USC Saturday Buzz: Mike Bohn No-Show At Pac-12 Media Day

Neither Mike Bohn nor Martin Jarmond attended Pac-12 media day.

It’s disappointing they didn’t face the media to at least explain in depth the move to the Big Ten.

The Pac-12 didn’t have them attend meetings the day before that addressed the conference’s future. That is understandable.

But all they had to do Friday was show and answer some questions. And let’s be honest, most of the questions would have been friendly.

Obviously, they went to the Big Ten for money. We all know that. But it’s still good to show up after you make a dramatic decision. I haven’t heard Bohn talk about how the travel will affect the basketball or volleyball teams. Or maybe some improvements USC can do with its new cash windfall. So it’s good to answer some questions.


34 thoughts on “USC Saturday Buzz: Mike Bohn No-Show At Pac-12 Media Day

  1. Having either one of them there would have created a sideshow. I’m sure Pac-12 preferred that they stayed away. Particularly when Kliavkoff took the bitter route and crapped on them publicly.

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    1. Mike Bohn did the right thing.
      Kliavkoff looked like he was going thru an hysterical pregnancy when the Big Ten issue came up…

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    2. Kliavkoff heavily sprinkled his chatter with “collegial” as if he was trying to learn and commit it to memory. If he did learn it, it’s clear he doesn’t think either UCLA and/or USC is a colleague. This preview of coming attractions should help the LA ADs design a co-existence plan going forward for the next two years in the PAC12.

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      1. Kliavkoff’s passive- aggressive, chicken ass remarks were anything but collegial….


  2. We dont know if maybe they were asked to NOT show up, as it might have caused more of the focus to be on their departure.

    You are missing the story on the Pac-12. It looks like it is doomed. Sources are saying the media rights deals are not enough to keep Washington or Oregon in the Pac-12. So either the Big 10 decides to poach a few more teams, or they go to a re-branded Big 12. Everything is on the table now.

    Bohn did the only thing that USC could do, they left the Pac-12 before getting locked into a crappy media rights deal.

    In my estimation, USC will either dump some of their sports or will pull other sports out of the Big 10 deal and look to have them play in a regional league that is formed by remnants of the Pac-12. I think that Bohn knows this is coming, but has not stated this because it would have further undermined the Pac-12 if he proposed this earlier.

    Basically, football and basketball needs to be optimized for the money and exposure it generates (Big 10 and SEC as leading conferences, with ACC and Big 12 as secondary), while other sports will be pushed into a different local league that resembles the Pac-12 teams.

    I simply want to see Oregon relegated to a crappy league. I would love to see Washington or even Stanford join us in the Big 10. Is there any way to flip Texas to the Big 10? And then get Notre Dame.

    We have always said we want USC managed by professionals. This is what it looks like.

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    1. University of Oregon–#370 ranked* (out of 790) university in America.
      It was embarrassing to have them in any Conference where academic performance “matter.” Were it not for a certain Nike benefactor, the UO would have fallen into the abyss decades ago.

      Indeed, UW and/or Stanford would be a nice addition to the B1G (14+2).
      One benefit of conference re-alignment would be forcing the Princess to join a conference. Seems to me that the ACC would be a logical choice, as the ACC has only 14 schools presently and ND has been cozy with the ACC–esp in hoops–for some time.

      Irrespective, time for ND to share the revenue.

      *per WSJ–not USNWR.

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  3. I read somewhere that Bohn was disinvited to the party. He plopped down five aces and said read ‘em and weep.
    What could he say? “Yeah we did it for the money and exposure that had been lacking since the PAC 12 got a Ronko TV channel.

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    1. Stanford may end up shutting down its football program or it may end up in the Big Ten making $100ish million a year in revenue. Not that they need the money. #HerbertHoover #LelandStanford

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    1. Bohn’s way of saying “Carol don’t F with me, I have Los Angeles Times in my hip pocket including stuttering Bill Plaschke.”✌️

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      1. Otis Chandler and his mother Dorothy not USC fans or fans of politically-objective journalism as far as I know. The worm has turned vis-à-vis USC (not varsity blues or George Tyndall). Still a mouthpiece for democrat politicians.

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    2. I’d recommend therapy and replying to the post that informed you of the event you’re now on about. The threading on this ‘blog’ is weird so it’s best to do what you can to keep it tight.


  4. Gametv says “I would love to see Oregon relegated to a crappy conference.” Could not agree more. That is one of the hidden gems to this realignment. What would be even better is if Oregon openly lobbied the Big 10 for admission, a vote took place, and the member schools publicly rejected their request based on poor academics. Of course, I don’t know how you could reconcile this with Maryland’s admission.

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    1. I agree Plow Horse, as above!

      Perhaps the Ducks can join a conference that specializes in Track and Cross Country. Not much NIL or TV money, but they could recruit a bunch of Kenyan XC runners and clean up in TF/CX

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      1. I haven’t seen this much seething hatred here in a long time…


  5. Neither Bohn nor Jarmond need to explain their decision to leave the Pac-12 and they shouldn’t be made to look like the villain. If you want to blame somebody blame Larry Scott and his socialistic philosophy of trying to make everyone equal(which he pretty much succeeded in doing in the sense that most of the teams were equal……equally bad) The destruction of the Pac-12 has to be laid at the feet of Scott and nobody else. So stop your crocodile tears. SC and UCLA(as well as more schools in the near future) were driven out of the Pac-12 by their socialistic policies.

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  6. Scott Wolf, know your posts are designed get a reaction, but no more Clay Helton photos or references. I’ll quit talking about him too. Better for everyone.

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    1. Please no more Clay Helton. As Guy Ritchie would say in the English vernacular, Clay is a ‘orrible c*nt. Sorry no more.


  7. Note no one feels Jarmond/Ucla mattered in any of these musings. Not USC, the Big10, Kliavkoff, LA Times, Jon Wilner, Yahoo Sports. Ucla was brought on board for fear if they weren’t the SEC would grab them and split the second national market.

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    1. If the SEC brought in UCLA the L.A. Market isn’t the only thing that would get split up the middle…


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