USC Morning Buzz: Here Is A Standards Test

Nick Saban said today, “Last year was a rebuilding year.”

Alabama won 13 games last season, went to the championship game, won the SEC and had a Heisman Trophy winner.

Maybe one day USC can get those standards. Maybe.

  • Former USC and UCLA assistant Johnny Nansen is echoing Jedd the Fisch’s nonsense on the Big Ten move.

“I don’t care. Good for them. Good for us,” Nansen told the Arizona Daily Star. “Now we can go to Los Angeles and get more players – stay here, stay on the West Coast.”

Do these guys think USC and UCLA moved their campuses to the Midwest? Players will live in L.A. and be near their families year-round. That’s better than being in Tucson if you value being on the West Coast.

  • USC baseball coach Andy Stankiewicz got three players to commit on Tuesday.

Andrew Harbour, a Class of 2023 pitcher/infielder from Foothill High in Santa Ana and Andrew Johnson, a Class of 2024 prospect, from Capistrano Valley Christian.

Pitcher Landon Gordon, who will be a sophomore at Mater Dei, also committed.


36 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Here Is A Standards Test

    1. It will be nice to have something to take our minds off all the shit going on in the world.

      Though that old man out in Norco who shot the bad guys coming in to rob him (and maybe worse) was freaking awesome!!

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      1. Hadn’t heard about Norco, just looked it up. WOW! Glad the old fella didn’t get hurt, the robber looks to have some type of automatic or semi-automatic weapon.


      2. And he had a couple of more buddies coming. But the old man got the first one coming in good! He ran screamin’ like a little bitch back to the get away vehicle, “He shot my arm off! He shot my arm off!”

        Old man grew up hunting to help the family keep food on the table, so they messed with the wrong 80 yard old! They arrested all of them.

        Though they’ll all be back on the street again in no time.

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      3. Actually, it appeared the potential robber was retreating when he got shot. The elderly fellow will of course not be charged based on this situation, but you lose your self-defense excuse under these circumstances.

        So 4 guys will be charged with armed robbery and get years in jail. And for what? How much money did they expect to get out of this small store? What goes through the minds of men?

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      4. So Cal,

        too bad he didn’t take them out. Gascon will try and get them released and have the guy jailed for impeding the robber’s opportunity of trying to make a living


      5. Charles,

        Yes, it is Norco, Riverside County, however knowing Gascon, he will try and spread his influence on the DA in Riverside Co. Gascon, is worthless. What is worse is that he is from Cuba and fled to the US. I guess he likes the ol’ Castro train of thought, make the establish suffer and award the criminals and people who over throw govt’s.


  1. Stop comparing Alabama standards to USC’s, because the Trojans will always come out looking like a bunch of soft clowns 🤡. The Crimson Tide walk the walk, as the Trojans for the last decade have done nothing but talk the talk .


      1. Not taking anything away from ‘Bama’s success, but Saban sounds plain old goofy saying that “13-1, second in the natty, Heisman QB” is a “rebuilding year”.

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      2. I hear Marv is chumming around with Michael the Archangel. He likes Michael’s technique of foot to the throat on Satan. Marv is teaching him some other moves.


    1. ugh,ol’peenus breth iz at it agian wit anuthur screan naim,stoopid gurl shuold now her plaice and not be tryin to use the innernet and maikin a fuul of her self,smdh

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      1. Interesting that you think so. I grew up learning that “like” was not a comparative adjective.

        But things change and rather than holding people to a standard, we change the standard.


      2. Correction & Retraction time:

        Do you recall the Winston cigarette commercial that went like this: “Winston tastes good like a cigarette should”

        The sage cigarette people said it should have read:
        “Winston tastes good as a cigarette should”

        But the same analysis would not fit the sentence MG just plugged.

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  2. Actually I, being completely ignorant of how football and other sports work(not unlike California’s governor) assume that USC and Ucla planned to operate at their satellite campuses in the Midwest. Traveling to Los Angels only for “home” games on Friday nights and see family over the weekend. This will be facilitated via internet because the remote campuses are in areas with nothing to do. The real reason for the conference change was thought to be improved academic standards.

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    1. Sorry, Ghost. Scott’s worst fears are materializing: USC has begun moving campus via C- 130’s to an empty field in Nebraska.

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  3. USC has broadened it’s recruiting base (not really national since the PC days). Other Big Ten schools have broadened their base into South California. Will be tougher sledding for Arizona and they know it despite how they’re trying to spin it.

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    1. Charles and Tire Biter,

      Anthony Barr went to Loyola here in L.A. His dad was a famous running back for nd, I think it was Brooks. His mom was the principle at St. Paul. I have run into him a couple of times and he is 6”5″ around 250 lbs. His fingers are all messed up from playing. Good Loyola Cub but a lousy ruin.

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