A Couple Tone Deaf Decisions

The athletic dept. is frequently out of touch as I often note.

Here are the jersey numbers the USC bookstore will sell if it gets its ordered jerseys by the end of August: 1, 22, 55 and 80.

Other than 55 or possibly 1, who wants those jerseys?

The athletic dept. told the Athletic that 1 is for being No. 1 and 22 is for the 2022 season, 55 is for obvious reasons and 80 is because USC was founded in 1880.

How about selling some of the Heisman winners? Or No. 35? No. 42? Or No. 13 for Caleb Williams?

Apparently, the No. 13 has to be ordered through Fanatics so Williams can get a cut. And here is the worst part: If you order a Williams jersey, Fanatics will put his name on the back, whether you want it or not.

Talk about tone deaf. I don’t know any real USC fans who would be caught wearing a jersey with a name on the back.

  • Eight of USC’s 15 fraternities have now chosen to disassociate themselves from the university as Beta Theta Pi and Lambda Chi Alpha became the latest to cut ties. They join Kappa Alpha Order, Pi Kappa Alpha, Sigma Alpha Mu, Sigma Chi, Tau Kappa Epsilon and Zeta Beta Tau.


35 thoughts on “A Couple Tone Deaf Decisions

  1. Carol Folt: “The Fraternities dissociating from USC will pay a heavy price in blood and treasure. The University will strike back at a time and a place of our choosing.”

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    1. Come on… Unlike the frat boys at Faber College, they KNEW that Folt was about to put them on Double-Secret probation, so they beat her to the punch!

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  2. hi john,i think ol’peenus breth (sandee vuhjina) is ackshuwally wun of the fan boys cuz she actin awl stoopid and botherun evry wun,u shud maik hir like the ressed of ucla fotbal fans and diss apeer,smdh

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      1. Ha! Re George:
        …As a fellow attorney said to me as I was wishing out loud that a particular judge would die before we started trial, “now you’re getting into that grey area…”

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    1. You senile FUCK Tirebiter, that beats that prominent stick up your kazoo. You’re a Trump kinda guy.

      You’re old lady knows all about V cobwebs. According to her, you haven’t got it up since early 1955.


  3. I was rush chairman for one yr. I can’t think of one thing UC ever did for us.

    The UC council was comprised of well pd administrators who grafted onto the UC payroll. With the power to make your life miserable.

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      1. He was bold enough to share with us a couple of months ago that he is going though chemo. Not all of us believe in a Higher Power, but those of us who do having been sending up good thoughts for him.

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      2. It truly saddens me to hear about people fighting cancer. It often comes quickly and takes our loved ones. Cal is a fighter, I’m sure he will defect it.

        thank you for the response

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      3. Cal75,

        Still praying for you. Hoping you get better real fast. Cancer is worse than evil. I lost my mom, sister, grandmother, and aunt to cancer.

        God Bless you and may u get better real fast.

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      4. PT….I’m so so sorry for your loss, a tear just dropped on my keyboard. My mother-in-law passed away from cancer in late 2020.

        The worse part was, that no one could be by her side, while at City of Hope, due to covid restrictions. She passed away lonely with no support from her family. The preceding funeral was also a challenge due to covid.

        2020 is a year I wish could be erased from my memory. too much hardship from around the world to bear.

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      1. Gabby,

        I am so sorry for your loss. City of Hope, in Duarte is very good. I totally understand and feel bad for you that you were not able to support your mother in law. I know you would have if you could. I had a dear friend of mine pass away from cancer of the nose back in January. I was so blessed by God to be able to see him one more time before they didn’t allow anyone one in the hopsital at Arcadia Methodist. I was the last one to see him outside of his family.


        May your mother in law be in the hands of Our Dear Lord Jesus forever and ever.

        “Now, this doesn’t mean we will take cold showers together”, Clint Eastwood, HearBreakridge. LOLOL

        God Bless you.

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  4. I wonder if the other LA university’s going to follow suit? Will Eye Humpa Gie and Wii Luv Dems fraternity brothers be upset enough to leave the closet?


  5. Hey, wolfman!!!! For over 20 years, you have continued to harp your grievances for USC and all things related to it in the public domain.

    With that said, perhaps it’s time to really consider a career change. Your mental health and the “fanboys” would deeply appreciate it.

    We know you have a fondness for the “donut”. According to a source, donuts makers now have a solid union under their feet and a decent pension. WIN WIN for all!

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  6. Wolf: ” Man, I can’t post this column, it is just to positive. I know, I can take out the positive stuff and use it on Friday Notes posting. There, now it is a good negative post and fits my schtik better”.

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  7. Are these frats disassociating from the university unique to USC? Seems to me that this might become the trend everywhere. With all those woke administrators in universities, it seems like it might be better to get further out of the reach of the liberal retards.

    The frat system at USC has taken a beating over the past year, but being separate from the university might give them the latitude to do what they want and as a result, it might make the system stronger.

    I also like that Student Body Right is flipping the middle finger to the administration. These snowflake administrators are doing a lot of damage. They need to consider why a good portion of the alum and students think they suck.

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  8. Scott,
    On brand as usual. No worries, it’s why we come here. You have proven that some people are gluttons for punishment.

    Also, it’s impressive to find the negative in every story.

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  9. Scooter, Cal75,
    Cal75, Michael, LJ, GT, Gabby, So Cal, and the rest,

    What is so awesome is, that we can we can be rivals, argue, cuss and get mad at each other, but when the chips are down for one of the bloggers, we rally around them. That shows me that we truly are decent people, even with our differences. That put a smile on my heart. Thank you.

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    1. PT….As I read your comment, it felt like you were in my head talking to me. Call me crazy. But your reply was heartfelt and genuine. My smile was bigger!

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