USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week


Los Angeles

The Pac-12 says it will try to hold games in L.A., which means SoFi Stadium. But how many fans would actually show for a game with Arizona or Washington State?


The Ducks don’t play USC in the regular season but they will host the Trojans in 2023 at Autzen Stadium. That should be something.

Real offers

Recruits received official offers Monday, not the fake offers where schools say they have an offer but cannot commit.

Tuli Tuipulotu 

The USC defensive lineman made the watch list for the Bednarik Award, which goes to the nation’s outstanding defensive player. And he made the watch list for the Lombardi Award, which goes to the best offensive or defensive lineman.


The fans

Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren says the conference will be able to regularly play late-night games. You know who gets to host those? Not Maryland.

George Kliavkoff

He tried to put a good face on Pac-12 media day but he’s still scrambling to save the conference. And saying USC and UCLA already regret the move is hogwash.

Special teams

What happens if USC has a walk-on punter this season? Will Lincoln Riley just go for it on fourth down?

Mike Bohn

Didn’t bother to go to Pac-12 media day. At some point he should explain to the fans what the move to the Big Ten will mean for all USC teams.

USC social media

Look at this graphic USC is putting on social media. There is no source listed for this “study.”

They just want you to take USC’s word that USC is No. 1. And most gullible fans/recruits will do it. And look at the factors to determine who is best? “Social media followers.” Uh huh.

How did North Carolina sneak in? Chapel Hill has a population of 61,000.

Just another dodgy USC social media post.


39 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week

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      1. SAME HERE BRO

        SO LOW SHE CANT HEAR ME !!!!!


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        What really chaps your ass is the friendship MG and I share, extremely envious!


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        slooooo cal, your comment just reaffirms the envy you display, when two grown men are engaging in an adult conversation…..

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  1. Scooter,

    The start time for SC will be three hours difference when they play on the east coast. So SC wins on this. If the game starts at 8 PM East coast time, then 5 PM. If it is at 8 PM Central Time, then 6 PM here.

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    1. I cannot remember USC in a 9:00am game on the west coast. I always loved the build up during the day until the USC game came on.


  2. Scooter,

    I agree with what you said about marketability. However, L.A. is #2 in the nation behind New York. However, major college football left NY back in the 40’s. With a population of 10 mil in So Cal and with GNP and money that is being distributed, along with the movie studios, and real estate, and technology, and it used to be the oil industries, LA is No. 1 in marketability. Now, you have to factor in how well SC is ranked acedemically, how they draw fans to the sporting events, how well the product sells off the shelf, what SC makes in revenue for football, how much does SC make for TV and radio, an now how much SC or whoever pays for the NIL have to be factored in. Also, you have to look at SC and their brand, how much do they create in revenue with the brand. We all know SC out draws ugly even with the worst teams ever and texas might come close however they can’t touch SC in terms of marketabilty. Without having to write a 20 page paper on this, and with what i threw out there, I would believe that SC is #1 in marketability.

    My question is, where are the Drunken Iwish on the list? With all of the, I wanna be irish supporters, they weren’t ranked. Or were they and you did not show them. Let us know.

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  3. Losers. People who side with the PAC 12 against the LA teams. I used this analogy with an apparent communist on Facebook who decried the teams leaving as turning their back on their fellow members.
    Imagine you live on a street with 12 homes on it. You earn $250,000 a year as income and your nearest neighbor is equally blessed. Unfortunately the other ten families are not successful, so the HOA decides to pool the income earned and divide it equally among all 12. That is the essence of communism and the essence of the PAC12 problem. After a while the people earning more move away. It’s that simple.

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    1. Remember overly idealistic Doctor Zhivago’s reply when the revolutionaries told him they divided his house into 20 apartments for the less fortunate: “Very just, very fair.”


    2. Ghost of Me,

      Your commie friend is dumb as a door nail or biden. he does not know that the Pac 12 failed the colleges by not having a better tv deal. The presidents of the schools voted for Larry Scott because they did not do their home work. That douche bag walked away with millions while failing his duties. The president’s of the schools should have sued him for all of his salary for dereliction of duty. He breached his contract.


      1. I find your comment highly disrespectful to all “door nails”(hey, horse and slo cal, I got your back)

        PS…. Biden wanted me to pass a message on to you….”middle finger up”


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