USC Notes: So Many Questions?

With all the successful business people from USC in Southern California, why didn’t the athletic dept. simply partner up with some of them for its NIL needs?

Instead, it wanted its own in-house operation with inexperienced people running it.

I raise this for the people who think Mike Bohn and Brandon Sosna had a golden touch with everything.

When you have the power of USC, you can hire Lincoln Riley. You can move to the Big Ten. And you can have the right people running the NIL operation.

  • I’m hearing no one has emerged yet to claim the starting cornerback job opposite Mekhi Blackmon. You have two candidates (Domani Jackson, Max Williams) coming back from knee injuries. Joshua Jackson was highly touted at last year’s camp and then struggled during the season. It’s also possible one of the safeties could play nickel back if no one emerges.

Maybe this is where Donte Williams can earn his $1.2 million.

  • Five-star offensive lineman Josh Conerly is already getting good notices at Oregon’s training camp. He picked the Ducks over USC.

31 thoughts on “USC Notes: So Many Questions?

  1. Bohn should call up Fletcher Jones: “Hey Ted, this is Bohner. Could you send up a few Mercedes for the guys? Thanks brotha and Fight On!”

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    1. Just a small MBZ logo on the back of the helmet or on the hip. Noticed a Nike logo on the buttocks of an MLB team. Seems about to right (“we own your ass”).

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  2. Scott, thought you were the person skeptical about reports coming out of camps, so why are you giving credence to the report out of the Oregon camp especially in the early going?

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    1. Well, h, Scott is like so many people who are inconsistent with their opinions. People’s ideas and opinions can often change in a second, sometimes depending on who got to them last

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  3. When it comes to the NIL, I think the Wolfman has stumbled onto the truth. I still think that there are forces inside the university who have always been against the football program who are fighting against bringing in a good NIL program. When you have the resources that SC has, setting up a top notch NIL program shouldn’t be rocket science.

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    1. I agree with Scott (for once). The guys running Stay Doubted are a joke. They have zero experience in athlete representation and working with brands.

      It is like hiring Clay Helton as a head coach.

      Overall Bohn has done good things but this NIL strategy is a big loser. Go out to the USC alumni and find some people who can really help put together a strong NIL collective.

      If Bohn does not solve this, many independent USC NILs will crop up and take the place of Stay Doubted. Only the lower level athletes will sign up for SD.

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      1. I’m hoping you are right when you say many independent USC NILs will crop up and take the place of Stay Doubted. The thing that troubles me is that the administration seems to be against that. Are they trying to help this football program or are they still trying to make sure it continues to be mediocre?


      1. Ed: I will vote for you. Just be careful that the “big guy'” doesn’t borrow your lines. According to UCSB “From his time in law school to his failed presidential campaigns, Biden’s made it a habit of “borrowing” from others:

        Key Takeaways

        Joe Biden has plagiarized from speeches, essays, and policy positions throughout his entire life. As a student at Syracuse Law School in 1965, Biden plagiarized 5-pages from a law review journal “without quotation or attribution”

        During his failed 1988 presidential campaign, Biden plagiarized from speeches by British politician Neil Kinnock, Robert Kennedy, and President John F. Kennedy
        Now, Joe Biden and his 2020 Presidential campaign are at it again – lifting ideas, slogans, and writings to pass off as their own.

        Last year, Biden’s campaign used “word-for-word” language from other groups as part of his climate and education policy papers. The newly released recommendations from the “Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force” takes whole sections straight from Bernie Sanders’ campaign platform.

        Biden’s “Build Back Better” slogan is a phrase coined by Bill Clinton in 2006.”

        Ed: When Biden and Goober start to refer to “the missus” we will know who they got their ideas from.

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      2. I’m waiting for the “Anchorman” moment –when an impish teleprompter staffer gets Joe to tell voters to go fuck themselves…. and the MSNBC cameras catch Joe smiling and humming to himself afterwards…

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      1. Watch your mouth Plowhorse
        Joe Biden has the DOJ, FBI, CIA, IRS and more on his side.
        You might just get a knock on your door in the middle of the night.
        Hitlers German Nazi GestapoEast Germany’s communist StassiThe Soviet Unions communist KGBHaiti and Papa Docs Tontons MacoutesAnd now Uncle Joe Bidens american FBIWelcome to the New American Order…..more like the New American concentration camp…..where you shut up and obey or you are eliminated


    1. I always thought this BLVD sounded like a shakey deal. Guys making money doing nothing. USC has to have someone who can help put together something that would be better than what most schools have. The SBR group seem to feel the same way and have come in with big pocket books and business savvy. How unusual for USC.


  4. Fox Field of Dreams broadcast has in-game, on-the-field mic’d-up interview with one of the Reds infielders. It’s coming for CFB, at least on the sidelines between series.

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  5. Max Williams is probably going to start at nickel. I read Ceyair Wright is starting with the ones in practice, on the other side from Mekhi.

    What about Latrell McCutcheon? Prophet Brown?

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    1. I wouldn’t put to much into the fact that some of these guys who nobody expected them to start are now starting. What they are probably trying to do is give the real starters a kick in the butt and send them the signal that they are going to have to earn their starting position.

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  6. Just wondering if I should care about some kid who picked the ducks over the Trojans. I gotta figure it’s a fashion thing. Anyway since this is a duck blog I thought I’d trot out my duck joke.
    A hunter was driving home from a successful day of hunting when he was pulled over by a game warden. The hunter was obliged to open his trunk. The warden counted the birds and was satisfied that the hunter was below the limit, but decided to mess with the hunter. He picked up a duck and jammed his index finger up the duck’s butt. Sniffing his finger he said, “damn that’s an Alabama duck, you gotta Alabama duck license?” The hunter got his wallet and produced an Alabama license. The warden did the same thing to the next duck, ” Damn that’s an Arkansas duck, you gotta Arkansas licence? ” The Hunter produced an Arkansas licence from his wallet. The warden grabbed a couple more ducks and each state he named, the hunter had a licence for. Finally the warden said, ” Damn you surer have a lot knowledge about ducks, do you have any Oregon ducks? “The hunter said, “nah they’re all fat and fancy feathers-not worth my time. The warden then said, ” where you from? ” The hunter bent over and said, “you tell me.”

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    1. I still think that SC will always have an advantage over Oregon because Oregon has to go out of state to get their players while SC doesn’t even have to go out of city. Oregon has always had one advantage with Uncle Phil but now with this NIL, all the teams have the same advantage moneywise as Oregon.
      Like I said before……out of 104 players on their roster only 19 came from Oregon….34 came from California. Oregon is like Oklahoma…’s a state that lacks football talent. That’s why LR left the Sooner state.


  7. If Ceyair Wright is starting with the 1’s in practice then that’s the message the coaches are sending to all the DB’s. And people were upset when his position coach called him out, SMH.


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