A Tradition Continues At USC

Not even the addition of Lincoln Riley can overcome a tradition at USC: The boring media guide cover.

Just slap a stock photo of Riley into a picture with a bunch of players. Very original.

Oklahoma did better and had no time to prepare when Bob Stoops resigned in June, 2017, three months before the season started.


63 thoughts on “A Tradition Continues At USC

  1. I cannot wait until Oregon and Washington get rejected again from the Big Ten in a few years. Some ACC schools are a better match in the Big Ten aside from Stanford.


    1. Here’s a little nugget for Dodger fans

      25-year-old outfielder, James Outman made his MLB debut on Sunday after being called up by the Los Angeles Dodgers. In the first at-bat of his MLB career, he put the Dodgers ahead with a two-run home run against the Colorado Rockies. Outman launched a 1-1 pitch from German Marquez into the Rockies bullpen at Coors Field, much to the delight of his friends and family in the stands

      Outman wasn’t done. He followed up his home run with two more hits en route to becoming the first player in Dodgers history to record a home run, three hits, three RBI, and two runs scored in his MLB debut. His outburst at the plate led the Dodgers to a 7-3 win. He did it all from the nine-hole

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  2. Today, folks read media guides like they read newspapers.

    As long as the football team emerges from the Coliseum Tunnel wearing the prescribed traditional USC Trojans uniform (black shoes, white socks, Gold pants, Cardinal or white jersey, Cardinal helmet & gray face mask; no red or yellow stockings or untucked, long-sleeve undershirts) it will be a sign that cancel culture has erased the lazy, lack of discipline of Clay Helton!

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  3. Come on, wolfman!!!!! could you be any pettier bitching about the picture on the cover of a magazine?

    And you wonder why Kiffin banned you from the locker room

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      1. Wolf is like your typical shock-jock!…. he will throw anything at the wall trying to generate clickbait…. Most often, it fails to move the needle in a positive direction. But slapping the local trolls around can be stimulating.

        We have all learned to accept less and hope for more regarding wolf…..the guy peaked decades ago!

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    1. The fun part was Kiffin was literally running away & crying when he did it…..

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      1. Fuck it — stuff is landing all over the place….Luckily, Gabby’s smart enough to piece it all together [since it doesn’t involve politics —his one weak spot]….


      2. Gabby,

        Even if Scooter has been banned from the locker room he still has the best blog and he still gets the best info about SC. He rules this blog. If not, then why do you keep coming over to read?


  4. Listen up my friends(not you slo cal)….Biden just did the world a massive service. He took down the most wanted terrorist in the world, Ayman al-Zawahri(al-Qaida leader).

    I’m sure the senile troll(slo cal) will have something negative to say about it because the assassination took place under Biden’s command. But if trump had achieved this accomplishment, slo cal would be doing cart wheels(maybe not, the guy can barely get out of bed). The troll can’t resist the bait, watch!



    1. Gabby —
      Biden was seen by several staffers trying to phone al-Zawahri to offer his condolences after he was informed of his death….

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      1. TOUCHE!

        Let me one-up you, with my intel!… Trump had flowers sent to Qassem Soleimani’s funeral. He felt good about it, the donation was a tax write-off

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      2. Michael,

        Biden was seen calling al-Zawahri to warn him of the strike against him. The dude did not pay attention to the call and he got zapped. Biden is nothin’ but a traitor, commie, felon, senile ol’ fart.

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  5. The media guides are a pet peeve of Scott Wolf’s. I’m not a fan of these photos with the helmets on. Some helmets on here, some off. Like seeing the faces.

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    1. The success of any business depends in part on its ability to differentiate its product or service from its competition. The same will be true of NIL. The picture I posted, Munoz Mexican … Charles White Asian as well as Black. Besides skill and ability, other factors (such as race) will create niche marketing opportunities.

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  6. I commend the decision to take out Ayman Zawahri, al Qaida leader. I note that Biden advised Obama not to take out Osama Bin Ladin. These positions are too inconsistent to have been made by the same person. I wonder who actually made the call while Biden was recovering from rebound Covid and suffering from dementia. Perhaps Susan Rice.

    I note that when Trump took out Qassem Soleimani, the Iranian general and terrorist after he fired on an American compound and killed military personnel and contractors, Joe said “Trump Tossed a Stick of Dynamite Into a Tinderbox.” He condemned the act. Biden supporters were not doing cart wheels for Trump. Did you support Trump on the Soleimani decision Gabby? Do you think Biden was wrong on Bin Ladin?

