Lincoln Riley Clears Up Depth Chart A Little Bit

Lincoln Riley said this morning Shane Lee will start over Ralen Goforth at weakside linebacker but both will play.

Lee and Goforth were listed as co-starters on the late-night depth chart.

“Ralen is a pretty good third (linebacker) coming into the game,” Riley said.

Riley said he wants to play all four tailbacks Saturday (Travis Dye, Austin Jones, Raleek Brown, Darwin Barlow). That often sounds good in theory but doesn’t work in games unless it’s a blowout.

And on walk-on kicker Denis Lynch winning the job over incumbent Alex Stadthaus.

“Denis was just more consistent,” Riley said.

36 thoughts on “Lincoln Riley Clears Up Depth Chart A Little Bit

  1. Lincoln Riley need to recruit bigger beter linemen or usc get as kicked when Dey play good teams . usc like okaklahoma now but recruiting like Clay Helton smdh


    1. ‘Ol Mule Shoe and his staff don’t seem too impressed with the team they put together. They talk about the players as if they’re not picking the system up fast enough.

      Sounds like ‘Ol Mule Shoe wants to keep expectations low. The more I hear this guy the more I believe he’s overrated.

      And this Grinch guy, you never hear him talk about schemes, x’s & o’s, just generalities.

      I had them at 9 wins, nah more like 8.


  2. missus say ucla wil kick usc azz dis year and I agree wit her. espn say usc overrated n they r. too many dumb fuck fanboys make big deal abt Trojan. I wish sc play Alabama n Georgia so fanboys will shut da fuck up ..smdh


      1. How can you say that when he uses the word “dey” so wittily? Every time he says “dey” instead of ‘they’ …or “dis” instead of ‘this’… or “da” instead of ‘the’ it just makes me crack up…..


      1. Granted, firing the coach 2 games into the season last year was something that should have happened 8 months earlier and that is on USC. But it’s still a handicap.

        Whoop it up! As Michael often says, there are 79 days until November 19. Enjoy those days, cuz it’s gonna be UGLY.


  3. I bet delusional sc fanboy makes big deals about win over rice. 😂😂. they not know rice is horrible program 😂 they think owls are powerhouse football team . Lincoln Riley recruit short fat offensive lineman and fanboys make big deal about them 😂😂


      1. Michael,

        Would that mean Helton would be the qb for Rice? Right now, no one knows what SC has. I will wait until around game 4-5 to start thininkg of what is needed and what is going well. But knowing me, I will break it with comments right after Rice. LOLOl

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      2. Ha! I’ll do you one better, P. T….
        Paraphrasing Michael Corleone: “I don’t need to wait for the game, Senator—I’ll give you my answer right now….. USC #1!”


  4. Faux Ed G. Both Rice and USC were 4-8 last season. Th difference in head coaches. Their coaches are the same ours have been replaced with high octane models. Their players are the same “all healthy and returning,” according to their coach. USC has replaced and or removed the dead wood from their roster.
    To expect USC to be the same as last season is a stretch of the imagination. Call them overrated if you want ( based on not having evidence to the contrary) but I believe they can and do have something to prove this season.
    Here’s a bet;
    USC wins by two or touchdowns!
    If they do you post only as yourself and no imitations. (One personality per avatar)
    If they don’t I will not post here again until November.
    Do we have a deal?

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  5. So Cal,

    I saw the Fuerer Biden’s comments about the elk and deer not having kelvar. My question is, how about the military servicemen left in Afghanstan having kevlar right now to protect themselves that were left behind? Fuerer Biden is a liar, thief, commie, and traitor.

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      1. You know what else has gotten little pushback? The annual DHS immigration report. It is generally published in Jan or Feb for the fiscal period ending Sep 30. Last year’s was barely published TODAY.

        Take a look at Figure 3 on page 7. You don’t think terrorists have figured out how easy it is to get in via the non-existent southern border? The graph shows encounters. It doesn’t show all of the “got aways”.

        Click to access 2022_0818_plcy_southwest_border_enforcement_report_fy_2021.pdf

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    1. Biden: “I am amassing the most powerful military force in the history of the world to use against you, my own people….”

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    2. You’re right, Michael.

      Pasadena left out tyrant and coward, with the manner in which he is weaponizing the DOJ. For him to claim they are being called out for “doing their job” is such a load of horse shit.

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      1. “All you brave guys who wanna gun [it’s called the 2nd amendment] —you need an F-15 to fight [my corrupt regime]!” He sounds more like Mussolini every day…..

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      2. My favorite pieces of hogwash from that speech:

        “I ran as a proud Democrat. I will now be an American President. I will work as hard for those who didn’t vote for me as those who did,” he continued. “Let this grim era of demonization in America begin to end — here and now.”

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      3. He didn’t write those words…. he didn’t mean those words… he didn’t even understand those words….


      4. So Cal,

        I forgot to call him a tyrant and coward. I will also add, he is an adulter, baby killer, pedophile no good sun of a bi%tch. He got his training from Obuma, which is, to divide the coutnry and conquer. Obuma is another no good illigal alien piece of sh#t. If I saw either one of them, I would have a few choice words for them, like killer, thief, tyrant, coward, chicken sh*ts. They are horrible. Obuma’s smugness and condencending attitude, just like that no good bum biden.

        Another reason to hate Notre Dame, when Obuma showed up to spill his dirrea at nd, that Christian hater (America is not a Christian Nation and him bowing to the terriosts aaarabs when he visited them) told them to cover up the cross. That Pagan catholic school did as he said. If i was in charge of nd, I would have told him to leave immediatley and I would have uncovered the Cross right in front of that piece of feces.

        sorry for not calling him a tyrant and coward.

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  6. They’re lifting the water bottle restriction on Saturday!!

    Water restrictions will be eased for this game. Clear water bottles up to 20 oz are allowed.

    No limit for bottles per person.

    Refillable water bottles are allowed to be brought into the Coliseum (must be empty upon entry).

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