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Welcome to the USC-Rice game blog!

The fake attendance today was 60,113.

Why is Jordan Addison returning punts with a 38-point lead?

Caleb Williams is living up to the hype and getting his Heisman campaign off to a great start. But no matter how many interceptions there are, the defense still has some issues to deal with.

Here comes the fourth interception. Rice’s receivers are pathetic.

The second half starts with Pick 6 TDs by Shane Lee and Ralen Goforth. It’s over!

Another pick six off a tipped pass as Shane Lee goes 40 yards for the score. USC 38, Rice 14.

The USC defense looks terrible as it gives up a 55-yard run but then Rice throws a pass that goes off the receiver’s hands and is intercepted by Calen Bullock, who goes 93 yards for a TD.

USC needs only 1:42 to score again as Raleek Brown goes 14 yards for his first career TD.

USC makes it look easy on offense, scoring another TD in less than 4 minutes. Now the defense is back on the field. USC 14-7.

The first quarter ends. My thoughts: The defense is as bad as I feared. The offense will score a lot of points. So kind of what I expected.

I wrote a few times about the USC pass defense this week and it lived down to its billing on Rice’s first drive. Rice was 4-4 on third down. All pass completions.

USC looks vulnerable, as suspected. Rice scored on a 1-yard TD and had ball for more than 8 minutes. It’s 7-7.

The first drive is a breeze. Caleb Williams completed all four passes for 64 yards, including a 43-yard play to Tahj Washington. Williams then threw a 5-yard TD pass to Jordan Addison.

  • Is that a USC player in red socks?
  • Courtland Ford will start at left tackle but rotate with Bobby Haskins.
  • Freshman cornerback Domani Jackson is not dressed today. Remember he tore his ACL last year and has missed some practices in training camp.

Also not dressed are two other Jacksons (wide receiver Michael and cornerback Josh).

  • The Coliseum WiFi is in midseason form.

51 thoughts on “USC-Rice Live Blog!

  1. Nobody showed up for the game. LOL!

    ‘Ol Mule Shoe can’t draw flies. He’s tanking right out of the gate.

    Don’t be surprised when you see Jordan Addison throw a few tantrums today.

    That kid is a head case.


    1. Agree my concerns are coming true oh no. No pass rush, confusion in the secondary nobody made any plays yikes Shane Lee & Gentry making plays. Front seven needs to get penetration TFL & sacks 3 possession big play brown. Can G. Bryant n Bynum catch some passes? Come defense show Americans Who we are. Defense is getting ran on by a midget, 55 31 yd chunk plays. Releek brown for national freshman did you like the pose?


    2. The pass defense only gave up 134 yards but there were a lot of people open but the passes weren’t accurate. All 4 interceptions could have been completions. They could have easily had 200 yards passing if they would have had a decent passer. That does bother me because SC rushed 4 men the whole game. That means that they had 7 really good athletes back there to cover.


    1. It must suck so bad to be as in love with the hope for failure, failure itself, the idea of failure, the odor of failure and the feel of failure as tebow is….


    2. The SC-UCLA game will be an offensive shootout. Both of these teams have great offenses and both have great play callers.


  2. USC’s DT Tuli Tuilupoopoo or whatever her name is has been getting tossed all over the field like a rag doll by the,Rice offensive linemen


      1. Have you heard his name called? Nope

        I’m watching the game, that Tuilupoopoo is getting his ass handed him. Rice is running over and through that girl


  3. Ladies and gentlemen what you are seeing is the result of neglecting the recruiting of quality defensive lineman. And don’t even mention Korey “I don’t want to practice” Foreman, who has been a fraud since he arrived on campus.


  4. Despite his initial success, Scott Wolf please admit David Shaw is now a terrible coach and should be fired. #IntellectualBrutality


  5. USC’s polynesian pipeline led defensive front is a turnstile.

    Rice offensive linemen are tossing that girl Tuli Tuilupoopoo or whatever her name is all over the place…Good Gawd!

    She should be ashamed of herself


  6. Welp that’s the end of the game. Gonna be all second squad running the ball and the clock out. Fanboys are gonna have a week long boner after watching USC pick on a second string Conference USA QB. Good win. Start the running clock


      1. Lol, yes. I missed Miller Moss getting the second series of the game. They aren’t rotating they’re calling plays from different packages. Pay attention.

        Stay dumb.


    1. This team hasn’t anywheres near reached it’s potential. That offense is much more complex than CH’s offense. It will be 3 or 4 games before it is running smoothly


  7. This place is hot as you know what.
    Enjoying myself in seats behind USC bench but hoy am I drenched.

    Here comes the shade.

    Miller Moss will be playing soon.

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  8. Carol Folt: What’s with all these USC football players getting married!? You probably believe in god and family. #XiJinping I’m so sorry superior ruler.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Message To Carol-Wan: “CCP does not accept cowardly email apology. Must meet with us in person —same as always.”

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  9. D will be a work in progress, but great halftime adjustments. Rice only has 69 yards of offense in second half.

    Feel bad that Scottie is going to lose $10 that SC would not cover the spread.

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  10. Final Analysis. Offense will be a top 3. Defensive numbers where outstanding. Take away first half rushing numbers, the defense played lights out. Must continue to work together and clear up communication problems on 3 receiver sets. Receivers from kept carving them up over the middle with option routes. Moving on to Stanford1. Defense must get more pressure with ft seven. 2. Korey had a positive game
    3. Must shore up run defense, I see physical teams will keep offense off the field 16 play drive for Rice. Look at my 5 concerns post. 66-14 Imy prediction 56-14, dam I good. Fight on.

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    1. Stanford only gained 169 yards against Colgate rushing. You know what those Colgate players do when they graduate. They get a job in a toothpaste factory. But seriously, just like we didn’t show our whole offense against Rice, so also, Stanford will show some new things against SC.

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