USC Play Of The Day

In case you missed it, here’s the play of the day by Los Alamitos wide receiver Makai Lemon, who is committed to USC.

Lemon scored three TDs and had two others called back, including a 97-yard kick return.

Los Alamitos lost to American Heritage of Plantation, Fla., 56-27.

19 thoughts on “USC Play Of The Day

  1. Lemon will be the second coming of S. Brown Cat quick out of breaks, great technique and route running just needs to get in college weight room add about 15 pounds for the next level should be a 5 star by December. Nelson needs to go through his progressions then look for lemon after. Must stop doing Cody Kessler to M. Lee saw too many times that year when he could have used all the receivers ala R. Woods. Nelson a top QB in the class of 2023.

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  2. Nelson sucks! Too nonchalant and doesn’t go through progressions well. Also, he missed quite a few throws and receivers. Another overhyped USC commit.


    1. Lincoln Riley will make him a star.

      Branch and Lemon and that other tall receiver are great additions. And now we just need Duce to have the ultimate receiver/tight end haul.

      USC’s offense is going to dominate the Pac-whatever this year.

      USC just needs to get their NIL act together and they also need Pac-12 championship this year. After that, the recruits will be stacking up to play on Riley’s team.

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    2. LOL! I told all these clowns that Malachi Nelson is overrated. Weak arm, too skinny can’t put on weight.

      Ol Mule Shoe needs to let Texas A&M waste a scholarship on this kid


  3. @PeteThamel:
    Obscure Week 0 stat. FAU DC Todd Orlando is a juggernaut first-year defensive coordinator. With FAU rolling Charlotte, 43-13, he’s off to a good start. I dug into his Year 1 numbers, mostly out of boredom. They are bizarrely consistent.


    1. @PeteThamel:
      FIU 2011 improved to No. 14 (19.5) from 65 (27.3)
      Utah State 2013 stayed at No. 7, finishing with 17.1.
      Houston 2015 dropped from No. 15 (20.6) to No. 20 (20.7).
      Texas 2017 improved to No. 29 (21.2) from No. 89 (31.5).
      USC 2020 improved to No. 46 (26.0) from No. 78 (29.4)


    1. After all the negative comments on this board, the play on the field will shut some people up. I imagine we will see a very plain vanilla offense at Rice and, if things are going as well as I think, we wont see many wrinkles until the Utah game, where Riley will bring out the whole arsenal.

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