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    1. Hey horse….here’s the truth and stop the fucking lying….it’s getting old, that I have to debunk your alternative facts…

      Biden: “Everything I said was completely accurate. I just never until last Tuesday night told the whole story.” He claimed that Panetta was a strong “yes” and Gates was a strong “no.” Biden said “the reporting was accurate” and that he did not say “go” but instead had said, “Try one more thing,” such as one more pass with a drone to make certain. He argued that since Obama had not made a final decision, he did not want to be on record in front of other administration officials as urging the mission in case Obama ultimately decided against it. “We walked up to the Oval. I said: ‘Mister President, follow your instincts. I know you should do it, but follow your instincts.’

      You idiot, B


      1. You idiot, Biden was debating the tactical side of the kill, he had no issues with the outcome or the cause and effects. And yes!…. Trump did the right thing by taking out that butcher.

        You sound like a guy who could fuck up a wet dream….just saying


      1. Goober: I agree “Trump did the right thing by taking out that butcher.” So why did Biden say that “he threw dynamite into a tinderbox.” Was Joe being “fucking unpatriotic.” Was he wishing for Trump’s demise.

        Is setting your son up to receive 1.2 million from a Ukrainian oil company while you are VP and in charge of overseeing funding to the Ukraine unpatriotic? Is making the withdrawal of an investigation into the corrupt Ukranian oil company a condition of receiving funding unpatriotic?

        How about the Biden’s receiving 5.2 million in payments from China while Joe is VP. Anything unpatriotic about that? How about the 10% kick back to the “big guy.” Frankly Goober, you should be ashamed for continuing to support this guy. He has sold out his own country. Shame on him. I will piss on his grave.

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      2. HAHAHAHA!!!! YOU GOT TRIGGERED!!!!! Listen up, limp-dick troll, if you have any substantial evidence to support your conspiracy theories, please, forward it to the DOJ…. or STFU!!!!

        If you want to go down that rabbit hole, I will post a laundry list of trump and his crime family’s questionable behavior…in other words, you lose again!

        You and your little buddy, need to get a new playbook…..beyond stale!

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      3. PS….. I will one-up you!… How about a massive steamer all over trumps headstone…..I am sure it would resemble a masterpiece in the eyes of people how absolutely hate the world’s #1 grifter/conman



      4. Goober: The evidence of Chinese payments to the Bidens and kickbacks are already in possession of the FBI/DOJ. It is Hunter’s laptop. The guy who repaired the laptop gave it to the FBI two months before the election. Further, Bobolinski, a partner of Hunter’s, confirmed the payments and 10% kickback. Senators Johnson and Grassley also subpoenaed bank records that show receipts of the China payments.

        There is no dispute about any of the above. Even CNN and the NY Times admitted the authenticity of the laptop 18 months post election. It was Russian disinformation before the election. A massive collusion/cover-up between the FBI/DOJ and the media to help Biden get elected. You may want to inform yourself on these matters before providing an opinion.

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      5. You may want to inform yourself on these matters before being debunked once again….too easy!

        There’s reason to be skeptical about Bobulinski’s allegations, which credible news organizations have not corroborated. The Associated Press, for example, reported that it could not independently verify Bobulinki’s claims. PolitiFact has not been able to, either.

        The Wall Street Journal reviewed his documents and found no evidence of wrongdoing by Joe Biden — or that he was active in his family’s foreign business endeavors, as Bobulinski claimed.

        Bobulinski’s overarching claim is that Joe Biden was involved in, and may have profited from, his son and brother’s business dealings in China. He called Joe Biden’s claim that he never played a role in Hunter Biden’s foreign business endeavors “a blatant lie.”

        But the Journal reported that the text messages and emails Bobulinski shared from 2017 “don’t show either Hunter Biden or James Biden discussing a role for Joe Biden in the venture.”

        Bobulinski provided some of his records to outlets like Fox News and the Wall Street Journal. Both reported that they do not show Joe Biden had business dealings with SinoHawk Holdings or took money from the Chinese company.

        The venture in China “never received proposed funds from the Chinese company or completed any deals, according to people familiar with the matter,” the outlet reported. “Corporate records reviewed by The Wall Street Journal show no role for Joe Biden.”

