USC Morning Buzz: Who Is George Kliavkoff Talking About?

I wish George Kliavkoff would say who he is talking about when he keeps saying people from UCLA and to a lesser extent, USC, are upset about the move to the Big Ten.

“It’s clear that UCLA and USC made a decision for short-term financial gain at the expense of their student-athletes,” Kliavkoff told The Athletic. “It’s 100 percent clear to me. It’s really unfortunate, and I think they are already regretting it, given the pushback that they’ve gotten from almost every corner of their communities. I think they will regret it more as time goes on. “

Are the fans upset? I haven’t seen too much of that. Are the baseball coaches upset? Probably but they don’t count much. Who is he talking about? The athletes? I doubt the non-football athletes will like the travel but will they transfer over it?

The UC Regents? That’s legit. But Kliavkoff should say that. His general comments lack credibility when he talks about regret. You know any other school in the Pac-12 would jump right now if the Big Ten called.

  • Four-star safety-cornerback Braxton Myers, who is committed to USC, visited Mississippi over the weekend and there is a lot of buzz he will flip to Lane Kiffin.
  • Former USC wide receiver Bru McCoy, who had been waiting to be cleared, practiced this morning with Tennessee.

30 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Who Is George Kliavkoff Talking About?

  1. Doubt it’s the athletes. I actually liked the travel when I was playing. We got a food stipend and the opportunity to see a new city. Didn’t matter whether I was studying in a dorm room or a hotel room. And I certainly didn’t have the “academic resources” available to me that USC athletes have. But maybe I’m weird.

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  2. Kliavkoff doesn’t know what to do, so he is complaining and making up stuff to justify his complaints. He had an opportunity to keep the conference together, but he is a Vegas marketing guy, he doesn’t have the experience or skills to accomplish that. Not surprising he failed at this job, and he probably will get booted when his contract expires. The Pac-12 university presidents chose the wrong guy.


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    1. Agreed 67, he’s spinning in more ways than one. I would not be surprised to see him fired soon. He’s worse than Larry who was basically the captain of the Titanic.
      Another Platchky USC hit piece over the weekend has me thinking that he writes to please his Democratic overlords.

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  3. The athletes at ucla will like that the $ will keep their sports viable. They were losing huge amounts of $ and there were questions if they would continue.

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    1. I just wanna make sure I understand you, trojanasman: Are you saying the UCLA football players are capable of going through that thought process?
      #”MeLikeFootball –ProgramNeedMoney—MeLikeMoney”

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  4. ugh,who evin maid preznint bidin the preznint,it aint like enny one aksed me abuot it,and it aint seam like he evr gonna leeve,like do we gotta a way to get rid of him,smdh

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      1. Is a guy REALLY Prez if he has to face a house & senate that will be overwhelmingly stacked against him after January 20th, 2023?

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      2. I’ll only be disappointed if the senate doesn’t convict the twosome that the house impeaches…


    1. Ed, you have two electoral votes, one from you and one from the missus. Not to get into vote counting, but Ed has a right to be steamed if the electoral college missed him and his missus. SMDH

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  5. Commish George states that “I think they are already regretting it, given the pushback that they’ve gotten from almost every corner of their communities.”

    Huh? What pushback? Is George using the same “sources” that our Scott uses, namely, a little birdie told him?

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  6. Gavin Newsome and some other old, dumb-ass restupid-retireheads, like the ones who post stupid non-football topics on this blog. That’s what he’s crying about. Tradition sucks like the past if you embrace a mediocre present. The Pac-12 is irrelevant without USC AND UCLA. Stay in the Pac-12 and get $30 million in TV money or go Big and get $120 million plus more NIL cash for all students? Sounds simple to me what to choose.

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    1. Interestingly, Cesar Chavez fought like hell to keep out migrants from Mexico because he knew they would depress wages of his union guys in the United Farm Workers. His union members were very active in reporting guys they thought were here illegally to ICE for deportation.

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      1. He was focused on trying to give farmworkers a decent life. Those guys were treated badly before he arrived (gasoline was poured on Mexicans coming to work in the fields in the US to “disinfect them”.) I have a feeling Chavez wouldn’t spend much time worrying about AOC’s complaints of Republicans wanting to date her and other issues of similar importance.


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  7. If players don’t want to be here at so Cal they can leave then. The program needs player’s that are really committed and want to be at USC and play for the Trojans. Not some half ass uncommitted playrrs

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  8. From what I hear, the Pac-12 is a dead man walking. The media rights deal will not be enough to keep the schools. GK cant really talk about the reality of the situation.

    The only real story right now is NIL. Players being paid alot of money to play for a handful of teams that have set up multi-million dollar collectives. If this continues, it is going to spiral out of control, because if the 2023 recruits are being promised half a million dollars each to sign with a university, then arent the current players going to enter the transfer portal and look for a similar deal with another U?

    So if someone doesnt stop Miami and Texas A&M and Tennessee from giving these inducements to incoming players, then all the players on the rosters of those universities will need to be paid a similar amount, or they will bolt. That will spiral up to tens of millions of dollars per year. How many years will alumni be willing to fork out that type of coin?

    USC cant fight with one hand tied behind its back. If there is no governing body to stop this, then it is essential USC gets a collective going very soon.

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  9. I’m not a fan. Ruining rivalries for the dollar just really bothers me. And travel is gonna be so awful for these athletes, especially the non-revenue sports. We’re gonna be at a competitive disadvantage in almost every way.

    One thing no one is talking about is what the home environment for every Big 10 game at the coliseum. There are a TON of fans of Midwest and east coast teams that come to games out here (like when the Mets and Cubs play the Dodgers). Our home games are gonna be 40 percent visitors. Any west coast alum from those big 10 schools awe gonna line up to see a hame in LA every 4th year their team plays here. Gonna be bad.


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