USC Injury Update

Korey Foreman attended practice today but was not dressed in pads.

Lincoln Riley said Foreman had a minor injury. Earlier in the week, Riley said Foreman had a “previous commitment” when he missed two practices.

“We expect him back in the next few days,” Riley said.

Tight end Jude Wolfe underwent surgery and will miss the first part of the season, according to Riley.

  • Riley also addressed the idea of USC boosters forming an NIL collective:

“I’m confident that we will be able to bring everyone together and make sure it’s one, united effort,” he said.

“We very much believe in the BLVD concept, not only for what it can do for our student athletes but also making sure that we stay within the rules and having people that have been in this business and are experts in the field is very, very important to us.”

38 thoughts on “USC Injury Update

  1. Chances are Riley will dismiss any players who venture into the arms of “Student Body Right” the group will have to fold into Blvd. It is possible the school can manage both.


    1. So Korey Foreman misses the first few practices. He then misses more due to a minor injury. Every one has minor injuries during fall camp. I don’t think you are going to “re-build the culture” with Foreman on the team. Time to say good-bye.


      1. Korey Foreman is telling us who he is, he’s a over hyped player, that will never live up to his high school headlines. USC has been a magnet for players like him, especially under Clay Helton. If Foreman was who we thought he was, Alabama, Georgia, or Ohio State would have had him signed .

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    2. Lincoln Riley might be towing the party line regarding SBR, but actually be very happy they are setting up. At the end of the day, it really doesnt matter what anyone at USC thinks about SBR. They are separate. That is the way the law intends these things to be.

      It is actually against California law for collectives to coordinate with the university, so the idea of them coming together is just wrong.


  2. Riley is excited about SBR, no doubt about that. Everyone has a collective and we needed one as well. No more losing guys over collective deals. BLVD is great for guys who will get huge deals (Caleb, Jordan, etc) but we need SBR for the guys along the lines.


    1. Riley should be excited about SBR if the school is involved with BLVD some woke bureaucrat will screw it up royal. Still wondering what BLVD is going to do with the 50% NOT going to athletes. 50%?? That is worse than the Wounded Warriors debacle.

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      1. Steveg49,
        I’ve always liked the way you phrase things better than the way Fuck You phrases things….

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  3. ugh,u awl keap maikin fun of me and il meat u in a park fir a pick nick and by u a pretzuhl and then maik u lissen to bend afflect speek the spanich,then u wil stop maikin fun of me,u now who u r wen im tawkin to u,smdh

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  4. I sense red flags with Korey Foreman. The new transfer from Auburn is getting first team reps, and the 5⭐️ is out with minor dings and personal issues. Not a good look for the new coaches.


  5. Ryno: Lincoln Riley said that USC’s defense has been “the dominant group without a doubt” in recent practices.

    The defense had “major, major depth issues” in the spring, he admitted, but has added reinforcements both from the portal and from injury. Riley seems pleased.

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  6. Dennis Dodd: Hawaii went from 0-12 in 1998 to 9-4 in 1999, an 8.5-game improvement that is still the NCAA record for a single-year turnaround. We’re talking about the Trojans attempting something of that scale given how far down they were last season and how high their dreams are this season.

    “I think, with the coaching, that USC definitely has a chance to be a title winner,” said June Jones, coach of that Hawaii team. “The most important thing to me is the quarterback transferred with the coach.”

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  7. –A little late to the block-party, errr, blog-party, but a picture of Groucho Marx reminded me of the one time I met him at a dinner party, sitting across from me.
    At Age-20 I was not the most skilled conversationalist, and so I thoughtlessly told him “You remind me of my grandfather.” Which he did.

    Groucho quickly retorted, “You remind me of MY grandfather.”

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  8. Not much going on so allow me to analyze Foreman. It might be in his name, a foreman is pretty low on a company’s hierarchy. Perhaps if we start calling him something like Kingman or Wonderman he will get an ego-boost, and get out from under his funk and start tapping into that potential

    So Wiley says the SC defense is ahead of the offense. Well, in the first week of Fall practice (or is it summer practice?) college defenses usually get the best of the
    offenses. It is easier to pin your ears back and rush the quarterback than it is for the quarterback to be on the same page with his wideouts.

    But time flies, and the offense now has only 3-weeks to prepare for its opener. Since offense is SC’s bread-and-butter weapon this year, it might be time to feel a sense of urgency.

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  9. Nice tribute by Scott remembering Bob Hendren, a 6’8″ lineman for SC from 1946-1948,
    after serving in the War for 3-years from 1943-1946. What a guy, what a man! Perhaps the times (war-time) make the man, but it still does not take away the fact there have been great sacrifices by men-and-women for the USA.

    And despite the Millenial Generation thinking they are the greatest generation, and the Baby-Boomer generation knowing they are not Number-1, there is no doubt the American generation that fought in World War 2 was the greatest based on the personal sacrifices each man and woman had to make during that scary war period.

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      1. And look at our comparatively easier lives we were lucky enough to live. If you tend to take your standard of living for granted, things like, you know– clean water, healthy food, and a roof over your head, recall that over half the world’s people don’t even have these basics.

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  10. Cumly Foreskin is a waste of human tissue. USC has better players. This guy needs a water bucket and a ladle, a stack of cups like Bobby Boucher. Then maybe his mama will reach him foosball. Then his medulla oblongata will work.






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      1. I carefully tried to put that reply beneath the “is everyone dead?” remark….

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  12. Some kids can handle the hype/5* rankings. Others read the news clippings and get coddled by their parents or in today’s world their NIL benefactors.

    Similar to kids in high school who were so-called gifted back in the day.

    Sad to see the gifted kids underemployed and never developing a real career. It didn’t help that the so-called gifted ones majored in some useless liberal arts degree.

    Same thing with these hyped 5*’s. Anyone remember Stan Guyness, Whitney Lewis, Marc Tyler ? All hyped up in high school but that was about it.

    I will take a hungry 3* or 4* star with an amazing work ethic who develops and consistently improves over their 4 year career.

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      1. Whitney Lewis? Sad story. All the potential in the world, size plus speed, with a 4.3 something 40. I recall he really didn’t want to go to USC, I think he wanted to go to Florida where his QB was going. He left USC, transferred to a small school, I don’t know what happened after that.

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      2. Come to think of it, USC has had several 5 stars who struggled. Whitney Lewis, Vidal Hazelton, George Farmer, Aaron Corp, Jack Jones, Boogie,…

        Still too early to tell re: Foreman. Fingers crossed for him.

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    1. Makes sense, YoungDole. I might add that if a kid is good enough to get a football scholarship to a major college, then he had to be very good in high school, and probably was not only the best player on his team but possibly the best in his league.

      So for 2 or 3 years in high school he is a BMOC, big-man-on-campus, and with all that adulation naive 15-18 aged guys can get big-heads, perhaps begin thinking they are better than they really are, and maybe even stop going all-out in practices.

      Well, these aspiring footballers better not bring that lazy high school passion to their college. It is a huge jump anyway from high school-level football to college-grade. Guys are bigger, faster, and more experienced.

      It really is no wonder so many good high schoolers wash out at the higher level




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    1. 82!?! The brubabies moved up!

      Problem with chip is that kids being recruited today were 6 or 7 years old the last time chip did anything.

      Today’s chip is a sub-.500 coach, he is 2-22 versus winning teams, he is 60 pounds overweight, working at a university that doesn’t care about football.

      Based on that, 82 is really quite good.

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      1. Take note, guys: It’s a solid 82 —many points above 83….

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