The World According To Lincoln Riley

Lincoln Riley on the first day for the quarterbacks.

“Some good. Some bad. It’s a pretty typical first day. We missed a few throws we need to make. We had some spectacular throws.

“A solid first day. We’ve got to get a lot better.”

  • Asked about second-team offensive linemen who have stood out, Riley said:

Mason Murphy for sure, he’s a guy that a lot of ability that you feel like it’s a matter of time. He had a really strong summer. I would put Gino (Quinones) in that category. I’d put (Andrew) Milek there.”

  • If you lived in Flour Tower at USC, this is what it looks like today.

This is what it used to look like.


29 thoughts on “The World According To Lincoln Riley

  1. Riley doesn’t duck questions, and his answers seem sincere. Night and day difference versus the village idiot. Every day is a better one, just knowing that sad excuse of a football coach is far, far away.

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    1. Actual Helton first practice comments in 2018 –“Oh, my! Great to see ya’ll! Tremendous first practice. Everybody has a bad taste in their mouth and we can’t wait get to rid of it! The players look bigger and stronger than last year. Gonna be a great season, Trojan fans! We’re all excited!”

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      1. The only thing better is if we had Toa back with us to endanger the QB and create a couple of turnover TDs for the opponent!

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      2. Let’s be fair to Clay —he only allowed the problem to continue every Saturday….

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  2. So Wiley says that every day is a fist fight, that every day is the same– you wake up and get ready for still another fist fight.

    I bet some of the SC boys wish Cuddles aka Ton-o-Hel was still the coach: “Oh son, did you get an ouchy. Come here, I have an ice cream cone to make you feel better”

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    1. …..After “come here” switch “ice” and “cream” and “cone” around and you’ll come up with what Helton actually said ….

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      1. Exactly —and I mean exactly —what the great Doctor Howard Miller said about me in his “History Of American Thought” class…..

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  3. First 4 practices are in the coliseum. Has that ever been done before?

    It is as if Wiley wants his boys to feel, really feel, the enormity of the task at hand, and what better place to begin that process than in the home of the Trojans. It is as if to say, “This is the alpha and the omega, men, this is our home, and this is where we protect our home turf against all comers”

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    1. … and the USC Gould School of Law … what a bunch of George Soros-loving scum you are. You’re an embarrassment to polite society.

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    1. Thank you George. My wife Jayna and my cousin Kris Richard also thank you very much. Go Trojans We will show Michael what pass defense looks like and he is going to eat his words and regret those terrible things he said about me Fight on !!

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  5. Braylan Shelby, 2023 edge rusher commits to usc over texas. espn top 100 player, 4 star kid.

    Ed G., the fan boys are going to go nuts over this one.

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    1. What Shelby had to say about his commit:

      “I really feel what they have going on. You have that home feeling. The culture feeling when it comes to SC and how they’re going to change the program around.”

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      1. Smart Texas kid. Everyone thought he was going to TX, but thankfully he made the right choice.


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      2. If Oklahoma beats Texas in Dallas on October 8th Sark will need to borrow O. J.’s fake beard and Bronco …and head in the same basic direction (Mexico)…..

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  6. I wanna hear a coach say this after 1st practice: “We’re there! No need to grow. We’ve already gone as far as we’re gonna go in terms of skills and conditioning!”

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      1. Helton didn’t EXACTLY say the words I dreamt up…but… telling his players he was in love with them probably stunted their growth somewhat…..

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