USC Training Camp Officially Underway

USC held its 7 a.m. practice, which was fully closed.

Lincoln Riley offered his view on a difference since spring practice.

“We’ve taken several steps since spring. I think the biggest thing I notice right now is a lot of our bodies are starting to change in a way they need to change,” Riley said. “You see a little more pop, a little more speed, a little more physicality.”

  • Riley also praised linebacker Eric Gentry.

“You kinda always hear him, always see him, always feel his presence,” Riley said. “He’s a physical player for being as young as he is.”

  • Practices are closed to the public. It should also be noted about half the practices are closed to media and those that are open only cover stretching and individual drills, so any position battles you really need to take the word of the coaches.
  • USC has hired Ed Stewart, the Big 12’s executive associate commissioner, is being hired as USC’s executive senior associate athletic director, according to Pete Thamel of ESPN.
  • USC has apparently added another Australian punter Aadyn Sleep-Dalton, who announced his committment. His brother, Michael, was Iowa’s punter when the Hawkeyes defeated USC in the 2019 Holiday Bowl.

49 thoughts on “USC Training Camp Officially Underway

  1. Riley’s presser today: “We’ve got to get USC right.”

    He wasn’t trying to crack on Helton. But it is what it is. And Riley’s presser seems refreshingly honest.

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      1. What fans liked about Ed was he didn’t play by the rules —hitting below the belt, after the bell —it was al good for Ed…
        And I liked it when he’d respond to the Ref’s warning with “stay outta this!”

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      2. Daily Bruin reported Jill Biden was saying wild shit to Ed while he was busy doing ‘other things’…. but when she saw the Missus coming thru the door to rescue Ed she couldn’t get outta the UCLA Men’s Room fast enough…

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  2. No more flag football under Coach Riley. Helton was soft as they come Riley will make USC the tough guys again. Partial Pads Day 1 in Practice, Full Pads in Week 1 with many Fall Scrimmages before the season.

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    1. Good find. The ball comes off his foot with that good “pop” sound. It is another thing doing it against guys going in for the block, but I like how quick he delivers the kick.

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    2. Thanks for posting. It’s almost weird how long some of those balls stay in the air.
      Only concern: hope he can keep his stuff in bounds.

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  3. Ever been on the receiving end of a long punt?– Have to watch the ball all the way while you hear the stampeding of angry men rushing to tear your head off. 1960s Mike Battle was the best I ever saw.

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    1. Need great focus and concentration, and also need to make that split second decision of whether to wave for a fair catch. Battle was a great one. Maybe 175 lbs, soaking wet. Heart of a lion.

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    2. Yes. But never in a game …just in practice… and I learned from watching Mike Garrett that, if you’re not fair catching a high kick, you better juke left or right the second your hands touch the ball …and take off in the other direction…

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      1. Mike Garrett and Michael ‘Guarino have a familiar ring. Is that where the similarity ends, MG?

        But true, Garrett was a Houdini when catching the ball, a juke left, a juke right, and off he went.

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      2. Yes, that’s where the similarity ends —I got creamed by guys not falling for the fake…

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  4. RIP Flour Tower aka Res West aka Mens Resident West!

    A lot of us lived there and great fond memories.

    From the scantily clad girls suite across the hall, to the fire alarms to some amazing memories.

    Sad Vinny and Res West!

    My youth is being taken away each day.

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      1. LJ

        I see that they called us trolls on the other site.

        Does that qualify for defamation?

        You have a good case on that pool with monetary damages I believe.

        Let me know.

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    1. I heard it had something to do with Carol’s ‘infra-red, see-thru uniform’ binoculars being on the blink…


      1. Silent waters run deep…..


    2. “Riley said there will be no easing-in period for the Trojans in the coming days as they complete some practices at the Coliseum to get acclimated to an old iconic building that is truly their new home.”

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  5. Riley: “But right now we’ve got to get USC right. We’ve got to win our inner battle, and that’s our fight every day. As opposed to thinking of it like a marathon, where you run a little bit each day, our deal is it’s a fistfight every day and you wake up and get ready to fight again.”

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