And Now A Quick Practice Update

Today’s USC practice was closed and Lincoln Riley did not speak to the media.

But from this video of the band, we can see Korey Foreman (left) did not dress for practice. His injury has not been disclosed.

23 thoughts on “And Now A Quick Practice Update

  1. “In today’s practice update, sports writer, local eatery guru, and provacateur, Scott Wolf was mistaken for a tackling dummy. Emergency personnel are now working to pry him from the field. Upon regaining consciousness, Mr. Wolf said “Geez, you call that a tackle! My granny hits harder than that.”

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    1. Hell, ‘Hell-and-Damn.’ a hearty hello:

      But your story does not ring true that our Wolfie was mistaken for an SC
      tackle-dummy yesterday.

      Reports from the world-recognized ‘SC Football Committee’ state Wolf stated this,
      “Despite reports, I was not touched by any footballers– but the mere thought of being hit made sick for 2-weeks– it was horrible”

      And there you have it. The News– sliced-and-diced to our satisfaction


    1. Back in the day, Scott used to pay a janitor good money for “inside info”. With the covid surcharge gripping the country, the price of intel has become too expensive.


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  2. What is it like for Foreman, where a year ago in high school he was the big cheese,
    and now at SC he’s been reduced to just-another average football-rat that eats cheese

    In high school on the day he chose SC, the tv cameras were there for an hour and it looked like half the school showed up. What incredible adulation.

    And then he goes to the “bigs,” college football, and he becomes just another face in the crowd. Got to wonder how going from Number-1 in high school to Number-0 in college affects your mental-and-emotional stability.

    But Trojans are still hoping-and-praying that Corey Foreman can finally turn the corner, and become at least a serviceable SC footballer. We shall see in short order

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    1. LJ,

      The difference between last year and this year is, Helton played his favorites and he might have made a deal with Foremen to come to USC and he would start automatically. This year is that Riley sees him and says that he has to develop and get better or he won’t even suit up.


      1. There’s always the transfer portal. I bet Georgia Southern can use some d-linemen who need their egos stroked.


  3. I hope not, but Foreman has all the makings of a 5-star bust. Get it together bro and quit making excuses. And poor Ed, he’s not hurting anyone. WTF!?

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  4. Foreman likely to enter portal when?

    A) Before start of 2022 season ?
    B) During 2022 season ?
    C) Before start of 2023 spring practice ?
    D) Will not enter portal

    My vote is C.


  5. You have to wonder if Foreman is going to play at all this season. Maybe he just has decided that he wants a fresh start at another college next year. Most of the players that have left USC and entered the transfer portal have not done well. Maybe Trigg, Dart or Slovis will be an exception.


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