Morning Buzz: Of Course There Is A USC-Giancarlo Stanton Connection

Giancarlo Stanton was the All-Star game MVP last night.

But back in 2006, when he was known as Mike Stanton, he was a wide receiver-cornerback at Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks that was offered a scholarship by Pete Carroll.

“He was a big, physical guy who was very competitive and came from a great program,” said Steve Sarkisian, who recruited Stanton for USC.

If Stanton chose football, he probably would have gone to USC.

“My high school football coaches worked with NFL guys (like former USC tailback Justin Fargas),” Stanton said. “They watched me play against current NFL guys and believed I could have made it.”

Of course, Stanton wisely chose baseball and was selected in the second round of the MLB Draft by the Florida Marlins in 2007.

Some trivia: He actually attended Verdugo Hills High School and transferred to Notre Dame before his junior season.

8 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: Of Course There Is A USC-Giancarlo Stanton Connection

    1. I realize, Ed, your use of the name “john” is a universal one, but I will answer just the same– Yes, the players are bigger and faster compared to 20-years ago. But as far as compared to last year, I don’t know.


  1. Based on that video I think Stanton was not fast enough for the NFL. Besides, he is in his 16th year of pro baseball, whereas if he had made it to the NFL his career undoubtedly would have been long over by now.


  2. Scooter,

    You did not mention another All Star Player that played even closer to dodger dump stadium than Staton. That would be Cooper who plays for the Tampa Bay Rays as a first baseman who went to Loyola High. Loyola is closer to dodger dump stadium than nutre dame high in Sherman Oaks.


  3. Scooter,

    i went to the All Star game yesterday and had a blast. Sat next to typical dodger fan with their one word vocabulary which is the f bomb. He did not know any other word. Ran into a grammer school classmate of mine who I have not seen since grammer school.


    1. Channel 5 showed some of the food that was being served. Little birria sandwiches looked really good, as did the giant, loaded potato!

      Glad to hear you had a blast. We thought about tuning in, but ever since the TWC deal we don’t know the players the way we used to.

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  4. Greetings fans , well the all star game kinda boring those al gray uniforms really awful ugly .high light of contest the behind the backflip by second basemen or double play !!! baseball players talent lacking ! regards ,E


  5. I graduated NDHS in 1968 largest graduating class – all boys. Didn’t go ‘co-ed’ until Corvalis girls high school closed almost 20 years later (1987) Than came the ‘merge’.
    Tim Foli was all set to go to USC as a QB ‘but’ he was the # 1 draft pick by MLB that year. John Vella was also in the class and made AA his senior year (1971) – if you had ‘El Rodeo’ for 1971 there was that truly trying season that year (1970) 6 – 3 – 1 but then that massive upset of ‘the Princess’ in the rain. As you turned the pages of the losses and accompanying story you then came to the last page of the football and at the top of the page was, in 20 cap size letters, ‘….and then there was Notre Dame…’ with a photograph on the left side of a grinning John Vella helmet on with the final seconds ticking down.
    No more Holy Cross clergy – all gone – now just an itinerant priest once a week …. 54 years ago.


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