USC-ABC Was A Tradition Too

A lot has been made about the Big Ten leaving ESPN after 40 years.

What about USC no longer being on ABC?

The Trojans first appeared on ABC in 1954 vs. Oregon and some classics were on ABC (USC vs. UCLA, 1967; USC vs. Notre Dame, 1974). The 1978 USC-Alabama game was on ABC.

Off the top of my head, USC was not televised anywhere in 1983 (probation) and not on ABC in 1984 or 1985. But pretty much since then the Trojans have appeared on the network.

  • Here’s what a possible USC schedule could look like in 2024:

9 a.m. — USC vs. Michigan (Fox)

12:30 p.m. — USC vs. Wisconsin (CBS)

4:30 p.m. — USC vs. Penn State (NBC)

If there are West Coast night games, it would likely be something like USC/UCLA vs. Purdue or Northwestern.

Bill Flemming interviews John Wayne and Bruce Cabot at the 1966 USC-Texas game.
  • Malia Samuels, a 5-6 point guard from Seattle, has committed to USC women’s basketball. Samuels is ranked as the No. 58 overall player in the Class of 2023 by

37 thoughts on “USC-ABC Was A Tradition Too

    1. Ed, if the misses holds the rabbit ears just right you should get a snowy picture. Have her wear a foil hat, that always helps with the sound.


      1. Haven’t seen misses Ed so naked in oil is your choice. I will take a wait and see on that one.


      2. Well, I wasn’t planning on watching the games at his place. 🙂

        No matter what she looks like, I’m sure she’s beautiful to him and that’s all that matters. May they enjoy a long, loving life together for many years to come.


  1. If you guys get bored, go to you tube and watch the CAL- USC 1975 game in full on ABC Game Of The Week.

    On another note, something in me tells me to short Disney. The only thing that scares me is their content library and their ability to generate content. But I sense a wave of anti wok movement in this country that will soon become a tidal wave.

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    1. Cal75,
      That week was a bad week for the Trojans. That is the week that Mckay announced that he was moving on. Also, Roth played the best game of his life against SC on that day.


      1. Roth was going out with a Pi Phi at the time. A lovely person. I was seeing one of her sisters. So we go to the Christmas formal and Joe’s date gets her period. Has a tiny red spot on the butt of her formal dress. None of her sisters tell her. She was forever known as ‘Spot’.

        Classy outfit them Pi Phi’s.


      2. People think they’re saving you from embarrassment. No! You’re making the embarrassment last longer!

        I always tell people when they have toilet paper hanging from the back of their pants.


    2. Things do not appear rosey in the future for Disney. The movement (anti woke) is gaining a lot of momentum as we speak.


      1. I agree and IMHO Disney is too big to spin on a dime and will take it right between the eyes. They are still pushing their political agenda. For whatever reason I don’t know.
        Politics and business have a hard time mixing. You wind up alienating half of your potential customers. Just look at film and recording artists who have PO’d so many and those people won’t buy the product.


    3. “But I sense a wave of anti wok movement in this country that will soon become a tidal wave.”

      Jesus, Cal75, you’re taking this anti-China thing a bit too far. Are you really planning to give up stir fry??


    4. Disney is over. [It was over in terms of content 15 years ago — now it’s over as a a moneymaking machine too]…


    5. Don’t recall the ’75 SC-Cal game, ’75, but I will not forget the “Aaron Rogers” game where he almost single-handedly beat SC, and in the process took a couple of years off my lifespan


  2. I hope your spidey senses are accurate. Being considerate is one thing. But everyone walking around on eggshells, afraid they might offend someone is ridiculous.

    Lawyer John is right. People are getting ruder & ruder. But that was in motion long before Trump. (Obama really helped it get going with his “Trayvon could be my son” comment.)

    Biden is doing NOTHING to change it. In fact, he’s throwing fuel on the fire even more than Trump did. He’s completely ignoring his promise to “be a President for all Americans, Democrats & Republicans.”

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    1. I get what you are saying, but it isn’t Biden. He has no concept of what is going on. The party is doing it to further the party power agenda.

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      1. Well, it was nice of them after trampling on the first & second amendments for so long, to jump right over three to number four last night.

        Lord knows they’ve been ignoring the tenth for last few months, after the Supreme Court righted a long overdue error.

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      2. Biden doesn’t act like it …but…The 4th Amendment isn’t over. The search warrant and the execution of this warrant are gonna get reamed when they get to the Supreme Court. Biden started a battle he can’t win.
        On a related note —Biden said something interesting when asked about the growing anger toward him—-“We’ve got Missiles & F-15’s on our side.” Think about what that sez about his love for the citizens of this country. This fucker is actually threatening American citizens with death for peaceably opposing his policies…


  3. ABC of old is long gone. Keith Jackson isn’t walking in through that door. I’m generally indifferent to today’s announcers. Gus Johnson tries too hard sometimes.

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    1. What does it tell you when mainstream media keeps pretending ALL this is okay? No matter what this regime does —it’s fine. Day in, day out –you don’t hear a peep from the N. Y. Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, et al.


      1. Nixon had an enemy’s list. Just for shits and giggles, no malice intended, I’d be interested hearing people’s nemesis.

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      2. Speaking of stupidity Charles…

        Hilarious seeing Humpty Dumpty, Brian Stelter, come around and admit Hunter’s laptop is not a “right wing media story”. The cover-up in October 2020 helped Dementia Man get elected and the damage is far from done. 896 days to go!


      3. Nixon didn’t put the people on his list in jail or in front of a federal grand jury….he just didn’t give them the time of day…


      4. If Trump did take something, he should have hidden it under Hunter’s hookers and blow.

        No one ever looks there.


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