Remembering Vin Scully

Words will not do justice. Vin Scully was the most beloved sports figure in Los Angeles. And always will be.

So let’s just appreciate the memories:
Vin Scully ice skating with Jackie Robinson

47 thoughts on “Remembering Vin Scully

  1. Scully had a way with words that could paint a vivid picture in your mind. Towards the twilight of his broadcasting career, he still had a very sharp memory.

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      1. Cosell reinvented sports coverage — by allowing his personal impressions to come through —sometimes subtly via his tone —and sometimes explicitly via his smartass lawyer’s mouth….

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      2. Ali spoke to many other journalists, but he and Cosell seemed inseparable, always teasing and challenging each other, and mock-sparring in suits and ties.

        “Every time you open your mouth, you should be arrested for air pollution,” Ali once told Cosell, who responded, “You would still be in impoverished anonymity in this country if I hadn’t made you.”

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  2. Strange, Vinnie came to mind a few days ago, and I thought how very old he must be now, well into his 90s.

    As a teenager I would lie on my bed until 10:00 listening to my favorite song, Vin Scully singing the Dodger Blues.

    When I went to my first live pro baseball game in 1958 at the coliseum I was disappointed. The game Vinnie sang on the radio was much better than the game I was witnessing.

    I was at the 1988 Kirk Gibson game, one of the all-time greats, and did not hear Scully’s rendition of that moment until years later. Brilliant! He laid back and allowed the constant screaming of the crowd just wash over you.

    But more than a celebrity, he was a decent man– A throwback, when being a nice guy was the norm, and not the exception in today’s new world order.

    “Thanks for the memories” holds true for this man more than any other.

    Thank you, Vinnie, I never really knew you, but in a way, I did.

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    1. Hey John , why aren”t you a nice guy? Your politics are crap and
      no way are you decent. Many a good announcers around the
      major leagues so sick of you people idolizing Scully.


      1. Strange S, I never talk about my politics on this board; you must have me confused with somebody else, not that it matters.


  3. I stopped listening to Dodger Baseball because Vin had retired for good. I don’t know if I can listen to baseball without his voice sharing it. I grew up listening to Mike Walden, Tom Kelly and even Pete Arbogast announcing USC on my cheap radio and didn’t wince once when they switched up, but listening to Dodger baseball without Scully was like being forced to listen to the other team’s broadcast.

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  4. Scooter and to the rest,

    Currently and I will in the future hate the dodgers with a passion. However, when I did care for them a long time ago, I loved listening to Vin Scully. His voice was smoothing and comforting. I felt like everything was okay. It did not matter if the dodgers won or lost, but just hearing him made my day. I would listen to Dick Enberg with the Angels while falling asleep, but he was not as good as Mr. Scully. Mr. Scully was a very devout Roman Catholic and he made a tape of him saying the rosary with other Catholic ball players. One time though, I remember him being at Dedeaux field and after what was done, he left in a hurry without stopping to say hi to anyone. Maybe he was busy or had other pressing matters. He is in heaven announcing for God. God has his transistor radio next to his ear listening to him.

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    1. Must have had something very pressing. Jim Hill was recalling last night about Vin telling him many years ago to always stop for an autograph or a picture. He was also the one who told him no matter how he felt, or what time he was traveling, ALWAYS a coat & tie while doing so. Hill has never stopped following the advice of the master.

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    1. I’ll never forget Chick taking calls before or after a game and once had an old lady who said (as fans often do), “We need to…”

      Chick’s reply: “Do you have mouse in your pocket? What’s this ‘we’ stuff? Are YOU a Laker?”

      I couldn’t believe my ears. What a dick! This old lady is probably a lifelong fan and identifies so much with the team she says “we”. Many diehard fans do. Those of us who actually graduated from USC do!

      I never forgot that about Chick. Very disappointing.

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      1. I get it, So Cal. But we have to remember all these folks are human —and they do dumb shit once in a while. I witnessed an actor we all admire respond to a fan who said “I don’t mean to bother you but…” with “then why are you bothering me?” I thought “what a dick!” But I’ve heard so many stories about how kind he was to his fans that I finally decided to write it off as a bad moment…..


      2. I suppose. But on Laker Talk, you’d think the “we” remark was made often. Not something that was a one time thing.

        But yes, a few bad moments doesn’t define any of us. I’m as grateful as any for that!

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      3. So Cal,

        I walked by Chick’s table one time. He did not give the time of day to anyone. He was around 6’5″. I thought he was full of himself and a dick when I saw him. Reminder, he had Al Michaels, Hot Ron Hundly, dude from ucla, Stu Lantz, Pat Riley, and others as his side kick. He did not let them talk unless necessary. The problem was, he knew the game better than anyone because he was an NBA ref before announcing.

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      4. Agreed….regrettably Chick didn’t have much excuse for playing big man with an elderly fan….


    1. ……And the Comments Sections for MSNBC, the “New” Fox, CNN, N.Y. Times, Washington Post etc., etc. etc…..

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  5. On the Don Larsen World Series perfect game no-hitter: “… the Dodgers, no runs, no hits, no errors, and nothing at all.” Scully’s voice was higher-pitched back then.

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      1. MG I didn’t grow up a Dodgers fan, so I don’t have the deep appreciation of Vin like most of you do. And I haven’t watched MLB for the most part of the last 30 years. But I recall enough of him to recognize his talent and his unique style. And I have wondered about Vin’s actual longevity from time to time … today confirms 1950 3rd man … 1954 the man.


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