USC Morning Buzz: Let’s Check The Tale Of The Tape

The three-star party has given USC a set of linemen for the Class of 2023 and people are already complimenting them over their size.

OG Micah Banuelos (6-2.5, 305)

OG Alani Noa (6-4, 330)

OT Tobias Raymond (6-7, 250)

OT Amos Talalele (6-4, 330)

  • Let’s remember a few days ago I ran the list of Alabama’s offensive line commitments:

OT Wilkin Formby (6-7, 300)

OT Olaus Alinen (6-6, 325)

IOL Miles McVay (6-6, 350)

IOL Ryqueze McElderry (6-3, 345)

IOL Raymond Pulido (6-6, 335)

The other difference? All the Alabama commits are four-stars, not three-stars.

  • You know who did not dress Tuesday at USC practice? Defensive end Solomon Tuliaupupu. He also missed at least one practice last week and maybe more because it doesn’t get announced.

Remember this is his fifth season and he has yet to be healthy enough to play in a game.

  • USC running backs coach Kiel McDonald explained how he will choose which tailbacks play.

“Things [have been] clear from the beginning; the best players are going to play,” he said. “So you’ve gotten your shot to show us what you can do. And we’re going to make sure that we slot the guys who bring it.”

53 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Let’s Check The Tale Of The Tape

    1. Or maybe we can hire an anti-Alabama insider who can slip diet pills into their food and into those giant Alabama bellies, and bring them down a size or 2.

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      1. Such an innocent time….. compare this skit with any SNL drenched-with-political-venom skit…..

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      2. Long story, but…

        I had a similar event to Lucy’s in Switzerland 20+ years ago. Everywhere we went we saw the ads for “raclette.”
        “We have raclette.” “try raclette.” So, we had to try it.

        The diffident, impersonal Swiss waiter brings over the plate of meats and breads. Then he brings this huge, hot machine over and puts the huge cheese wheel next to it. The lovely Swiss cheese starts dripping and we put delightful breads and meats under the dripping cheese and enjoy.

        Problem is, we Yanquis were the only one’s enjoying Raclette at the time and I had no one to learn from. The cheese starts dripping faster than we can eat it, but I keep scooping it up and gorging on it as I didn’t want it to drip all over the table. Just like Lucy, I’m eating the molten cheese as fast as I can…

        Eventually my wife and I fail and a glob of cheese is forming on the table. The diffident waiter provided no extra plates. With a slow chaos growing, the waiter–who was not busy at all–saunters over and pulls the “cheese heater” (looks like a hair blow-dryer) away from the massive cheese wheel.

        “Voila,” he implies, without saying a word.
        Would have been nice to know in advance…

        Otherwise, my trip through Svizerra was fantastic.


    2. MG: Maybe we can bring back that Maximus Gibbs guy and swap him with Tobias. What happened to Gibbs. Any info on him from the “inside USC” blog.

      Love some of the Alabama O line names – Ryqueze McElderry.

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  1. All these guys are high 3-stars (Raymond 86.89).

    “A high three-star (87-89): is considered a player with significant NFL upside who expect to be an impact college football player.”

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      1. Jon Wilner notes that Tobias is up to 270 lbs, (not 250) and has “a lot of room to grow”. Much of the ratings for o-linemen are based on weight and height. Rivals and 24-7 don’t spend a ton of time studying blocking techniques.

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  2. Lincoln Riley’s going to need a year to prove himself that he’s going to play physical football up front, before he gets the 4&5 star offensive linemen to commit. And if that happens, the linemen in this class will eventually transfer to schools in the Mountain West Conference, Cal Lutheran, or Chapman College where they belong.


      1. ugh,eethur ol’peenus breth sifliss or sandee vuhjina iz maikin hir say stoopid things agian,smdh. Btw, can someone please put their peenus in my ass or mouth, and CUM inside of me? It will be much appreciated 😃


  3. Based on listed O/L commitments, methinks Riley should’ve held out for more SUCC desperation $$$$. I bet not one of these O/L recruits has ever lifted and tossed 100+ lbs of OK bales of hay all day.


      1. Just like lifting 17 bags of concrete…..


    1. Just Rent,

      When the Rose Bowl kicks out the squatters, err.. the ugly football team for non-payment, where do you think they will play? Will they play at drake stadium? Naw, that is too large for attendance. I say that they play at Centinel Field, in Inglewood. It is a high school stadium. It is still too large, but the rent is cheaper.

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  4. 130 division 1 football teams. 125 of them probably have zero 4-5 star lineman. It is about developing the kids that want to play at the school.

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  5. PT you pathetic stooge, way to stay on my SUCC O/L recruiting point.

    Will you worry if the grass at UCLA has been cut next?

    bozo FB, 4 – 8 pussy’s

    #62 – 33
    Ding ding.


    1. Just Rent,

      Why would I worry about the grass being cut at ugly? The 80 yard field is too short to worry about grass cutting. Besides, the way it is going at ugly, they will cut football like they did at Cal St. Long Beach and Cal St. Fullerton. Then ugly can have all the lesbo, homo, body changer protests on the former field. Did I forget to say you can have all the Angela Davis and commie rallies as well?

