You Can’t Blame Carol Folt This Time

Whatever you think of Carol Folt, and she’s been a lightning rod for football fans the past few years, let’s not overstate her influence within the Pac-12.

Folt did not singlehandedly stop the Pac-12 from expanding. She was just one of several schools that were against the idea and would have voted down any proposal to turn down adding some Big 12 schools.

To add any Big 12 schools, 9 of the 12 Pac-12 schools would have had to vote in favor of expansion. That was not going to happen, especially when it’s not clear adding those schools would add enough money/value to a TV deal to make it worthwhile.

Remember when the Pac-12 had a chance to add Texas and Oklahoma? That was a blockbuster move.

Former USC president Max Nikias told me at the time the conference (including USC) was against the move especially because of the academic reputations of Oklahoma State and Texas Tech.

The Pac-12 has generally been conservative with expansion. But whether the conference was right or wrong, Folt is not calling the shots. The other presidents make up their minds on their own. Don’t think Stanford and UCLA didn’t agree too. And Cal.

So a single president is not running the Pac-12.

If you want to blame Folt for something, blame her for not firing Clay Helton sooner.


25 thoughts on “You Can’t Blame Carol Folt This Time

  1. btw, Have you seen the most recent photos of Lincoln Riley? He’s aged 17 years since he started working with Folt …


  2. Not once did I use that lame ass elbow bump during the pandemic. The fist bump was adequate.

    Those were the same fools who wear masks when they’re driving in their cars alone.

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    1. LMAO, Ed! There’s only one “keyboard tough guy” and she hasn’t posted yet today.

      But I’ll take you up on that pretzel. Does it come with mustard?


  3. We’ll blame ‘Without-a-Folt’ all day long if we wish, Scott, thank you very much.

    I bet she was behind the Russian invasion of the Ukraine, helped China spread the Pandemic, conspired with mass killers throughout America, and probably had a hand in the long-ago Aids atrocities.

    I think that about covers it except for the Ton-o-Hel thingie.

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  4. Academic standards of Oklahoma State and Texas Tech? So am I now supposed to believe that ASU is right up there with Stanford and Cal, apparently? C’mon, my hamster could get into ASU and probably graduate with honors.

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  5. Scooter,

    We all know that Folt is a mental midget. If she passed junior high, I would be suprised. Also, she is too short to have any influence. If i had to look upon her as an equal, I would be looking at my crotch, that is where she stands. She is worthless. , wait, she did waste $ 8 mil by moving to Santa Monica. The BOT should have told her to take a hike on that move. She is not worth it.

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    1. Wrong. Wrong. WRONG! Carol graduated from Santa Barbara Junior High with a C+ Average. [And she woulda easily been in the B- range if she’d just completed that damn Hygiene final]…..


  6. Folt interrupted the expansion committee presentation in the middle of it. Got the idea that they didn’t even finish it. Folt’s been at USC for 5 minutes and she thinks she’s Nancy Pelosi, throwing her weight around.


  7. A three star CB from a California High School I’ve never heard of!! Great job USC!
    We’ll be competitive in about five years!


    1. November 19th is less than 4 months away…


    1. Exactly – she saw the gain in both leaving the conference due to the horrible still in place media deal and agreeing to stay powerful by joining the Big 10. You want blame don’t blame her blame the system Nikias imposed – no chain of command for reporting any problems/scandals. Isn’t Nikias still ensconced in San Marino?

      Funny how everyone forgets she spared us Urban Meyer.


  8. Scooter contradicted all the market research. It was Folt’s fault. But I know Scott has been on board with the discriminatory attitude that Folt et al had towards the best options which were schools that happened to have Christian affiliations or to be conservative in culture.


  9. What did the academic reputations of Oklahoma State University and Texas Tech University have to do with the University of Oklahoma and the University of Texas joining the Pac-12? These are completely different schools.


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