USC Gets Commitment From Cornerback

Three-star cornerback Maliki Crawford from Oxnard Pacifica has committed to USC.

Crawford committed to UCLA last year but decommitted in January. He chose the Trojans over UCLA and Cal.

USC never has problems with commitments from cornerbacks. One intriguing thing about Crawford is his height (6-3). It’s also interesting he wasn’t recruited from the likes of Alabama, Ohio State, Georgia, etc.

Michigan did offer him but no SEC school offered him.


51 thoughts on “USC Gets Commitment From Cornerback

  1. Well, maybe he is a 3-star for a reason, and the SEC boys decided he was not SEC material.

    But I could be wrong; it’s happened before.


    1. USC gets the players the top 5 schools don’t want, so of course he wasn’t recruited by the big boys. The chubby little offensive linemen that they got a commitment from last week, would be as depth, or a special teams in the SEC, and Big Ten.

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  2. Another back-handed compliment when a kid gets his dream offer from USC

    wolfman, you’re TOOOO MUCH!.

    PasadenaTroll worships Scooter’s words, like a prophet


      1. Wait wait wait!…. you just told me, Wolf has the best “USC BLOG” on the planet….. short term memory loss is a bitch, right?


      2. She is more than a little obsessed with me, huh, Pasadena? And she claims all I think about is Dementia Joe.

        As usual, Libs always accuse others of things they’re guilty of.


      3. 10 + posts a day regarding Biden and all things related to him is textbook OCD…. you can’t make that shit up


  3. MG mentioned how Wiley appears to have aged dramatically since he took over the SC job. Pressure will do that to you. Just look at Trump and Biden, but they looked aged even before they took office.


      1. 12 hours of restful sleep each night as President will do that for ya, Gabby…..

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  4. Scooter,

    At 6′ 3″, he will make a great safety. To play at corner at that level, you have to have great hips. At 6’3″, at safety, you mostly play centerfield and either go forward or back.

    SC is not doing well with linemen. I have beaten this to death, so has everyone else, but where are the Munoz’s, Budde’s, Harlow’s, Jeter’s, Achica’s, Smith’s, Weaver’s, and Brown’s? I don’t see any. Back in the day with Houck and Goux, that was the brick and morter for SC football. It is a wait and see attitude here.

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    1. 5-3, 6-3, 7-3, it doesn’t matter! If you can’t make one-on-one tackles in open space, look for a new position. My point is, he plays DB, a position where you’re most often being run out of the play by a receiver. So, his run support shills might be limited, hence the DB position

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      1. Gabby,

        Good coaching and recruiting and development bring in linemen. My worst thoughts are that Riley is nothing but Helton 2.0 Can’t afford to get the new qb injured. He needs awesome protection.


  5. Not that it matters, but the guy is a consensus 4 star. I am not sure where Scott came up with 3 star, but it wasn’t ESPN, on3, or 247. They all have him at 4 star. But Scott will always stay on brand.

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      1. is there some other choice???
        at 6’4 180 he will grow into a safety with great speed at about 210lbs…a 4 star on all rating services that matter , wolfs does not.


    1. Everyone recruits 3 star players. Alabama seems to just have a waiting list of 4/5 stars but USC is NOT Alabama just yet. Check the offers USC has put out the research will improve your game.

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    2. those 3’s are near 4 and during high school senior season will move up…they are actually looking for talent they can shape and develop into the position they want them to play.maybe even more than one position.


  6. This past weekend, while Trump hosted the Saudis for a golf tournament, President Biden took out Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri.

    One is the President of the United States. The other is a disgrace


    1. In your very humble opinion. One is not the president, he only fills an office, occasionally, our country is now run by the “party”. Very similar to China and the failed USSR. I am sure you know and approve of how it all works. You are welcome comrade.

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      1. Fucking lame! you cult members can’t stand the slightest achievements by Biden and wish for his demise.. It’s fucking unpatriotic and un-American.

        The orange cheeto has widely been regarded as the worst ever, by renowned historians. That grifter was only a figurehead with an objective to pillage the US treasury at any and all expense. In other words, he was stealing your money….. where was your outage?(crickets)

        Another childish comment,…You lose again… HAHA!!!!


      2. true, the commie bureaus run this country as a democrat party facade even if a GOP Prez is elected


    2. Dear Gabby,
      Please watch every second of Biden’s announcement of the death of Zawahiri —-

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      1. Perception isn’t always reality!…with that said, I’ll respect your opinion, but I will not agree with it.


    3. Gabby,

      You are correct, one is a president or former one for now, President Trump and the disgraced one is Biden, who will raise taxes, have been bought off by the chinks and ruskies, and has allowed more people to die from covid, allows illegal aliens to cross the border. That is called harboring a fugitive and that is a felony.


  7. What? A three star CB from a California HS that i never heard of!
    I hope he surprises everyone and over achieves. Still, we need players that the big boys want…
    Not good enough!


      1. What’s truly pathetic, you attack the messenger instead of the message,…. a typical trumper response….no better than slo cal….sad!

        PS…what happened in Kanas tonight is a prelude to disappointment for the GOP in Nov…….you fools earned it!


      2. Where is Kanas, Gabby? [Wherever it is I’m pretty sure November is not going to be the best month of your life]…

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      3. Correction: KanSas (let’s move on)….anywho!

        MG…Let me add some context to the election in Kansas. After the recent Roe decision, Kansas saw a 1000% increase in voter registration the next day(interesting). The state is extremely red, as only 30% are registered Dems.

        The results coming out of Kansas broadcasts a clear message. The Republican-leaning SCOTUS is out of touch with the pulse of voters regarding women’s reproductive rights.

        The Roe decision has consequences and Nov mid-terms will be the “great retaliation”

        Advice to GOP…..Get a platform that moderate voters can support and vote for…OR…. you will continue to lose elections. Once you lose Texas, there is no path to an electoral college victory. Suppressing the vote can only last so long

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