Here’s A Novel Idea For USC’s Upcoming Travel Woes

The Big Ten is considering having USC and UCLA play some games in Chicago for non-revenue sports to cut down on travel.

Here’s another idea I could see being considered: Let’s say USC has to play at Illinois and Maryland in the same season. The Big Ten might schedule the games in consecutive weeks and USC might not even return to Los Angeles after the first game.

The Trojans could stay and practice in Chicago between games or somewhere else.

Either way, there is probably going to be a bigger army on USC road trips of academic advisors, compliance officials, nutirionists, etc. if the Trojans require more days on the road.

It might even need to just keep an equipment truck in the Midwest during the fall.


17 thoughts on “Here’s A Novel Idea For USC’s Upcoming Travel Woes

    1. Ed: I doubt that the women of Berkley will take up bathing, or shaving their armpits or legs, or washing their underwear on a regular basis or any other form of feminine hygiene. It has nothing to do with football. The Cal girls believe these practices are vestiges of a male patriarchy which they reject. As you know, you can not always tell a Cal girl by looking at her, but you can usually smell a Cal girl.

      Sorry 75, I couldn’t resist.

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      1. *Berkeley

        You hangin with the wrong crowd lad.
        The Pi Phi’s and KKG smelled like heaven.

        But they require a command of the English language so that rules out 90% here.

        And if you are wondering, Cal was my undergraduate. The only guy here that can string sentences together into coherent paragraphs and proof reads his posts is Global Consultant. The one poster here I would consider hiring.


  1. Or perhaps SC could form another campus in Chicago and have the team spend the entire Fall back there. If we are floating ideas why not go extreme?


    1. Don’t think so, Tim… Recruiting pitch “Come to sunny California and stay in Chicago” probably isn’t going to do the trick in winning battles against any Top 20 team.


  2. Posted this in another thread earlier :

    Big Ten evaluating Cal, Oregon, Stanford and Washington from Pac-12 as further expansion considered


    1. John Canzano: “if a high concentration of Big Ten alumni really is what gets Warren’s attention, I’d offer that Stanford/Cal would be high on his list of potential additions.

      The Wall Street Journal conducted a study in 2018 and found that only four television markets drew more than 1 percent of the graduates from every Big Ten university. They were New York, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C. and San Francisco.


  3. If Fox is going to pay a billion a year for Big Ten rights, NBC will find a way to pay Notre Dame $75 million. Albeit games will include ACC opponents, military academies, and USC and Stanford alternating years.


  4. No mask mandate in LA County!!

    Ferrer has relented as the cases declined this week.


    Covid is now endemic and we need to learn how to live with it.

    This whole health equity concept sounds very Marxist as well.

    The good guys/gals won today!!


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  5. That’s what USC did in the 1920’s — 1940’s .. Instead, the team traveled by train back East. They would stop and practice along the way in various towns. I found a great book years ago at my library, and it showed the team getting off the train to practice. The train waited!!


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