Saturday Buzz: USC Beats Texas For Linebacker

Four-star linebacker Braylan Shelby committed to USC over Texas today.

Shelby is from Friendswood, Texas, so this goes down as a loss for Steve Sarkisian. To be fair, Texas got a commitment yesterday from four-star linebacker Derion Gullette.

It also means linebacker recruiting is fine as this follows the commitment of four-star Tackett Curtis. Or is it Curtis Tackett?

Once again, USC needs offensive and defensive linemen.


34 thoughts on “Saturday Buzz: USC Beats Texas For Linebacker

  1. Big catch for Trojans. Shelby is 6’5″, 235 lbs, he is a triple jumper on the track team, and said he was excited to join a program that was getting turned around; he liked the culture changes at USC.

    The guy going to TX is 6’2″, 200 lbs, probably projects as a safety. We have plenty of DBs.

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    1. Must be a typo… they left out the ruins AGAIN‼️ Hahaha

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      1. Are you still following HS football? Bishop Gorman looks strong this year, #5 in one of the preseason pools. Gorman hosts Mater Dei, in the second week of the season. That might be a nationally televised game.

        Please post more often.

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      2. I do follow some high school football, and BG does look good. Good enough to beat MDHS? Hmm, not sure.
        This year’s top team is SJB. That’ll be a great game as it usually is.

        While most here are great people, there’s just too many derelicts here to post much.

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      3. Shut the fuck up you racist asshole! Dudly76 is still just a prepubescent pussy!! I hoped you were dead you piece of shit!

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      4. Dear F. U.
        I’m almost positive Pudly wasn’t referring to you when he alluded to the inordinate number of derelicts posting here ….

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      5. Only one guy brags about being behind a 4-8 team in recruiting and also about beating a team without a coach…
        Lemme see? Who could it be? No one but a wannabe ruin.


      6. Good to see my Fuckboy friend, Pudly76 finally crawled out from under his Ass Suck Trojans rock …😂😂


  2. Nobody’s gettin’ through the line and nobody’s gettin’ around the edge.It’s a new day without Clay.The portal will bring even more talent as well. #It’sAGreatDayToBeAnEagle@GeoSo. (But it’s an even greater day here.)

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    1. “It’s a great day to be an Eagle!” —if you care more about “just falling one play short” and “playing like warriors” than you do about your win/loss record….

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  3. It’s a good get because the kid has great potential but it is also a winning situation because they went up against Texas and won in a recruiting battle. They need to prove that they can compete with these football powers in the recruiting wars.

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  4. shocked wolf didn’t find somebody somewhere ranking him a 3 star and report it that way as does all SC commits if at all possible…I think the ‘O’ line and ‘D’ line commits will occur as the season progresses and SC is winning…showing what a difference real coaching makes

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    1. Better believe me: Scott tried —but he couldn’t find a recruiting site w/a lower rating to hang his hat on….
      #Scott:”Oh,Well –There’sAlwaysNextTime”

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    2. A lot of the problem has to do with the way SC does NIL. They need to fix that. But I think that they will. SC has gone too far to stop at this point. One of the first things that Folt did when she took the job was that she called Swann into the office and fired him. She fired a USC legend but it needed to be done. He was getting paid big money to play golf. Then she hired a good AD(or at least I think that he is a good AD). Then they spent a ton of money on a great HC. Now I see that they went out and hired the assistant commissioner of the Big 12 to take Sosa’s place. I can’t believe that they would spend all that money to rebuild the administrative football framework only to lose great players because they don’t want to spend some money on the players themselves. That doesn’t make any sense to me. I believe that they will straighten out their NIL program.

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  5. Braylen Shelby is a defensive end prospect, an edge rusher, not really a linebacker. I think that gets classified as defensive line, doesnt it?

    or do you only count DT and noseguard as defensive line?


  6. Dear Pisley, you slimy AH:

    As usual, all you got are loud, lame, whiny loser excuses, excuses, excuses – poor baby. Time for your mummy’s milk – SUCC, SUCC, SUCC.

    #62 – 33
    Ding ding.


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