        The Journal also quoted Gilliar, the British national involved in SinoHawk, as saying he was “unaware of any involvement at any time of the former vice president.” Gilliar added that “the activity in question never delivered any project revenue.”


      6. PS… Plow horse: “A massive collusion/cover-up between the FBI/DOJ and the media to help Biden get elected.”

        WAIT WAIT WAIT!!!!….. are you fucking really that naive to think I’m going to believe your BS….. FBI and DOJ, at the time in question, were led by trump appointees. Dude you’re looking stupid


      7. Gabby is like one of the better public defenders in the Los Angeles Public Defenders’ Office —give him a shit case and he’ll make the best of it every time….


    2. You shit like a plow horse. Who gives a crap what you think. Only
      all the dumb posters on this board except Gabby need to be plowed
      under and buried permanently.


  7. Ayman, your chickens have come home to roost. Not sorry. General Pershing, throw some pig’s blood on him before you bury him.


  8. Every player on the cover is eligible for NIL money. Wait for programs selling for $15.00 that have a bland cover. It’s the end of the world and Wolf cannot do anything about it.

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  9. 20 plus years to catch the guy, even with all the intel and technology to track and surveil that we have. Hard to believe. Glad it is done.

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    1. Biden [Jan 2021] –“You’ve located Zawahri? Great! Leave him alone until the midterms!”


      1. Biden: ” Can you guys get that tape of me with a boner in the shower with my daughter?”
        Secret Service: “We already have it, sir. What do you want us to do with it?”
        Biden: “Can you edit out my erection? So it just looks like a normal, everyday 69 year old man taking a normal, everyday shower with his 10 year old daughter?”
        Secret Service: No worries, Sir. Your organ is imperceptible.


      2. Trump : ” Can you guys get that tape of me with a boner(mushroom cap) in the shower with my daughter, Ivanka?”
        Secret Service: “We already have it, sir. What do you want us to do with it?”
        Trump : “Can you edit an erection? So it just looks like a hung, 69-year-old man taking a normal, everyday shower with his grown daughter?”
        Secret Service: No worries, Sir. We will make your organ look massive
        Trump: Send it to Putin. He needs it for his collection.


      3. How dare you mock an American President like that!

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      1. Have to wonder why she’s never around. Have only heard him speak of Beau & Hunter.

        But showers with her daddy, not letting her go to the bathroom by herself and wiping her butt long after it was appropriate is some really sick stuff. Of course, the MSM has been hush hush about it all. Same way they were about his cognitive decline and the family’s illegal slush fund.

        Russian & Chinese media are no worse than ours.


      2. ….And this is the sexual predator you cult members voted for…..swimming in the ocean of hypocrisy….pathetic!

        Donald Trump, the president of the United States from 2017 to 2021, has been accused of rape, sexual assault, and sexual harassment, including non-consensual kissing or groping, by at least 25 women since the 1970s. The accusations have resulted in three instances of litigation: his then-wife Ivana made a rape claim during their 1989 divorce litigation; businesswoman Jill Harth sued Trump in 1997 alleging breach of contract while also suing for sexual harassment but agreed to forfeit her sexual harassment claim as part of a settlement she received relating to the former suit; and, in 2017, former The Apprentice contestant Summer Zervos filed a defamation lawsuit after Trump accused her of lying about her sexual misconduct allegations against him.

        Trump has denied all the allegations against him, saying he has been the victim of media bias, conspiracies, and a political smear campaign. In October 2016, Trump publicly vowed to sue all the women who have made allegations of sexual misconduct against him, as well as The New York Times for publishing the allegations, but he has yet to follow through with any legal action. I WONDER WHY?????


  10. Please hurry up football season, the inmates are ruining the asylum! Politics suck. Crying about what politician did who or what is like being for Oregon and Cal to join the Big20.


    1. Laughing, not crying. Laughing at what a failure this administration is, because most of us knew it would be.

      The ones who voted for all of it are the only ones crying, if someone reminds them of how foolish they were. Just watch!


      1. So Cal,

        It is worse than laughing at the administration. It is an act of throwing up from knowing that the administration is a joke, that they are trying to destroy the family unit, they themselves are are breaking their oath by not protecting the US from external and internal acts of crime, allowing destruction in the US and not going after the offenders. Raising taxes through the roof, purposley starting the recession, May they get kicked out sooner than later. Hoping Pelosi stays in Tawiian and retires. Just think, that drunken ding bat is two heart beats away from being the president. That senile old witch could be the president. This is a serious matter.

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