USC Winners And Losers Of The Week


USC team captains

Caleb Williams, Justin Dedich, Tuli Tuipulotu and Shane Lee were named team captains. So only half the captains are transfers. I thought it might be higher.

Lincoln Riley

After nine months, it’s finally time to play a game Saturday at the Coliseum and play with all those offensive toys.

Jordan Addison

What is the over/under for catches caught vs. Rice? I would say 10. If he wears No. 3, he needs double-figure reception totals every week.

JT Daniels and Kedon Slovis

They face off Thursday at Pitt. And then Jaxson Dart might start Saturday for Mississippi.

Brandon Holt

The former USC tennis player (and son of Tracy Austin) upset the top-ranked American Taylor Fritz, in the first round of the U.S. Open, 6-7 (3), 7-6 (1), 6-3, 6-4.



The network’s college football preview show just skipped right past the Pac-12. Yes, it’s a bad conference but you’re going to sign a new TV deal with them.

USC basketball

Lost forward Devin Williams to UCLA and didn’t add anyone via the transfer portal.

USC depth chart

Lincoln Riley isn’t releasing one because he doesn’t want to tip off mighty Rice who will start for USC. UPDATE: Riley said this morning he will release one after Wednesday’s practice.

USC track and field

Long-time assistant coach Dan Lange was fired after 28 seasons. His throwers were named All-Americans 66 times and 27 won Pac-12 individual titles. Sources said he was not removed by track coach Quincy Watts but administrators above Watts.


62 thoughts on “USC Winners And Losers Of The Week

  1. *Loser of the week*

    Slo cal- Biden tipped over his outhouse, while he was in there trying to get little Johnny to spit up. He was quickly consumed by an ocean of shit and swam for his life…….STINKY!

    Talk about getting your ass handed to you!


      1. Conned?….. the con job would have been voting for trump, dipshit

        For the 5667 time- “voting for an 80-year-old with dementia”…. can you get a new punch-line that isn’t stale and might move the needle….. you truly are limited!


      2. clearly!…. you have no idea how a game of chess is played.

        When I need any shit out of you, I’ll squeeze your head….. go service your goats!


      3. Gabby, the guy is 80 and even you have to admit dementia has set in. If you voted for him don’t you kind of have to own it? Just responding for a friend. LOL

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      4. And exactly what guilt should I own? The guilt of not voting for the alternative.

        And what does perceived dementia have to do with the current state of this country? It’s a talking point only, right?


      5. Loser


        Gabby/pudly is soft, she has mental health issues as you can see.

        She’s two seconds away from having the men in white coats go and take her back to Patton Mental Hospital in San Bernardino

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  2. Lincoln Riley is a loser for not posting a depth chart – really? C’mon Scottie, this is silly.

    Kudos to Brandon Holt. My son and I saw him play a couple of summers ago when he was still at USC. The guy is incredibly steady, he makes so few unforced errors, almost a machine out there. Learned well from his mom, Tracy Austin.

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    1. Hey 67, it has been said that the depth chart will come out after Wednesdays practice. Probably how it will be every week since we now have real practices on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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      1. Yes, depth chart coming out tomorrow. Good to have college football back, looking forward to Thursday games. Scottie is as well, I can imagine he is keeping plenty of space open on his Friday blog for whether JT or Kedon is the biggest loser ex-USC QB.

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    2. Nice to have another Trojan out there. Steve Johnson went down today in straight sets.

      Djovokic situation is so ridiculous. Thousands coming across our non-existent southern border without being tested, vetted or vaccinated! So this year’s winner will have an asterisk next to his name thanks to you-know-who!

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      1. Joker should be able to play. The BA 5 variant is by far the dominant strain, and it is so far mutated that the existing vaccines provide no protection against it. If fact, one study showed that people who weren’t vaccinated are less susceptible to BA 5 than those who were vaccinated with the Pfizer version.

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      2. The Djovokic situation is not just unfair and ridiculous, it’s totalitarian. Why does the government under emergency authority get to impose arbitrary rules and maintain them for years even when the emergency is over and the rules have been proven to be ineffective and probably harmful. Have the police, fireman, hospital workers and others who refused to take the dangerous and ineffective vaccine and were fired for the refusal been rehired? How about the military personnel? There is no science or reason behind any of it. Just a demonstration of raw power. Shut up or we will close down your business. Shut up or we will take your job.

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      3. You lying troll…. There are no Federal, State, or local laws requiring the covid vaccine as part of employment.

        Privately owned businesses can require the vaccine as part of employment, just like a drug test. And are within the right to terminate you for failing to follow company policies.