      Anything goes on this board. But knowing you, you will cry to the CA Bums Orgainzation and complain that people are picking on u.


  6. UCLA 2022 non-conference Football schedule:

    Bowling Green, South Alabama, and Alabama State.

    And Owns calls other football programs “pussy’s.” Unbelievable.

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  7. China sending troops to Russia for “joint military exercises”.

    I hope football season starts before WWIII. I’d love to get a whiff of what we might have had to look forward to this season.

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    1. Biden has played foreign policy perfectly —he’s got all the most powerful nations on earth lining up against us while he helps us come apart …hope you’re in favor of America switching over to the Hong Kong model of government soon…..


      1. Peace through weakness was never going to work. Those of us with any sense knew that.

        Yes, Trump is an ass and a bully. But he was OUR bully and other leaders knew better than to mess with him. Putin & Jinping were loving it when Dementia Joe was “declared” the winner.

        So much blood already on the hands of Biden voters and there’s about to be more.

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      2. SLO CAL: “Peace through weakness was never going to work. Those of us with any sense knew that.”

        If China, as Trump claims, intentionally unleashed covid on our nation, we need to know why Trump he has impotently failed to respond after this attack, which was far worse than 9/11. And conversely, if Trump is lying, as we all know, this is not just a typical Trump lie, but one of his most vile acts of a weak coward.

        It’s a despicable insult to all the families who have lost loved ones to the virus. In either case, Trump has failed our nation in dealing with china

        Actually, Putin & Jinping loved it when trump was “declared” the winner. They both played trump like a fiddle. Wake up!!!!… Cherry-picking context to fit your pathetic agenda is a sign of YOUR weakness.

        SLO.CAL:…”So much blood already on the hands of Biden voters and there’s about to be more.”

        Details. please!…… Wait, I’m asking for the impossible. This dipshit couldn’t debate himself out of a paper bag. But sure can brag about a shit he took!


      3. Gabby —
        They don’t roll their eyes anymore…. they just exchange glances & smile knowingly at each other …[kinda the way they did when they told me the vaccine would stamp out covid]…
        [I will say that, on the whole, they pretty much don’t care about any of this —they might change their minds if they get a visit from the new, improved, armed IRS, though]…


      4. perhaps slo cal would negotiate a peace treaty with the in-laws….The dude has an awesome set of T00LS

        ps…no vaccine in the world is 100% effective….do you educate them?

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      5. Wowsie. Gabby obliquely calls for nuclear war with China.


      6. Tariffs!….. toooo funnnny!…. Trump tried to punch-down on china with tariffs, but in reality, tariffs are a tax on the consumer.

        What’s the correlation between nukes and secure borders? Actually, Mexico did a better job at securing the border than trump.


      7. I try to educate them, Gabby. [Unfortunately they took Joe’s word that “if you get the vaccine you’ll be safe”]…
        btw, In roughly a year you’ll be seeing umpteen thousand television ads that go like this, “If you were forced to get vaccinated by your employer or university please contact XYZ Law Firm…. a one hundred billion dollar Super Fund has been set up for your compensation for any of the following categories of medical conditions…..enlarged heart, brain tumor, heart attack, stroke, etc., etc…..”


      8. The teaching in you has been your calling, I would assume. If I recall correctly, after you left the DA’s office, you went on to teach some type of law class. It’s quite admirable to give back to the community.

        PS…Lawyers are hungry and need to eat

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      9. Glad to hear you’re in favor of SOMEBODY securing the border, Gabby…
        btw, hate to admit it …but…Obama did a better job than Trump…and WAY better job than Joe …of protecting the southern border from illegal entry….

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        It’s fools like you who continue to hammer the wedge!


    2. slooo call…did you get the outhouse remodel finished? I know you were complaining about the amount of effort it was taking.

      Hey!!!!! …nothing wrong with taking a dump in an area you appreciate



      1. Gabby,

        How is the ol’ senile, future felon, last term, who thinks he is president doing? I will tell you, he makes Hitler look like a Choir Boy. He breaks the law to settle ol’ scores. he is a piece of human waste. the worst president ever. And to think, you are that brainwashed to vote for him.


      2. Reality check: If Merrick Garland’s Department of Justice was working hand-in-hand with Democrats in a partisan, politicized pursuit of a Democratic agenda, as people like yourself would like to believe, the DOJ would not have sought a search warrant at this stage of the midterm campaigns.


      3. Maybe the Supreme Court is on it…they could have [and should have] dodged overturning Roe until next year…..


      4. That’s why you use a pencil, just in case you make a mistake.

        Back in March/April, I was all ready to concede the Republicans taking the house and senate….but but but!…. You’re right! I think the majority vote from SCOTUS misjudged the pulse of this country, which may have leveled the playing field somewhat.

        It’s going to be an emotional ride to the finish….hang on!

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      5. Gabby,

        You are correct, no one is above the law, except,

        Hunter Biden, Jod Biden, Hillary Clinton, Pelosi, Comey, “Rat Fink” Schiff, Obuma, Bill Clinton, and the list goes on.


      6. Here’s the reality you seem to overlook…Why didn’t trump’s top cop in the country, Billy Barr, investigate and indict?…take your time, I expect an answer……You are too easy to debunk!!!!!



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