USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week


Lincoln Riley

After so many months of talking, things are finally happening on the field.

The players

The good part of closed practices is the hype machine gets turned off during training camp, which means less talking and more performing.

Bruce Matthews

The USC great turns 61 today.

Tony Boselli

He became the 14th Trojan inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame.

John Robinson

He has had five NFL Hall of Famers after Boselli’s induction. Anthony Munoz, Ronnie Lott, Marcus Allen, Matthews and Boselli.

Andy Stankiewicz

The USC baseball coach got five commitments last week. He could use them immediately.


USC fans

Not allowed to attend any training camp practices. That’s not ideal when so many are excited about the Lincoln Riley era.

But if you want to pay $85 to attend Salute to Troy, that’s OK.

Flour Tower

The popular USC dorm has been demolished. Trojan Hall and Marks Hall are also closed and scheduled to be torn down during winter break

Living “on-campus” doesn’t mean what it used to mean at USC.

USC fans, Part II

Whatever happened to the USC Fans Advisory Board? Maybe someone can call Brandon Sosna in Detroit and find out.

Atticus Bertrams

The Australian punter is not coming to USC, which opened up a scholarship for another Aussie: Aadyn Sleep-Dalton.


It’s a joke listening to Jedd the Fisch and Johnny Nansen try to position Arizona as the “West Coast school” with USC and UCLA moving to Big Ten.


Dave Wottle turned 72 on Sunday. It’s the 50th anniversary of when he won the gold medal in the 800 meters at the Munich Olympics 50 years ago. If you never saw this race, it’s worth watching. With the legendary Jim McKay and Marty Liquori, who was only 21 when he was helping McKay call the race.

9 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week

  1. Brandon Sosna thinks hhe can wordsmith and happy talk USC fans to a better place. It’s the approach USC has gone with since Carol got here.

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  2. I wonder how the “Wottle’s got one Kenyon….he’s got the other one” would play now? [For one thing Carol would tweet McKay made her cry big tears for going so far off the Path Of Modern Awareness].

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  3. Attending practices was great, but that was 20 years ago, when USC was on top of the world.

    The team has to be completely reinvented, with so many new players, particularly at the leadership positions, there is a new HC and new staff, the culture has to change, the kids need to get better every day and figure out how to play as a team. Let’s keep the doors closed until the team is ready to be seen.

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    1. This year migth be best to keep the doors closed. The boys need to focus on what they aree doing instead of looking for their parents or their girlfriends. If they win and win a lot and getting into the playoffs this year, then maybe nxt spring open up the practices.

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  4. Because he read something outloud that offended his boss. Oklahoma already had a reputation for being racist comfortable. Venables can’t afford to confirm that behavior. Shame on the player for being immature. I guess Riley was smart to leave such a slow place.


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