      4. Where was your fucking outrage, when king trump shut down air travel from Asia, but allowed people from Europe to flood east coast airports and infect millions…. BAAAAM CROTCH KICK!

        get educated…..true dunce!


      5. Spot on, Plow Horse.

        Dementia Man argued 2 months ago that the emergency was over, in getting Title 42 lifted. Yet, just last week he used the “ongoing emergency” as his excuse for forgiving student debt.

        His dementia is so bad that he can’t recall from one week to the next what arguments he’s made. But according to the intellectually challenged, his dementia is merely a “perception”. Anyone with any sense at all knew in 2019 that he was starting to show signs of it.


      6. BIDEN EAT BIDEN SLEEP BIDEN SHIT…..(rinse and repeat)

        Slo troll…..tell the Shar Pei, it’s criminal to let you marinate your soiled Depend. I know you enjoy the warmth. My God, show a little respect for yourself.

        PS…. my relatives thank you for your contribution to their student loans


      7. Goober: Your right, I was not outraged that Trump stopped air travel from China against the advice of Dr. Fauci who thought this was unnecessary. I was grateful. This act saved countless American lives. I recall that your boy China Joe was opposed to the travel ban. He said that Trump was xenophobic. That’s the thing about people of your ilk, when they can not make a rationale response, they just start name calling.

        Were you opposed to the travel ban Goober? Was it a mistake? I note that you continue to call Trump’s response to the pandemic “incompetent” without acknowledging that over 5 times as many people have died since Biden took control. Has Biden’s response been incompetent?

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      8. Hey road apple, You totally missed the irony in my reply. Trump shut the front door but left the backdoor wide open to Europe which kick-started the spread of the virus, which was a clear act of his incompetence. You either suffer from confirmation bias or lack the mental capacity to comprehend, I say both

        road apple wrote: ” I recall that your boy China Joe was opposed to the travel ban. He said that Trump was xenophobic. That’s the thing about people of your ilk, when they can not make a rationale response, they just start name calling.

        Wait!… using your own words, regarding “name calling”. You referenced Joe as “China Joe”. Within the context of your sentence, that could be viewed as name-calling and a fucking racial slur. You’re nothing but a racist sack of shit. Feel proud!

        Talk about “incompetent…January 22: While at Davos, Trump makes his first public comment on the coronavirus, downplaying the risk in comments to CNBC and CBS News correspondent Paula Reid.

        To CNBC:(trump) We have it totally under control. It’s one person coming in from China, and we have it under control. It’s — going to be just fine.

        To CBS:(trump) We do have a plan and we think it’s going to be handled very well. We’ve already handled it very well … We’re in very good shape and I think China’s in very good shape also.

        January 30: Trump suggests that the coronavirus is under control in remarks at a manufacturing plant in Michigan:

        February 4: Trump gives the annual State of the Union address and briefly mentions the US response to the coronavirus in his speech.

        February 23: Trump again claims that the coronavirus is “under control” in an impromptu South Lawn press conference with Marine One waiting to depart to Andrews Air Force Base ahead of a trip to India.

        February 27: Trump predicts that the coronavirus will disappear “like a miracle.”

        February 28: Trump refers to the coronavirus as the Democrats’ “new hoax” at a rally in South Carolina.

        March 9: Trump compares the coronavirus to the common flu, a comparison which at that time had already been debunked by experts including Dr. Anthony Fauci.


        You claim Biden has worse numbers, REALLY?….. So you want to blame Biden for the stupidity of anti-vaxxers…..COMICAL! For 18 months he preached to them about protecting themselves, and they failed to do so. After trump left office, 87% of people who died from a covid related illness were the ones not vaccinated.

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      9. Love how he cries about anti vaxers, yet ignores what Joe & his colleagues did in 2020 to sow doubt in any vaccine developed under Trump:

        In the months leading up to the election, Democrats repeatedly cast doubt and undermined public confidence in the safety and effectiveness of vaccines produced under the Trump administration.
        Democrats’ dog whistling about vaccines was seized on by anti-vaxxers and led to a rise in vaccine skepticism.

        Joe Biden questioned whether a vaccine would be “real.”

        In August 2020, Biden suggested the vaccines might be unsafe, saying “if and when the vaccine comes, it’s not likely to go through all the tests…and trials that are needed to be done.”

        In September, Biden legitimized those who were questioning the safety of the vaccines, saying, “who’s going to take the shot? Are you going to be the first one to say sign me up?”

        Days later, then-Biden Press Secretary Symone Sanders repeatedly refused to say whether Biden would take the COVID vaccine if it was approved before election day.

        A week later, Biden said the American people “should not have confidence” in the vaccine unless it met his campaign’s specific criteria.

