How Not To Spin USC-UCLA Move To Big Ten

This morning I did an interview with a Phoenix radio station and eventually one of the topics was Arizona. I admit I get a little triggered by Jedd The Fisch.

He worked for Pete Carroll and seems to want to emulate him. I said today Fisch needs to be “more than salesman.”

He also had a weird comment at Pac-12 media day when asked if USC and UCLA going to the Big Ten changed his approach?

“I hope what it does when parents are making decisions on wanting to watch their children play,
they don’t have to get on a plane and fly to Newark, fly to Iowa, fly to Ann Arbor. They get to get in a car, drive five and a half hours, and next thing you know they’re at Arizona.

“They can be able to watch their sons play right here on the West Coast, right in prime time television.
We’re hopeful that that’s going to be a huge benefit for us moving forward.”

Does Fisch think USC and UCLA will not play home games?

Does he think parents will prevent their sons from playing at USC because they have games at Ohio State or Michigan instead of Arizona and Arizona State?

I know Fisch is a salesman but what happens if Arizona moves to the Big 12? Those above comments will come back to bite him. Southern California recruiting is his life blood but what would he tell parents about road trips to Iowa State and Kansas State?

  • The Pac-12 and Big 12 have a four-game basketball shooutout scheduled for Dec. 18 at American Airlines Center in Dallas.

Here is the schedule:

Game 1 – Stanford vs. Texas (men) – ESPN, 12:00 p.m. CT
Game 2 – USC vs. Texas (women) – ESPN2, approx. 2:30 p.m. CT
Game 3 – Arizona vs. Baylor (women) – ESPN2, 6:30 p.m. CT
Game 4 – Washington State vs. Baylor (men) – ESPN/ESPN2, approx. 9 p.m. CT

So why is it that Andy Enfield seems to avoid these things? Didn’t want to play Texas or Baylor? Of course not.


16 thoughts on “How Not To Spin USC-UCLA Move To Big Ten

  1. Fisch, like all salesmen, will simply change his pitch and tell prospective parents what he feels they want to hear: “Traveling to Iowa St and Kansas St will be an education for your boy, trust me. They will get to see midwest life up close and broaden their understanding of the American experience”

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  2. Scooter,

    What if, What if the PAC 12 had a comptent commissioner instead of the woke geek Larry Scott? What if they ahd struck a greaat deal with ESPN and FOX? What if they had raised the revenue stream to $600 million per year? Would SC and ruinville have stayed? Who know.

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  3. Not defending Enfield here, but we have no info whatsoever that Enfield is the reason that USC is not playing in that tourney. Come to think of it, neither is ucla. Is Might Mick ducking competition?

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  4. ugh,dont seam fare that a few of theese so called pack 12 mens teems iz playin agianst big 12 womyns teems but i geuss theese woak poeple reely think that men and the womyn iz the saim and can compeat,but thay abuot to fined owt that the reffs is gonna get an eerfull from theese naggin womyn who iz gonna complane abuot bad tuching and not putin the toylit seet up,smdh

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    1. Joe Biden will get up, read his teleprompter, and tell the world he got Ayman al-Zawahri. Joe Biden doesn’t know what day it is. Joe Biden is a child.

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    2. Like Obama taking credit for taking out bin Laden. I give him credit for not interfering and effing it up. Joe Biden wasn’t in support beforehand of the operation to take out Osama bin Laden.

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      1. Brandon has so many tall-tales around the campfire for his drug-addicted children and grandchildren. What we would call “lying.”


  5. Wow, Trump killed some moron Iranian general and you praise him to death. Obama pushed to have Bin Laden killed and al Qaeda compromised but you try to diminish what you have no right to question. Say it to Obama face, keyboard warriors. Biden sucks but he’s gotten more Americans out of Russia. Trump didn’t have any balls to punish Putin for paying the Taliban to kill our soldiers. Stick to footballs, ladies.


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