams went 25-6 last season and lost in the first round of the NCAA Tournament to Michigan. It looks like Colorado State returns its top three scorers, so they should be a respectable opponent.

13 thoughts on “USC Basketball To Play Colorado State

  1. That’s better scheduling. Will most likely be a quad 1 game. We will need some quad 1 to make tourney. Losing this game doesn’t really earn many points to Comittee.

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      1. Why are you such a complete asshole? Your parents did a real job on
        you growing up. Glad you are living in Hawaii far enough away to not
        see your distorted face.


    1. Reports coming in that Biden apparently tried to kill himself by speeding up to 1 mile an hour walking speed on way to helicopter….


      1. It is sad watching him walk with that stiff, forward leaning gait old, feeble people utilize to try and avoid a fall. It exudes the type of weakness that really says to our foes, “Do whatever you want. I won’t stop you!”

        His words sure didn’t help: “If Russia moves forward with anything other than a ‘minor incursion’, well heck, we may have to do something.”

        You just know Zelensky was sitting over there saying, “What the f*ck?!”

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      2. Even worse than his words are the long pauses between words …followed by that hard blinking…. and the “help, mommy!” look on his face…..


  2. Just in: UCLA announces they will open the 2023 football season AT the University of Hawaii- Hilo. Why not the Athletic Director said no one comes to any of our home games, and it’s good for recruiting. As an athletic department we receive more revenue from the road games than we do for the home games due to the larger crowds, and on the 1st of every month the rent is due on our use of the Rose Bowl for home football games.


  3. Greetings sports fans, as we stated golden state in six was about it ??? boston woefull this guy marcus fsmart is dreadful looks like don kings illegimate off spring !!!! Regards , E


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