        In September, Kamala Harris refused to say whether she would take a vaccine approved before Election Day: “I think that’s going to be an issue for all of us.”

        Harris said that scientists would not have the “last word” in approving the vaccine, and suggested a vaccine may not be effective.

        Ron Klain, now White House Chief of Staff, tweeted: “When you read how Team Trump played politics with testing it makes you wonder how they will handle vaccines?”

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      10. You senile troll, another laughable rebuttal. You need to get educated. little man. Trump had absolutely nothing to do with ANY covid vaccine development. you fucking stupid ass.

        Given trumps failure with covid and his repeated lying, any person with at least half a brain(you don’t qualify) would be overly skeptical of any news being released by trump or his administration.

        It’s truly a slap in the face to trolls when trump started preaching to everyone to get the vaccine and save their life…

        Dude, another crotch kick….I’M SURE THAT MUSHROOM NEEDS SOME ICE.



      11. God, the dumbass can’t read. Developed under Trump, as in during his administration! That is what they were all referring to. They weren’t concerned that he was in a lab somewhere, developing a vaccine himself, you dolt.

        She claims to be so smart, yet has to have everything explained, as you would to a 5 year old.

        The gun she supposedly brought to the fight only shoots blanks. Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

        Hilarious seeing someone so foolish try to claim victory. But that’s what dumb people such as her do. Blind to the failure they voted for. Either they’re making excuses, lying or in complete denial. Oh yes, and threatening to meet up. Pathetic.


      12. “Developed under Trump”…… Just so we are on the same page, you’re telling me, trump had absolutely nothing to do with the development of ANY covid vaccine, right? It’s about time you had something right……

        Speaking of “blanks”, the Shar Pei can’t recall what decade it was when the limp-dick last busted a nut.

        Also let’s not forget, that you were the one who threatened to “hand me my ass”…..truly senile


  3. Winner

    The. LA Memorial Coliseum “The Greatest Stadium In The World”

    ‘Ol Mule Shoe better do it justice!


  4. hi john,i think im a looser this weak,i got so menny things to say but no wun is taikin me seariusley or reedin what imporetint things i iz thinking,smdh

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      1. Yes, but can Ed, or anyone else for that matter, think on their feet and improvise quickly.

        Sitting and writing is not the same thing as oratory delivery. When writing there is ample time to think-and-dwell on what is the perfect word or word-combination to express an idea.


  5. Winner: Caleb Williams now it’s time for you to live to national media hype. Stats for Rice 30-35 375 yd 5 TD 0 pic Final Score 56-14 Loser: Slovis, Daniel’s, Dart, Treggs all left Trojans when they had to compete and practice physical and actually earn their gaudy reputations. #WeDon’tCareAboutOverratedWantToBeMediaPrimadonas#WeAreUSC

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    1. I think those stats will be close, though the score may be out of hand so early that Caleb doesn’t have the chance to throw 35 passes. When Riley’s OK team played sucla in 2019, the score was 34-0 halfway through the second quarter, and he pulled the starters for the rest of game at that point.

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      1. Your right but I do believe if Rice doesn’t get a pass rush on Williams he will need to get more game time reps with all his weapons. If Williams wants to be Heisman he will need those stats each and every week or semi close. Our defense needs to jell Great evaluation Trojan67.

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      2. The Heisman these days goes to someone on the best team. I always question just how good would the Alabama Qb be without that 5* O line he has. I have asked that every year a Qb has won the award. Of course we will never know because they had good lines. Even the guys LR coached that won the Heisman had very good lines. Daniels had a great line in high school but not so much at SC. We remember how that worked out. Daniels on the ground, oftentimes hurt. Darnold was a great Qb, and had to struggle with a weak line. No Heisman.

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  6. In a not so round about way, I was responsible for Dan Lange coming to USC. 1988 we had a discus trowing frosh named John Gallagher from the Antelope Valley in the high 190’s but was built for the hammer throw. I recommended to the coaches (my soph year) that I knew a young dude I had trained with the year before that was a real good technical throws coach and hammer was his specialty. He was a first year coach at CSUN and they should send John out there to work with him a few days a week. He did a great job with him and 2 years later was hired as usc’s throws coach. Since then, He has had at least 1 national champion in every throwing event for both men and women, except discus. In the discus he has had multiple throwers on both sides be all Americans. UCLA was known as a throws school at the time, well that has flipped to USC. He developed the the NCAAs greatest male hammer thrower in history 4x NCAA champ, Ncaa record holder currently, and ’96 olympic champ Balaz’ Kiss. Usc hammer throwers have won 7 nationals titles for him while he’s was there more than any other university in D1 in history, not just during that span. He has had 7 runners up in the hammer as well. In the javelin 2 NCAA champs as well as 7 runners up. Shot put 2 champs and 2 runners up. They also have always over achieved when it came time to compete on the highest levels. He is know across the NCAA track and throws community as arguably the best in the country. That is why he was not fired by Quincy. I don’t know why he was fired but I will find out. He is a stand out coach, gentlemen, father and family man, and friend. His athletes and co-workers never had anything but praise for him. And I am one of those who competed (all though not directly) under him and coached along side him, as well as being his training partner while he was still an athlete. WTF is with this admin? BTW they made him an assoc. head coach not too long ago to keep him there. He could have made much more money going into communication long ago but was dedicated to the kids so he worked 2 jobs so he could support his family for years at USC. I’m at a loss and so should the rest of us.

