USC Practice Has Familiar Tone

After missing most of last week, Korey Foreman did not practice today according to Lincoln Riley. The Trojans were off Monday.

Cornerback Domani Jackson, wide receiver Kyle Ford and tight end Josh Falo also missed practice.

One reason I haven’t discussed Jackson more in terms of starting is I wondered how much he would practice following last year’s ACL injury.

As for Foreman, it’s not exactly been a blockbuster training camp so far.

  • Riley said linebacker Eric Gentry and cornerback Prophet Brown had interceptions in last weekend’s scrimmage. He didn’t say who threw the passes.

Riley said the defense dominated for several days but the offense had the upper hand in the scrimmage.

This isn’t unusual as the defense usually has the advantage to start training camp until the offense gets more familiar with things.


34 thoughts on “USC Practice Has Familiar Tone

  1. I still think that the offense will be explosive. Never has LR had the kind of talent on offense that he has this year and he has always had great offenses going back to 2010 when he first took over an offense at East Carolina. So the fact that the defenses have been dominating may mean that the defense is going to be better than we think. We’ll see!

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    1. I’ve reconciled myself to the fact we won’t really know what we have with this team until Stanford.

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      1. We probably won’t know a lot of the plays until Stanford. I don’t think that they will give away the whole offense against Rice

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      2. We’re gonna be fine, my friend! Fight on, PT! [unless you’re referring to the January 6th Commission—-they make everybody feel pessimistic]…


  2. Antonio Morales: #USC LB Eric Gentry had an interception in that scrimmage. “It’s rare to have a guy on your defense with that length but also that type of athleticism. Love it defensively… from an offensive perspective, guys like that are a pain.”

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    1. He’s strong too. You would think that you could bully him with that beanpole body but I’ve seen him take some people head-on. He’s not easy to move.

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      1. “I saws the money and I tooks it” ~ Reggie “Liar” Bush

        #Weggie chucks bozo FB under a bus.


      2. Josh actually gave an interview at UCLA where he said he “hated amusement parks & the beach”…

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      3. I don’t get it, 67. It’s not like him to go to that place once…let alone twice.


    1. ol’peenus breth ben imbareissing hir self and reely up set cuz she ghaht sanned in hir vuhjina,smdh I’d really enjoy if ol’peenus breth would cum in my mouth, because I love peenuses, and what they have to offer.


  3. Don’t you just hate it when all you have to go on, all you have to go by, is news about SC playing SC?
    How can you get a true read of the team’s quality with only that mere evidence available for your review?
    And do you root for the defense or the offense? And if one is dominant does that mean the other stinks?

    I know I am not the only Trojan who is ready for the games to begin.

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      1. I don’t know Michael. Stanford has a lot of time to prepare for this game, their game of the year, so I expect a difficult conquest.

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      2. I am thinking Stanford may not be very good this year. Terrible defense and an o-line that couldn’t run block at all last year. As we know here too well, a good QB can only take you so far.

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      3. I was trying to suggest that, John….I guess unsuccessfully. Stanford will be a war…and the team HAS to win it to prove something to the rest of the conference …and to themselves….

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  4. If Foreman can’t get it together I sure hope LR cuts him loose. No reason to waste time on someone with so much drama and problems. If he wants to play ball, go do it or just go home.

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    1. Just don’t play favorites with him. If he’s playing like a 3rd stringer, make sure he stays 3rd string. Sooner or later he will either decide to become the star that he has the potential to be or he will transfer out. He’s starting to remind me of Wole Betuku, a guy who had a mountain of talent but turned out to be a huge bust. But he’s still just a sophomore. Give him some more time.

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  5. I see some comments about Scottie playing both-sides of the Foreman case– pro Foreman, con-Foreman

    Actually, Scott may not be playing both ends from the middle, although it might be a matter of degree.– But Scott probably has 2 pre-written articles about Foreman, one supporting the kid, and the other knocking him.

    So depending on how Foreman did that day, or whether he even showed up, Scott simply pulls out the relevant article that sums up that particular Foreman-day.

    Geez Louise, it will be nice when football season truly starts, so we all have something of real substance to write about.

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      1. Speaking of ‘pre-written articles, Michael, I have pre-written my Final-Words to sucla
        in anticipation of my possible death. I wanted sucla to know the depth of my feelings.
        My Will reads in relevant part as follows:
        “I have hated sucla since before I was born– I don’t know why, I just do. Some feelings you can’t shake. Snotty attitude comes to mind. Of course SC and others can be short on humility too. But this is about the suclas, the Midget-Bears.

        April Fools– how can anybody “hate” sucla– they’re always good for a laugh
        “If truth be told we’d miss them”

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