Wanted: Punter For USC

Lincoln Riley said today Australian punter Atticus Bertrams will definitely not be on the team this season.

Riley said USC has a plan but divulged no details.

The roster currently has two walk-on punters: Will Rose from St. John Bosco and Michael McAllister from La Costa Canyon.

Maybe Caleb Williams can punt?


25 thoughts on “Wanted: Punter For USC

  1. Score 100 a game and go for it on every 4th down. Who needs a punter. Get a kicker that can hit from 80 yards out. Actually, I would bet LR has a plan.

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      1. That cursed play was WHY Clay hired him back, Charles….

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    1. Ed, it is never a bad idea to give the fan boys sum thing to eet. But they still might end up lokkin at you.


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    1. Have always LOVED Maria on Gamedays!

      But that “leak” of the Rachel Nichols video right before her contract negotiations was highly suspect.

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  2. Andy Stankiewicz is a Tiger, and going to get the baseball program back where it belongs. He is a not very tall, but is known as a fierce competitor in the baseball world. Not many wanted him out of St. Paul High School, but Pepperdine took a chance, and despite his size made it all the way to the big leagues. GET IT DONE ANDY—YOU WILL BE A GREAT TROJAN AND PROVE ALOT OF PEOPLE WRONG WHO ARE SAYING TROJAN BASEBALL IS DEAD. WE ARE ALL LOOKING FORWARD TO YOU LIGHTING THE FIRE IN THE PLAYERS WHICH IS WHAT THIS PROGRAM NEEDS.


  3. The kicking game is an important part of the game. John Madden said that is why they call it Football. In fact he said that special teams plays are vitally important – and that almost one out of 4 or 5 plays is a special teams play. Think about it… a long scoring drive may be 12-14 plays, and then there’s the extra point and the kickoff. A short drive could stall and then there’s a punt. Each half begins with a special teams play…
    Any questions why Madden picked Ray Gay in the first round of the 1973 draft???


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