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  7. I think SC will probably win 9 or 10 games this year. I would say 10 because of the explosive offense but the lack of depth and injuries on defense concern me. Year 2 will probably be a big year especially if they can win 10 in 2022 and then recruit well off of it. They need to completely change that culture from what it was under Helton. Yogi Roth once asked Chris Petersen what you needed to change the culture of a football team. He said “18 months”. If he is right then the culture change will not be complete this year.

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    1. Big difference between Petersen and Riley. Both have some similarities but go at it from different directions. Petersen you have to follow, LR you want to follow.

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      1. Petersen was old school but he was a great coach. He got an inferior talented Washington team to the playoffs in his 3rd year. SC hasn’t gone near going that far since PC.


      2. Don’t think I am taking away anything Petersen accomplished, but there is night and day difference. I could never figure out what it was that made him want to retire.

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    1. Steveg
      The thing that probably made him retire is that he could see the writing on the wall. The days of the Bobby Knight and Woody Hayes style of coaching had come to an end.

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  8. Wolfe, my apologies to you my friend, I owe you props for this scoop. Great video of the luncheon. MG & LJ your boy does have some skills. I will admit I was wrong about learning what and how you get down. Now how many 4/5 stars were in attendance. Did BLVD share any intel about NIL deals for future lineman. IMHO BLVD you need to set up a meeting with SBR do partnership that meets USC Regents requirements to matching donations of 15M then that would be 30M. Based on 4/5 stars evaluations from Blvd site average salary is 250k. 33% of 15M =4,950,000÷40= $123,750 per off/def player per year. NOW do the matching donations from SBR n we will be able to compete for the NATTY. I hope this is in the works. Hey Wolfe, y don’t you moderate a meeting between the 2 collective’s so you can really be the scooper of the year.

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  9. This Shane Lee must have quite the leadership personality to be able to become an SC co-captain before ever playing in a Trojan game.

    And after the Slovis for captain snub, possibly due to his introverted ways, it is nice to see extroverted ‘Celeb’ named a captain.

    Having experienced both sides of life, it is better to be an extrovert than an introvert. Socializing Rules!

    Whereas guys who are loners and have few friends, are the ones ripe to become Texas Tower-snipers shooting it up, and killing unexpecting coeds.


  10. Loser this blog. It has become a third grade playground totally predictable squabble between the followers of the mean tweet sender and the oldest elected president. I should make good on my many attempts to leave this mess of prepubescent egos.

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    1. You really should make good on it. Because I don’t see too many mean tweet “followers” on this blog. Just people who knew he’d be better than the alternative and the results pretty much speak for themselves. Only a year and a half in and they started scrambling to identify a 2024 candidate because even the Dims know how horrible he is.

      And it’s not Dementia Joe’s age, it’s his condition. There are a lot of 80 year olds out there who still have their wits about them. He doesn’t.

      Vaya con Dios!



        Is there ever a day that passes where you don’t have one fucking mean reply directed at Biden? Autism?

        You should be embarrassed that this guy called you out for your stupidity. Where is all your self-dignity?

        If people are running from Biden, then why is his approval rating up 10 points? You just throw any fucking BS at the wall hoping some sticks

        Let’s meet up before the game. My wife wants to meet you.



      2. You senile sack of shit….who’s crying?….. you’re the one who talks about how bad he is and all the suffering he’s caused, 24/7…… If that’s not crying then what is?… I would pay good money, to give you an ass whipping…. we all know you’re nothing but a lonely, pathetic, senile old man, who is a fucking pussy, playing keyboard warrior.

        MAN -UP…. show me you actually have a pair, by meeting up and handling this like real men. Instead of your “poking the bear” rhetoric

        (in his Elmer Fudd voice)…..” you voted for the guy” ……for the 5678 time



      3. There there little fairy. It’ll be OK.

        Want some tissue? Waaaaaahhh!!! You cry in every post. Quit lying.


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